What do you pack in your toiletries bag?

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What do you pack in your toiletries bag?

I'm trying to put together a list of things that you should take on trips and was looking for other peoples opinions. I found a lot of lists online but they always seem to include so much stuff, I'd have to pack an extra check on bag just for toiletries! So,

*What toiletries do you take on a trip that you can't live without?

*Is there anything you've ever packed that you haven't used?

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I have two toiletries bags. One for liquids and one for non-liquids.

Liquids include sanitizer, shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream and laundry soap. I'll add suntan lotion, bug lotion and a tide stick as needed. It's in a quart plastic bag for inspection.

Non-liquids include hair brush, tooth brush, sewing kit, floss, razor, q-tips, soap and an antiperspirant/deoderant. I usually throw in a tiny flashlight and backpacker lock.

It's all in travel size. If I run out, I can get more.
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Forgot a small supply of bandaids in the dry and a small (sample size) neosporin in the liquid.
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I downsize liquids into only 1-oz. each sized plastic bottles: shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, body lotion, face lotion, face wash, woolite. Spray cleaner for glasses.

In the "dry" category, separate bag: travel kleenex pack, tiny baby powder, stick deodorant, cutips, bandaids, sample size Advil & Immodium, toothbrush, travel toothpaste, floss. Tweezers, nail clippers, nail file.

Makeup case: hairbrush, blush, lipsticks, eye pencil, eye shadow.

Separate ziplock in the bottom of the suitcase any larger items like if I need a full sized suntan lotion.

"Packed and not used"... hopefully the immodium (haha)!

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WET toiletries bag (ie 3-1-1):
Travel-size: conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste, hand cream, foot cream, body lotion
Tiny containers: eye cream, face moisturizer, hair gel, lip balm, night face cream.
Full size: liquid foundation
Tiny free samples: lipstick, perfume spray

I CAN LIVE WITHOUT: shampoo - ie, I use hotel shampoos, but I need my own hair conditioner

DRY toiletries bag:
Travel-size deodorant, battery-operated toothbrush, floss, nail clipper, Q-tips, powder brush, travel-size translucent powder, travel-size hairbrush, disposable razor

I only do carryon only, so everything fits inside my 19" rollaboard.

I get lots of free samples at stores or online stores, and those come in handy esp for short trips. Things like face cream, eye cream, body lotion etc comes in those foil packages and I toss them out when it's used up. The samples may not be the same product I normally use at home, but for a short trip I don't really care or notice any difference.
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My list would be pretty long. However, I use small travel size everything including makeup. I have small makeup containers (tiny) from cosmetic counters for foundation and face creams.

I have collected tiny containers over the years for such things as face powder. I use the "free" gift size items like blush and eye shadow, etc. I have bought travel size makeup brushes. I have travel size containers for shampoo, hair spray, etc. I have a very small hair dryer (European).

I also pack a ziploc with all kinds of over-the-counter medicines packaged in small plastic (jewelry sized) bags. Also, the first aid supplies are packed in a ziploc. Because all these things are so small, they don't take up a lot of room in the bag.

We do carry on only. I take everything on a trip that I would use at home. Just downsize the quantity. I have worked out the amount needed for a two-week trip - and that's what I take. You can buy many travel size items from deoderant to toothpaste to woolite wash at stores like Target.

I use most of what I pack - except perhaps some of the medicines and maybe the first aid. I could probably live without some of it, but I like having the things I use on a daily basis. I would recommend making a list of the things that you use all the time. Then take only the amount that you will need on your trip.
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My list is pretty long too because I have sensitive skin and have to take all my products - can't rely on hotel shampoo and that sort of thing. I wont list everything, but when I am putting my bag together, I mentally go through my daily routines and make sure everything gets packed. Then add a couple extra things for the flight like Tylenol PM, Olay face cloths, and that sort of thing.
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I save small bottles, tiny plastic bags and small flip top containers I got because I wanted to sample some new facial products. I take the same things that I use at home. Never anything new: makeup, moisturizer, cleanser, toner and hair stuff.
Toothpaste, shampoo, soap, floss.

The only things that I take that I haven't used are in the "first aid" bag, containing a few over the counter meds. It seems easier to have them, then to try to explain to someone in a language I'm barely familiar with that I'm not feeling well.
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I agree (as mentioned above) just think of your own bathroom, what you use each morning to shower and get dressed. Get travel sizes of any of those possible.

Add a few extras like cutips, tweezers, advil.

The amount and type of "first aid" I do or don't pack depends on my destination & how easy or hard it would be to go out and buy something unexpected (aspirin, bandaids, whatever).

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Always essential:

- Small container of face cream in a Muji brand container
- 2 days of blister-packed Tylenol Cold & Flu
- Dequacaine cough drops (miracle workers acquired behind pharmacy counters in the UK - they actually anaesthetize your throat)
- Half a dozen blister-packed Immodium
- Migraine pills, ibuprofen
- Eyepencil (that's it for make-up for me)
- Filled prescription for antibiotics (cipro)
- Listerine breath strips
- Tweezers
- Blister bandaids (Compeed)
- A few regular bandaids
- Rolaids

Sometimes essential:

- Hotel-size bottle of shampoo (packed only if I know I won't like the hotel's shampoo - usually not a problem)
- Hotel-size bottle of body lotion (packed only if I know I won't acquire some along the way, eg in a toilet kit provided by the airline or a hotel)
- Mosquito repellent in individual sealed packs (also acquired in the UK) - bugs love and find me almost everywhere except in the dead of winter
- Antihistamine tablets (if bug bites are a possibility)
- Toothbrush and toothpaste (not that I do without; it's just that I often get a set in a toiletry kit handed out on the plane)
- Lip balm (unless provided in airplane amenity kit)
- Saline solution and contact lens holder, if I'm going swimming or diving (the only times I wear contacts)
- Ear plugs (unless included in airline amenity kit)

Generally, I'm a minimalist with respect to everyday needs because I find that airlines (if you fly business class) or hotels provide adequate toiletries. On the other hand, I'm more of a "Girl Scout who is always prepared" when it comes to unlikely but unpleasant possibilities, so I try to pack enough drugs, bandaids and similar items to see me (or my colleague or other travelling companion) through little emergencies for a few days, because you can't always get to a store to buy what you need.

I have impressed by bosses a number of times by whipping out a supply of cold medicine, pain killers, blister bandaids and similar items, as needed. And, of course, saved myself discomfort a few times, too. All you need is to catch a bladder infection once in a village 2 days' walk from town to realize that you should never leave home without Cipro and painkillers
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Wow, there are a lot of suggestions I've never thought of here! I've always packed everything in one toiletries bag and just put a piece of saran wrap under the lids of the liquid stuff. But, I like the idea of 2 different bags. November_moon I am the same way with my skin. I have to remember a lot of my prescriptions for my own skin.
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I always pack several large size bandaids. The really big ones! You can usually buy small ones wherever you are but the big ones..hard to find. Try to cover and keep on a cut on the ball of your foot with a small bandaid. Or a large scrape.
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Putting the bottles into ziplocks, works better than saran wrap under the lids (in case of a leak).

I recently found Neosporin in small individual sized travel packets, so tucked a couple of those in w/ my bandaids.
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So what do you guys do? Ha ha ha.

OK, seriously, battery operated toothbrush, small tube of toothpaste, a disposable shaver, s small bottle of shaving gel, a cake of soap acquired from a hotel room, a can of deodorant. A comb, and anything else I need I buy at the destination.
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carry all the usuals plus some things that it's hard to explain to a clerk in a foreign country and which they may not carry. That would include ibuprophen (not available everywhere and some countries have very different analgesics and antibiotics), a tube of antiseptic cream, a tube of anti-itch cream, those foil package teeth cleaners (great for the plane) and some alcohol wipes, a couple of allergy pills/diarrhea pills/antacid rolls/ PeptoBismol tabs/ insecticide wipes/anusol hemmorhoid suppository. Most of this stuff is very compact and could fit in a pocket. I have even twice found those little tooth filling temp kits useful (bridge came loose, filling fell out).
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I use those small contact lens containers for my moisturizer and my foundation. Then a 1oz bottle each of shampoo, conditioner, and curl creme. A lip balm, travel size toothpaste, eyeliner and mascara...oh and a travel size of listerine. I usually have a bit of room leftover, so DD borrows that space from me, lol!

We do carryon only, so have learned to really minimize what we take. Last time in France, we did not take our shaving gel and I could not find it there. I found mens, but not ladies, so just used soap.
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I always check a bag, so I use 3-4 oz travel sized bottles that I fill myself. My toiletry bag includes:

face soap
body soap
facial sunscreen/moisturizer
curling gel or spray
small crochet hook (in case you have to fix a pull in a sweater, etc.)
cuticle scissors (works for many needs)
eyebrow pencil
eyeshadow (small set)

Each bottle goes in a small ziplock bag and then into the toiletry bag.

In my purse, I carry:
pain reliever
any current medications

If I was going somewhere where it was unlikely to find most first aid needs, I'd take some of the other items mentioned (neosporin, etc.), but don't bother otherwise.

This past trip, I rushed myself leaving the hotel one day and locked my keys in the suitcase (with the suitcase key attached), so now I have added to my purse a small pack of hair pins so I don't have to buy another pack of 200 pins to get one (even though I thought about it, I did NOT slip one pin off the card and walk away. ).
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my toiletries bag is tiny, but I have some highly useful stuff that nobody else mentioned-
a "drain stopper" (flat round plastic thing) that stops the ever-broken hotel sinks
airline barf bags - 101 uses
a little bit of baking soda: brush my teeth with it, cleaner, 101 uses
dryer sheets in a bag: rub on clothes to eliminate static cling
benadryl (works for allergies, motion sickness, sleep aid)
ricola cough drops
tea bags in fun flavors, sweetener packs, in baggie
extra earplugs
moleskin for blisters
necklace chain with tiny pendant watch (doubles as jewelry)
Bag Balm - 101 uses
safety pins, shoelace, 2 clothes pins, hair scuncies
sewing kit, thread matching my favorite travel colors
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safety pins is a great suggestion. they take up virtually no room, and have many uses. Plus there's nothing that's an easy substitute when you need one.
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A yard of duct tape can go a long way. I wrap it around a pen. Now, I've added a little waterproof medical tape and some scotch tape. Not that I need it but it didn't take up anymore room than the duct tape
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