? about non-refundable, e-tickets.

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? about non-refundable, e-tickets.

Last week I purchased tickets on Orbitz. When it asked if I wanted paper tickets or e-tickets I checked e, since there was no extra charge. Now I'm wondering if that was a mistake. The only confirmation I received from orbitz was an e-mailed statement statement with the flight info, price paid, etc. Is that all you get or do they mail you something? When you have an e-ticket what do you show when you get to check-in for your flight? I guess I feel like I should have something other than this e-mailed confirmation of my tickets.

Also, the flights are non-refundable. If I want to extend my trip and come back a day later, same flight is this possible? I don't want a refund but just wondered if coming back on the following day is an option, not last minute but even with a few weeks notice? Or is that out of the question with my type of ticket. BTW, flight is on USAir if that matters. Thanks.
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Technically you don't need anything other than a photo ID to check in for a flight on which you have an e-ticket. I've flown many times with e-tickets and have just given them my driver's license and they can look up my reservation by last name. I usually try to bring the email confirmation or a printout off the website where I booked it or whatever -- that's got the record locator/confirmation # and can be a good thing to have on the off chance that they can't find your reservation (though I've never had that happen).

One caveat, though, is with the current increased security measures which allow only ticketed/confirmed passengers beyond the security checkpoint you will need SOMETHING to prove that you're flying. If you check baggage they will give you something at that time. If you're not checking baggage and are planning to just check-in at the departure gate then you will definitely need to bring along a printout of the email message or something else that has the flight number, time, and date.

I can't remember the last time I flew with an actual paper ticket and I've never had any trouble. I LOVE not having to keep up with a piece of paper.
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I'll echo that I ind E-tickets easier to use. Most of my travel is on business and I love the convienience of walking up to an electronic ticketing machine.

Whether you have an e-ticket or paper ticket, you'll face the same issue with changing a non-refundable ticket. Most airlines charge a change fee ($75 on Continental) and will only make the change if the fare class you booked your original flight in is available on the new flight.

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Thanks for the responses. I guess I was also a little concerned in that you do now have to show tickets just to get to the ticket counter now (or not?). I reasoned that they wouldn't offer e-tickets if that would be a problem though.
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Orbitz is reliable, so simply do as they instruct and print out whatever they e-mail you, and take it to the airport. Also, call the airline and confirm, a good idea ... and if you want aisle seats, call the airline for that, just to be sure. Orbitz slips up there sometimes. Ciao

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