As a pasty Brit....

Old Jan 29th, 2002, 03:44 AM
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As a pasty Brit.... Scottsdale unbelievably hot/unpleasant for 5 days in July. There are some great rates at the Pheonecian.
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and June and August and September - possibly May too but the airconditioning is great at the Pheonecian. Northern Arizona is the nice part only nuts live in the south and Phoenic is an absolute stink hole
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I am sure you would be totally miserable and it is probably not a good idea...better to come here Nov. thru mid-April and stay at a less expensive place.
Old Jan 29th, 2002, 08:52 AM
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My husband and I took in a baseball game in Phoenix in July a couple of years ago, and the daytime highs were around 120F. Now, it's completely dry, humidity below 20%, so that temperature doesn't kill you, it just makes you thirsty ALL the time and unwilling to spend more than 5 minutes outdoors unless you're in a swimming. Which would be a shame if this is your first visit, because there are some great outdoor activities around Phoenix. If you confine yourself to the indoors, you'll soon run out of museums and have to fall back on mall shopping...surely you don't want to come all this way for that? I second Karen's post.
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It's Pretty Hot
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The average high temp for the month of July is listed as 104.5°F.
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Andrew... it is sooooo hot that the local radio stations give morning recipes for what they call "Dashboard Dinners".

You simply wrap the ingredients in foil and leave them on the dash of your car during the day, flipping once at noon. When you arrive at home after work...dinner is fully cooked!

It's Hot. Verry Verrry Hot.
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Take it from a 46 yr old native.... yes it is hot here then but the Phoenician is world class, and if you enjoy that type of thing, the heat wont bother you there. Pools bars lots to do. Advantages of summer are, lots fewer tourists, so you can do most everything without a wait, and everything is air conditioned. I travel a great deal, and enjoy traveling in the low season most places because of the lack of tourists, and seeing the destination for what it really is not just at its best. good luck
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Thanks everyone.
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Don't forget about our summer monsoons!
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Andrew, here's another decent weather website online.
You get a detailed report on current weather + 4 days hence after you type in the city name.
From that page, you scroll down below and see the opportunity to get historical actual temps, high and low, after you choose the day, month, and year.

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Andrew; You could practically die from the heat walking from your car to a restaurant in Phoenix in the summer. And then there's the bit about getting back in the car. Oy! Also, I've been to the Phoenician many times. But have not been back since last year. It has declined greatly from when it opened. Don't waste your money. There are so many better places to spend it. This is not a swipe at Phoenix/Scottsdale, however. At the cooler times, like now, it's quite lovely.

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