Disney cruise/land package

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Disney cruise/land package

My sister-in-law has invited my husband and me on a Disney cruise/land package vacation (3 days cruise/4 days land) along with her husband and two children who are ages 4 and 6. I have several questions I was hoping someone could help with.

I've seen several negative posts and reviews about Animal Kingdom but they look like they date back to when the park opened. Is it worth going to?

How is the food on the ship? Do they have dining rooms like other cruises or is it more informal?

Does the boat have ports of call like a regular cruise? It looks like the boat stops in Nassau and Disney's own island. Is there anything to do in either port (snorkeling, sightseeing, shopping)? How long are you there for?

My sister-in-law thinks she wants to stay at the Disney Caribbean resort. Is this a nice hotel? Close to the parks?

Any other information would also be appreciated! Thanks!
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I can't answer your questions about the cruise itself, but I can answer them about Disney. I'm going back for my 18th trip in October. Regarding Animal Kingdom, I personally loved it. The people who don't like it are generally those who go in expecting it to be just like a zoo with all the animals out doing a song and dance. It isn't like that. On the safari, Disney, in its own Disney way, does a pretty good job in recreating an African savannah. However, seeing all of the animals is not guaranteed. If you understand that, then you should really enjoy Animal Kingdom. The Tree of Life is magnificent; seeing that alone makes a visit worthwhile. Don't miss the Lion King show, either. It is a smaller park, so it gets crowded easily, but can be done in 1/2 a day. We've stayed at Caribbean Beach several times and enjoyed it. It's considered an Epcot resort (closer to that park). However, getting around is no problem with the Disney transportation system. Regarding Nassau, I have been there, though not on a cruise, and was less than thrilled with it. There is no character to it, no charm. But, for one day, it shouldn't be that bad. I have heard, however, that Disney's island is quite nice. Anyway, if you have any questions about Disney, feel free to email me.
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ok..cruise was wonderful (went last december) three restaurants..all very good. lumieres was the fancy french type, animators palate was great..the room starts out in black and white and transforms into all color..the third restaurant i never made it too, had a bahamas theme i think..all restaurants are open for lunch and breakfast as well..(they might rotate on which are open what days..not sure) all in all, the food was very, very good. the boat was at nassau for a while..i didn't get off the ship, relaxed on it instead, but i've been to nassau and it's nothing too exciting..straw market, some shops.

the disney island is by far the best part..beautiful beach, hammocks, good bbq buffet lunch, snorkeling, and an "adult" beach a walk away. i think you're only docked there for 6 hours..spend the entire day on the island because you will not want to leave!

Animal Kingdom was very impressive, but it's a hit and miss with the safari ride as far as seeing animals go. i found they were most visible and acitve early in the am (like 6:30-7am)..ditto on everything in the other post about it..

Caribbean Beach is nice, rooms are a little small..close to epcot and mgm, a little bit of a trek for the magic kingdom...bus is the only way to go from that hotel (i love the yacht and beach as you can walk to epcot and boat it over to mgm..)no restaurants, just a food court and a less than impressive pool..(again yacht&beach wins with that one) email me with any other ?'s you might have..i KNOW disney. enjoy!!
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I did the Disney cruise and land thing last August. I have much to say.

1. If you do it, I'd add a few days onto the front end. That allows you to take your time at the parks. Our deal was 3 days land and 4 on the boat. Coming from the west coast to Florida means your first day is a travel day, so you only have 2 days for all of the parks. Not enough. I see that you are thinking of taking the three-day cruise. I wouldn't advise that. By the time you get on the boat, do the lifeguard drill, and dock in the Bahamas and Disney Beach, your whole cruise is gone. Having the one day at sea gave us time to explore the ship a bit.

2. Think about whether you would enjoy this if you don't have kids. Our table mates on the boat didn't have kids. They were Brits, and I don't think they knew what they were getting into. Everywhere one went on the boat, there are kids having tantrums, whining, crying, fighting, throwing up, running wild, etc. all over the place. I didn't mind, as my kid was the one throwing up, and I liked being in a place where my kids could be kids without lots of nasty stares. But I would have hated to be an adult with no kids.

3. I'm not big on cruises, but this appeared to be an awfully nice one. You sure get your money's worth.

4. I didn't care for the Bahamas stop. Beware the Disney Bahamas excursions that are really expensive. The Bahamas beach they take you to is supposed to be nice, but I heard it was quite ordinary and not too nice. We didn't take an excursion, and suffered in the heat to trek to another pretty ordinary beach.

5. Disney beach was OK, and food service and snorkeling were great.

6. Generally, food was darn good. They have a rotation system for dining; you do each dining room for one night. Kids can get kid food, and adults can get really nice entrees. Also, your food servers rotate with you, so you get to know each other. Well done.

7.Make time for Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Everyone in our group loved them, even more than the traditional parks.

Reply if you want more info.
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Joy in VA
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Definitely check out Deb Wills' unofficial WDW site for trip reports from lots of folks, details about the WDW hotels, and more Disney cruise FAQs. It is at www.wdwig.com . I have done a cruise / WDW package with 4 days on boat & 3 days at WDW, and by that fourth day the boat had grown pretty small! If I do it again it will be 3 days boat / 4 days WDW. My whole family really likes AK especially the Tarzan & Lion King live shows, outstanding! Caribbean Beach is very nice. Personally we have always stayed at All-Star because of the lower cost, & we spend all day at the parks anyway & very little time in the hotel room. Have a great trip!

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