Favorite travel memory...

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- Traveling with my parents from Los Angeles to New York City when I was eight. It was October, and I was overwhelmed with the cold air, the smells, the sounds, everything...

- Standing on the frozen Arctic Ocean on one of my first trips to Alaska.

- Walking through Princes Street Gardens in the fog on one of my first mornings in Edinburgh, watching the castle emerge through the mist.

- Meandering through the Grand Bazaar in Isfahan, Iran.

- Sailing at last light under the Golden Gate Bridge after crossing the Pacific on a freighter.
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That is wonderful, OO. I have not heard it. I loved your story.
I love the first time and last time I see her on each trip. If taking a taxi in from the train station, I take a shaky video out the window. On my last morning, I always go to see her and to light two candles if the line is not too long. If it is, I go to another church. Usually the one next to Le Bonaparte.

One of my favorite memories is taking photos of my first night (on a return trip) around Le Bonaparte and taking a photo of a dog being walked. When I posted it on FB, you commented about the shop and I returned when it was open to buy a tapesty pillowcase. On my Easter trip last year, the shop was closed and I was sad. But when I was in Sainte-Chapelle, I glanced at the gift shop and there was a Jules Pansu pillowcase! I bought a rabbit pillowcase as my souvenir that year. Every time I walk that street and every time I look at my pillows from Paris, I think of you.
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April 2001 standing inside the Great Pyramid with husband, 11 and 15 year old kids. Something spiritual came over me - the history, the spirits, the power. Never felt anything like that before or since.
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Nice memory Starrs, and one we share fondly! The pillow in the window that drew me in was a tapestry featuring a large red apple, and the words, “Ceci n’est pas une pomme” which appealed to my sometimes weird sense of humor. It’s not what I bought, but love it too. It’s a great shop and I’m so glad you went back! It is without a doubt my all time favorite souvenir, and still makes me smile every time I make the bed.

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Love it!
I have one from each of my last three trips. Love the pillowcases. Love the memory.

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In Moscow, just prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union at the offices of the Government Oil Company which is just across the river from the Kremlin. Stepped out to wait for the driver and looked across at the Kremlin with snow flakes the size of basketballs and could not believe that I was actually there with the "evil empire"
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Great topic.
We were on the Star Princess in the Baltic in June, 2007, white nights. One night around 0230 we were having drinks at the bar all the way astern up around the 16 th deck and looking at the horizon you could see the break between night ending and daybreak beginning.
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Mine is when i visited Nepal last year. It's a beautiful country with fresh air and kind people.
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We were in Israel for both their Memorial Day and their Independence Day. The entire trip was incredible, however, on each of these days a siren is sounded and everything just stops. The siren is heard all over the country and lasts for one minute, during which Israelis stop everything, including driving on highways, and stand in silence, commemorating the fallen and showing respect. It was an amazing experience.
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It's really odd that what I can clearly remember is the one where I experienced an extreme fear and it's none other than my first flight experience lol! I am getting used to it now since I always travel solo.
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1) How I stood in awe when I first saw the temple complexes of Luxor and Karnak. So Huge, and to know that mankind built these around 2000-1700 BC.
2) Maybe not a favorite, but one I will never forget. The happiness in the eyes of our security guard in our resort in Kenya (1996) when my husband gave him three pairs of Nike socks. How such a small thing can make a huge difference to someone who has so little.
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