Dengue Fever in Hawaii

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Diane M
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Dengue Fever in Hawaii

I've been reading about the dengue fever outbreak in Hawaii. Have there been any reported cases on the Big Island? It seems to be mostly centered in East Maui.
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The state department of health hasn't reported any cases outside of East Maui, and has also confirmed that all the cases hadn't been off-island. Their latest bulletin is two weeks old, but it does contin phone numbers that you could call if you need updated into.
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Dengue update
(As of October 17)
Confirmed cases
Statewide 59

Maui 49
Hana area 41
Ha'iku 3
Kihei 1
Pukalani 1
Lahaina 1
Makawao 1
Pa'ia 1

O'ahu 6
Honolulu 1
Kailua 1
La'ie 2
Kane'ohe 2

Kaua'i 4
Anahola 1
Kalaheo 1
Hanalei 1
Princeville 1

Cases tested positive
(preliminary screening) 2

Maui 1
Kihei 1

Kaua'i 1
Hanalei 1

Suspected cases
Statewide 262

Includes anyone who complains of two dengue-like symptoms in addition to fever.

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Ah, yes, like we're shaking in our flip flops (aka rubbah slippahs) worrying about all this! Frankly, the whole thing is overblown. I suspect travel agents from Florida are behind all of this....
Old Oct 22nd, 2001, 11:26 AM
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Hahaha @Kolohe! Well, whether we're panicking or not, I'm not heading to a tropical paradise where I'm gonna get a disease...I'll take my chances with Anthrax.
Old Oct 22nd, 2001, 11:38 AM
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can anyone tell me what the symptoms of dengue fever are? (other than fever, of course)
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Dengue Fever happens in South America. How frequently, I do not know. When we travelled to South America a few years ago, we were innoculized for this disease. It was reassurring to say the least. This might be worth looking into for those who are planning to travel to Hawaii.
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Dina, according to the Centers for Disease Control, the symptoms of dengue fever include severe headache, fever and rash. There is no vaccine to prevent dengue. I suggest you take a look at the CDC website for more info..
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"The dengue virus is transmitted only through mosquitoes. Once you come down with the disease, you're a carrier for only about five days after the onset of symptoms.

Dengue is a viral infection spread via mosquitoes that bite an infected person and then carry the virus to the next person. People cannot infect other people. To date, there is no treatment for the disease."

"In Hawai'i, dengue is believed to be spread by the Aedes albopictus, a small, striped, day-biting vector commonly known as the Asian tiger mosquito. Victims typically suffer high fever, headaches, muscle pains and rashes, among other symptoms. Severe cases can develop into dengue hemorrhagic fever, which has a 5 percent fatality rate. Hawai'i has no reports of severe dengue-related illnesses so far."

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are innoculations mandatory if you're going to hawaii? shouldn't they be? the last thing we want to do is spread this disease anywhere else...
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Uh...what innoculation? The CDC thinks there may be some sort of vaccine in maybe 5-10 years.
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In 69 mo' days I will be using Kona Brewing Co's Fire Rock Ale and a rolled up newspaper as a test innoculant and will report back.

The things I do for this board!

I had The Marangue Fever once and danced for 36 hrs straight. Wasn't pretty.

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wait, is there an innoculation or not? joy said she was innoculated, but the rest of you are saying no...i'm supposed to be taking my kids to hawaii in three weeks, but i don't want to risk it if there's no cure...
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I don't know what Joy was talking about, I'm sure there isn't a vaccine. As for your trip, I wouldn't worry too much--just avoid Hana if your going to Maui and you should be fine. (even if you go to Hana you'll probably be fine). Just pack the bug spray and Kal's newspaper.
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Posts: n/a's the latest on 10/20/01:

HANA, Maui Health officials said yesterday it appears the dengue fever outbreak in East Maui is waning.
Biologist Manuel Amador and Gov. "I think it's close to the end. We hope so at least in this area," said Manuel Amador, a biologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. State Health Director Bruce Anderson said the "terrific news" for Hana is that no new cases have been reported here in the past five days.
What's more, the area has experienced a significant drop in the number of mosquitoes after extensive insecticide spraying and other control efforts, Amador said.
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i have a friend who is heading to hawaii in two days...will lots of insect repellent keep him safe?
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An aside to Kal:
I have always wondered at the people who identify themselves as "Fodorites" and suggest get-togethers, but I have to admit that if there were a couple that I would love to run into in Hawaii, it would have to be the famous Kal and of course, Mrs. Kal, as well.
Now I know what to look for, a very tall man sporting a beer and black and white reading material. Have the mosquitos been warned?! Keep posting, we all need a giggle every now and then.
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Geez mj. Thanks. I think.

I don't think I'd want to attend any get together that would have me as a guest! ;^D (Apologies to Groucho!)

I've always tried to "live life large" and one of the best ways to do it is thru travel and meeting different people in different places.

And somehow I managed to meet the nicest person to share all of it with. Don't ask me how...

While it usually makes you appreciate what you have at home, it also lets you know that there IS more out there than your neighbor's barking dog, keeping up with the Jones' new Lexus, and other insignificant things like that.
Especially in light on the events of

I only wish the SF Fodor's "Kavey" GTG wasn't on a Thursday eve when it's really hard to get away. If anybody in No Cal is considering another one or one in HI over New Years, feel free to contact me.

Anyway, I'm not letting a few mosquitos
stop me from enjoying one of the most beautiful spots on earth. I've been bitten by worse things and in uglier places....(not talking on my body either)!
Mucho Mahalos,
68 mo' days
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When they say Dengue has no cure, it only means you have to wait it out. It will go away, but like a cold or the flu, you can't cure it before it's done. It is a horrible flu-like illness, and not usually fatal except sometimes in old folks or children. A rash, on your palms or the soles of your feet, along with a very high fever and muscle pain are the signs of it.
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well, as long as the outbreak is under control we're alright to go there.

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