4 Days in Alaska

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4 Days in Alaska

I am planning my honeymoon for the middle of June and I though Alaska would be a great way to spend it. We plan to arrive in Anchorage on a Tuesaday and leave on a Saturday, visiting Anchorage, Denali, and Fairbanks. Is this too much to do in four days? After we land we are wanting to rent a car and drive towards Denali National Park, sight-seeing at different locations along the way. We figure sunset isn't tell 11 something at night so we intend to use the whole day. On Wednesday we were thinking of seeing the husky homestead and then exploring the area around our hotel. Then either Thursday or Friday we wanted to take the Katishna Wilderness Trails Tour and the other day we would use for a daytrip to Fairbanks. We would take off from our hotel early Saturday and head back to Anchorage where we would finally explore there and see the market place before our flight leaves that night. Is this too much to do in four days? What are some sights that we should make sure we see and what should we skip?
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The bad thing is the drive from Anchorage to Denali is monotonous not at all like the stupendous scenery south of Anchorage on the way to Seward. We have not been to Fairbanks. Between Anchorage and Denali we enjoyed the Independence Mine. We also visited the transportation museum. There wasn't a lot to see unless you are interested in planes and early bush pilots.

I have to admit we have always given preference to south of Anchorage and the Kenai area. If I only had 4 days I would head south, overnight in Seward and do an all day boat trip to see the glaciers. Tram ride up Alyeska, etc. There is more to see and do in a 3-4 hour drive.
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I'd say use your time in Denali and skip Fairbanks. You won't want to leave, much to see and do. Sled dog demo, nature center, bus ride in, hike thru trails, white water rafting, etc.

OR.....like dfrostnh suggested, go South to Seward. Two different trips if you ask me. I spent 10 days between Anchorage/Seward/Anchorage/Denali/flew back out of Anchorage. The Denali trip is amazing if you are planning to enjoy the land hikes but the Seward trip is also amazing if you'd appreciate all the water/boat tour/sea animals have to offer.

Four days is not much time.
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Another thing to consider is an open jaw. Check costs of flying and renting a car in Anchorage and out of Fairbanks or doing the opposite, into Fairbanks and out of Anchorage. There might be a difference in drop off charges one way or the other.

If you have time to spare in Fairbanks, We did a nice paddle boat trip in Fairbanks, that stopped near a husky place for a look at training and then at a reconstructed native site with a close up look at the dogs. It was a half day trip as I recall. Do look for a view of Denali from the Fairbanks airport if you get there.

I would opt to go to do Fairbanks first if I could since the drive from there to Denali is shorter and more scenic. Then spend the first two nights near Denali, head down to Anchorage and have a day to explore a bit south of Anchorage.

It is a very big state, so you won't be able to see it all this time. Best wishes.
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First of all -- congrats on your marriage.
Secondly -- Alaska is a GREAT place for a honeymoon.
Thirdly -- four days is FAR too short a time to adequately see the area around Anchorage, Denali, and Fairbanks.
Fourthly -- There are about twenty places in Alaska I'd recommend over Fairbanks, particularly on a first visit.
Fifthly -- I agree that it would be better to go south to Seward UNLESS the weather is very clear around Denali. If you can't see the mountain, then the only reason to go there is the wilderness -- and you can get plenty of that, with less trouble, time, and money -- in the Kenai Peninsula.
Sixthly (is that even a word?) -- I would strongly recommend that, on your honeymoon, you make it more of "Let's get to know each other" trip than a "Let's get to Denali in the next two hours while we can still see it" trip. In other words, pick one place and just slow down and enjoy EACH OTHER. You'll have plenty of time to do the latter types of trips in the coming decades. And I should know, as we've DONE lot's of those kinds of trips over the decades!
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I would say PaulRabe has given you excellent advice. MskipmFairbanks (I can say that easily since Imused to live there). Slow down. Re-think your Denali plan: there is nothing around the "hotel area" worth a whole day of exploration,mespeciallynif by hotel,area you mean Glitter Gulch. And really,mod you want to spend a full day of your short honeymoon riding a bus with a hundred otherpeople's? Evennif the scenery is fantastic. . .

Asnmuchnas I love Denali, I am going to second the suggestion to visit the Kenaiminstead. Much less driving time, much more great scenery packed into a tighter area. Dependingmonnyour budget ( which you did not mention), Imwould suggest either

A) head to Seward for a night, then book two nights at KenaimFjords Glacier Lodge. MIT is expensive but worth every penny. ,you get a long glacier/ wildlife cruise on a smaller boat with maybe a dozen people,ma sweet little log cabin with private bath, electricity and running water, amazing food, guided hiking and kayaking, black bears right off your cabin deck, outstanding food, a view of a tidewater glacier spilling into the lagoon just beyond your cabin, really good breakfasts, and did I mention the food? then another boat ride among orcas and other sealife backmtomSeward in time for the train back to Anchorage. With this option you do not need to rent a car ( which can be expensive in Alaska).

B). Book a cabin on the water,,or other lodging of choice, at Homer. Drive there and figure out what to do when you get there. Lots of choices including kayaking, boat trips, hiking, beach combing. Ride across the bay tomHalibut Cove to check out the village built in stilts and have dinner.

On our trip last summer, four of us did option A and two went to Homer instead. We were supposed to meet up two days later, but they called and said they had decided to stay innHomer forever. . . Or at least for another night. Mit's that kind of place..
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I don't think the OP is still w/ us. He posted on Jan 18 and hasn't been back (thread was topped by an advertiser)

Too bad too, lots of good advice/info . . .
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