Best restaurants in New Orleans

Jul 29th, 1997, 06:20 PM
Victor Nitti
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Best restaurants in New Orleans

What restaurants would you recommend for both their value and quality in New Orleans ?? Price should be
about $35 per person for dinner.
Jul 30th, 1997, 10:54 AM
Lisa Schmidt
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There are dozens of great restaurants in New Orleans. But my favorite was NOLA'S(New Orleans, Louisiana) Food was innovative and really fun, that's important to me, I own a restaurant. Commander's Palace is probably the most famous restaurant there and is a must to see. Have a great time!
Jul 30th, 1997, 05:09 PM
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Agree with NOLA!Wonderful place. Probably a little pricey. G&E Courtyard is also wonderful. If you are not there in New Orleans famous summer, be sure and sit outside. Great brunch. Local joint is Mothers whcih is out of the French Quarter, but really cheap and authentic. Praline Connection in the Quarter has great soul/cajun food. Most of the Brennans (except Brennan's) are good bets. House of Blues is fun. Mike's on the Avenue is great and expensive. Central Grocery for muffettos. Enjoy, it is a great restuarant town.
Jul 30th, 1997, 06:20 PM
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Commander's Palace jazz brunch is fabulous and it remains the top place in N.O. for many years. My personal fave is Galatoire's, so frenchy, bistro like but no reservations...everyone has fun waiting outside however and it has never harmed them nor their reputation for properly prepared and beautifully presented food with no 90's trendy silliness.
Aug 12th, 1997, 05:13 PM
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My husband and I spent a week in New Orleans last fall and really enjoyed Emeril's. The food was fantastic, the service excellent, and the ambience interesting. I would avoid breakfast at Brennan's, although people may tell you that you "have to go there". The place is a factory, it was way overpriced ($70 for breakfast for two and we only had entrees - no appetizers and no desserts!), and the food wasn't that great. We also liked Commander's Palace and the Palace Cafe. The Grill Room at the Windsor Court Hotel is EXCELLENT if you really want to splurge ($30 entrees). Have fun! New Orleans is a great eating town - you can't go wrong (mostly!).
Aug 14th, 1997, 07:07 PM
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We agree that Commander's Palace jazz brunch represents a good deal at a great restaurant (especially festive around the holidays). Another favorite of ours is Arnauds in the Quarter, which has an ambience similar to Antoine's but with slightly less pomposity, and the food is excellent. Also, there is nothing like Galatoires for a combination of classic recipies, value, and the feel of eating with a room full of New Orleans regulars. They accept credit cards now, but in the old days it was a mark of accomplishment to be well enough known at Galatoires that they would take your personal check.
Aug 15th, 1997, 03:35 PM
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Read -- and heed! -- those messages about Brennan's. The place is a rip! Quite inexpensive and fun for lunch are the Acme Oyster House inthe Quarter, a must stop. And if you are exploring the antique places and other shops on Magazine Street, try Joey K's for lunch. A little neighborhood place with phenomenal onion rings. Also, be sure to go to Mulates, (eating optional) but have a beer and watch (or participate in)_ the cajun dancing. THIS is New Orleans!
Aug 15th, 1997, 04:23 PM
Emeril Lagasse
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I suggest coming to one of the better restaurants,
either Emerils or Nolas. You might be in for a bit of a surprise. Bon Appetite !!!
Aug 17th, 1997, 08:33 AM
Rober Howell
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GALLATOIRES, ambience is old with no 'fru-fru', food is woinderful real etouffe, but everything I have eaten there is wonderful, price moderate, service excellent old time waiters.

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