Alaska Coupon Book and Milepost

Jan 10th, 2007, 04:26 AM
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Alaska Coupon Book and Milepost

I see you refer to the Milepost and know if comes out on March 1. What does it offer me and what about the coupoon book.

Sometimes I find the coupons for 'expanded services, etc' for things I wouldn't have purchased anyway, is this so with the coupon book or is it worth the expense? Sorry, i don't rememeber the name of it, $199, I think.

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Jan 10th, 2007, 04:55 AM
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The Milepost <> is an exhaustive compendium of Alaska travel information.

Here is the link for the Toursaver <> coupon book. You will easily save the cost of the book, and probably much, much more. You can check out the offers online.
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Jan 10th, 2007, 12:35 PM
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If you are driving interior Alaska any distance, the MILEPOST is a necessary reference.

The is good for you IF you use it. Plenty of excellent coupons that will more than pay for the book. There also is a big used book market that may be an option for some?
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Jan 15th, 2007, 05:17 AM
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BQ, I searched Ebay for the 'used tour saver' books. Didn't see any. Am I looking in the right place?

I'm ordering the Milepost for March too. Thanks again.
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Jan 15th, 2007, 05:32 AM
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Toursaver book is new every year. You won't see them on Ebay until the cruise/travel season starts. People usually list their used books with the remaining unused coupons after their trip. Be sure you buy the WHOLE book as I understand you need to present the book in order to redeem the coupon.
Toursaver books are $99. You can view the coupons on the wedsite.
HAve fun!
Jan 15th, 2007, 05:59 AM
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So, Do you think I'm wasting my time buying an old book, better off buying the $99 new?

If it's published new each year, are those last year coupons expired by the time I get to Alaska in July?
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Jan 15th, 2007, 07:57 AM
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Yes, coupons will expire. A new book comes out each year.
If you wait for a used book you risk not getting the ones you want.The books I have noticed on Ebay list the coupons all ready used or if not, you can email and ask the seller.
Look at the 2007 book on the web and see if and how many would fit your trip. You have to weigh the pros and cons for buying the whole book.
Also, I have heard that some vendors limit the number of coupons they take per tour per day. You might want to check with the vendor to be sure they will accept a coupon for your time frame.
Jan 15th, 2007, 10:31 AM
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As a general suggestion- if going early in the season- until mid July perhaps, consider buying the new toursaver book and then your selling it. IF you are going July and after, look for a used book - with the coupons YOU NEED. If you don't find one, you can purchase one when you get there from Carr's (Safeways), or order one a couple weeks before you leave. They are excellent at prompt shipping.

You need the current year's book. All past year books have expired.
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Jan 15th, 2007, 02:59 PM
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Thanks, I'll get the current book.

I booked my tickets TODAY!!!!! I"m so excited. It's real now.
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Jan 15th, 2007, 06:27 PM
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The milepost is a wonderful resource (can't comment on the coupons). It tells you, mile by mile, exactly what's along the roads -- incredible detail, background info, etc. Every local has one on the dashboard of their car.
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Jan 16th, 2007, 03:34 AM
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We now have our tickets and room reservations! Yes, it is real! Can't wait. Just ordered my Milepost and there is free shipping right now (for when it comes out March 1). I'll check out the coupon book when we arrive.
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