carseats and flying**

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carseats and flying**

Hi. Were flying with our 11 month old and I'm wonfering if his carseat should be front or rear facing? He is a big baby and we will be turning his carseat around(in our car) shortly. Is there a certain age that babies should be rear facing in an airplane?

Thanks for the SERIOUS responses.
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First or all, why are you going to fly with an 11-month old? - Just Kidding. Let me be the first to say that anyone who goes down those lines is a jerk.

To answer your question, call the airline, visit the web site for the maker of your carseat, and ask your pediatrician. Go with the answer that sounds best based on the size of your child.

Make sure your carseat has an approved sticker on it or you might get grief from the airline. Also, depending on the airline/where you are flying, be prepared for the FA to dictate how she/he wants the carseat no matter what your intentions are.
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From my ff airline's (American) website:

FAA Non-Approved Infant Seat/Child Restraint Devices
The following may not be used when an infant seat/child restraint device is required:
Any device without an approval label
Booster seats with no approval label or shoulder harness
Vest and/or harness-type devices
Belt extensions that attach to the parent or the parent's restraint
Any device that positions a child on the lap or chest of an adult
FAA Approved Infant Seat/Child Restraint Device Seat Locations:
May face toward the front or rear of the plane in accordance with instructions on child seat label
May not occupy an exit row or the row in front of or behind an exit row
May not occupy the space between a customer and an aisle
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One question: What difference would it make which direction a child's seat faces on an airplane?

In a car you flip them around to avoid flying glass in an accident or whiplash from a collision. In an airplane, the seat is pretty much just for child's comfort. Direction of the seat is irrelevant from the safety aspect.
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Uh Schmitty,
I think you asked pickles what she asked us.

From the American Academy of Pediatrics:

As in motor vehicles, children younger than age one and weighing less than 20 pounds should be placed in a rear-facing, properly secured child safety seat on an airplane. Children older than one year, weighing between 20 and 40 pounds, should be securely fastened in a forward-facing seat. Parents should select child safety seats that are labeled for use on aircraft.

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But why is that? I'm not talking medical mumbo jumbo but simple practical sense here, what difference would it make which direction the seat is facing? What are the benefits of a rear-facing seat for an infant relative to a forward-facing seat?

None, as far as I can see. I think the American Board of Pediatrics did that meaningless study just to justify a little extra funding during a dry spell or something. Hmpf!
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I think it all has to do with how strong the baby's neck is and how much force it could withstand from a sudden stop. Granted, in a plane crash all bets are off. Turbulence can cut almost any way. And most plane accelerate in a pretty controlled manner. But sometimes they do stop rather suddenly and forcefully.
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Hmmmmmyeah makes sense to me okay. And I also suppose that by facing backwards then the lil tyke (facing backward) can keep an eye on momma (facing forward) so it knows that she's around. Can't be a bad thing?
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Thanks for the replies!
Apparently is there is a crash, if the baby is facing forward then there are more ways to get hurt. I did a search on this and found articles pertaining to it-and they were graphic. I am asking here because I'm not sure if every baby should be rear-facing or what!
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concerned grandma
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I understand from my daughter and daughter -in-law that the WEIGHT of the baby is the factor, not the age. Under a certain weight the child is rear-facing, in a special rear-facing seat. Then when the baby reaches a certain weight, they need to sit in a front-facing carseat (entirely different apparatus). It has to do with the weight of the baby versus the restraints, with a little neck injury factor mixed in.

I don't think you can put just any carseat facing any old way - if it is rear-facing in a car, then it would be rear facing in a plane (or bus, or trolley, etc.

Pickles, check with your carseat manufacturer or the owner's manual that came with your carseat to be certain what the weight limit is.

As I have often told my own kids (now 30 and 26), if they could see the carseats they were transported in, they'd be horrified!!

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