Am I Doomed?

Old Dec 20th, 2001, 05:26 AM
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Am I Doomed?

I've heard of so many great offers on airline fares out there. Does anyone know where they are? I need a flight a last minute flight, are you always doomed and need to pay such a high price?
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It all depends where you are going, when you are flying, and what airline you are flying.

One thing about finding a good airline flight is that you have to do your research. For example, in November I got a round trip flight from NYC to London for $250.

One of the things that I found helpful is that has a notification system. You can choose four cities and they will send you an email when the price changes. It's a very helpful system.
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Have you considered Priceline? If your plan is flexible and you can move quickly and you don't need to leave or arrive at a set time, it's great.

For more info, go to:

Good luck.
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Can't figure out why you'd post such a vague question in such general terms -- no destination, no starting point, etc. Don't know what sort of answer you expect ("great fare from San Diego to Boston, NYC to London"?).

But the detective in me spots your RR address and deducts you are in the G'boro part of N.C. -- I assume you have checked out Midway from RDU? They are reviving themselves with some incredible fares.

Otherwise, suggest you surf a little on Travelocity or USAir or Delta or Continental's websites to see what you can do from any of the three major airports in NC -- if you are willing to drive 1-1.5 hrs. in any direction (Charlotte, RDU or G'boro), you might trip over something good.

Otherwise, Fodor's news flash page, as well as Travelocity's and (shhh) Frommer's might give you some hints. Everything is cheap to Europe, but you have to get to a gateway city. And (shhh again) you might consult a travel agent, evunnnnnnn......
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Owen O'Neill
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One warning about a bargain airline that you might encounter: ATA also known as American Trans Air. I flew them last minute once and had horrible service problems - interminable delays with few if any explanations. It took me 13 hours from NYC to Denver and 14 hours to return. Many of the folks I spoke with while waiting had flown on ATA for the same reason as me (short notice fares that were so cheap they couldn't resist). Nearly everyone I spoke to had similar experiences regardless of where they had flown from. I later spoke to a friend who flew them to Europe to save money and got stuck for two extra days trying to get a flight out. I would not fly them again under any circumstances no matter how cheap the fare was.
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We're finding very easy to use, and reliable ... plus they e-mail updates and follow-up. Their format is easy to work with as well ... shows you all the airlines and prices for fast comparison. I'm not finding Travelocity honors our agreement to alert me to new fares for the cities I've selected. I'm not sure what the problem is ... I've updated several times to keep it current, and e-mailed my concerns over lack of notification. I've purchased from Orbitz five times in the past few months, and so far never a problem. And the fares have been reasonably good. Ciao
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My husbands secretary just yesterday found a web site called 11th She said she has personally used it and it had wonderful prices. I am hoping that 11th hour will come through for me in January, so I can be in Florida again. Let me know if anyone has any luck with this site.

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