Disappointment in Mt. Rainier?

Old Apr 23rd, 1999, 03:51 AM
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Disappointment in Mt. Rainier?

I just read some disappointing info about cabins and such near Mt. Rainier. Does anyone have any personal experiences with summer rental at Crystal Mountain Resort or an individual cabin from Jasmers's? Are they one of exceptions or are they overpriced and dilapidated? Thanks for any help.
Old Apr 24th, 1999, 06:44 PM
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No input as to your question, I'm afraid, but Oh! I wish you'd phrased the topic differently! We were at Mt. Ranier last spring and it quite took my breath away! Have been to the Rockies (Colo) many times, but there was something about this solo mountain...it's majesty and beauty (esp with a moon rising over it) that was just so special and beautiful. So I'd hate for anyone to be discouraged from putting it on their agenda. But we stayed in Seattle, so can't speak to your question.
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Raeona,Thanks for your response. I was not getting much response when I titled my question another way so I figured that I needed something that would catch someone's attention. We have every intention of going to Mt. Rainier but just had some concerns about lodging.
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Have you checked into the Lodge at Paradise? Anyone know anything about it? I know the name only because I read a little blurb about it.
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Try National Park Inn or Paradise Inn. This is Mt. Rainier's 100th anniversary and they have celebrations throughout the year. There are still some rooms available at National Park Inn. You can find out about the accommodations through www.nps.gov and then click on the park and lodging. Have fun!
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Bob Brown
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I stayed once at Paradise Lodge. Never again. The price was high and the room was a closet. We could only get out of one side of a double bed that we should not have gotten into to start with.
We drove over to Mt. St. Helens after 1 night and found a decent place by chance on one of the "back" roads.
wish I could remember where, but it was in the area southeast of Ranier.
To be honest about it, Ranier is awesome. Just try climbing it to appreciate it. You only need to go up to the 9,000 foot level to understand.

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