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Jim Hughes
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we are visiting usa in August travelling to new york and then onto Boston. we would like to do the trip by Amtrak. when I have visited their site and got their prices they ask for any promotion codes in order to obtain a discount. As we live in the UK we don't have access to such codes, can anyone help me with a special code.
Thanks in anticipation.
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You don't need a promotion code to make a reservation on Amtrak, it's just an option. I've used their site many times, just ignore it. You should be able to do all your transactions without the code. By the way, if you can manage it, take the Metroliner or the Acela trains. They're faster, cleaner and generally nicer than the regular Amtrak trains.
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The codes appear to be available on the web site, Jim, but they don't make it easy for you. From the home page click on "Savings and Promotions" over on the left and from there you can hunt around for savings offers that may apply to you and/or your itinerary. For example, with a little poking around I was able to learn that the 15% discount offered to seniors (over 62) is code H225.

I take the train regularly between Boston and Philly, passing through NYC. NY to Boston is a nice trip, much of it right along the coast. You'll find that the fastest train (Acela Express) is a ton more money than the only slightly slower Acela Regional. The faster train is brand new and very nice, but not really worth the extra cost.
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There are several ways to reduce your amtrak fare: senior citizen rate, AAA member (15% off), and promotional codes.

If there are any kind fodors amtrak riders who can get their hands on a copy of the amtrak magazine, there are many promotions in the back of the magazine for trips to ny from bos, to philadelphia, etc. (I am speaking of Northeast corrider.)

Unfortunately, I did not pick up a copy yesterday, but I did write down a few.

Try V529 from Boston to NY (20% off). Select Fare Type "Adult" (you cannot combine discounts)

From NY to Boston, try X870 (also 20% off). This one may be restricted by dates (no travel Friday to Sunday).

Compare rates with and without promotions to make sure you are getting the "good" fare. Also, Unreserved trains are generally a little less expensive than Reserved (I think except during peak times - fri-sun). All trains are now called Acela. I agree with Dick that Express is generally not worth it (unless maybe you are taking a long trip from phil-bos).
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I'm sorry, AAA membership offers 10% discount on fares (not 15%)
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You guys are better searchers than I! I've clicked all over the site and can't find promotion codes anywhere. I'm interested in the Entertainment book discount on the route from SF to Seattle and return. Anyone?

If anyone has taken this route and can comment on the trip, I'd appreciate that too.

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If you are referring to the Coast Starlight train from SF(Oakland) to Seattle - you will find a lot of information if you do a search of past posts -
We did that trip in September last year and thought it was excellent.
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Just did the Amtrak Starlight, It was very nice.The seats were comfy and I was able to take a nap. I went on the website and got 2 discounts. There was one plain promotion and students get a discount.You can also call and get discounts.
One suggestion BRING FOOD!!!There is only a dining car( fun for 1 meal but expensive) and a snack car( expensive)
People who knew brought on coolers and jugs/cans of drinks for the trip.
Also, there is a free bus from SF to Oakland( where the station is), just ask for it.
If you call 1800usarail, the people are helpful.
Also, they charge for overweight or extra luggage.
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All the above are good advice. Regarding food, it is completely acceptable to bring your own food and beverage onto the train. In Penn station there are a lot of choices for food. My personal favorite is Hot 'n Crusty, a really good deli/sandwich shop.

No bubble and squeak, though, I'm afraid.
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CAgal, the promotion codes are there, but it's not like there's one page where they're listed. Right on the home page of, there's a link called "Savings and Promotions." Some of these are entitlement (e.g., AAA members), some are specific routes (Rail Sale), and some are promotions that require a code (e.g., major discount for veterans is H228, see

Following the links to each type of promotion will yield either a promotion code or some other way of getting the discount, such as claiming your AAA memberhsip or just signing up for specific routes that are being discounted (no code needed for that).

The promotions come and go, so I suppose at this busy time of year there might be very few; the 30 percent discount I got for using my MasterCard ended on June 30, for instance, and ending June 9 there had been a promotion of 20 percent off just for booking online.
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