Two weeks in Panama, a new adventure...

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cross... i don't want to get into a political discussion, especially with a lib... stop screaming pls..

i think if you look at many of his comments closely, you may find they have some value. he is not anti-hispanic, he simply wants what most want--an end to a leeky border which ultimately cost you and me thousands every year in social services for many, but not all of these folks. anti-gay... don't think so... his companies have a very good record on employment, esp. for lesbians. these are simply 2 examples.

so would you rather Bernie, a complete nut case Socialist or a disingenuous woman who has lied to us over and over again, especially in the last few years.

i won't say more, but wouldn't you agree that we need major changes in DC, especially in the Congress.
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we are home in the comfort of our new abode, surrounded by snow and continual flakes--we simply love it.

we stayed overnight at logan airport as we arrived at 1AM. we got into our room about 2 and at 4 we received a wake-up call---I swear it was the GM from the JW Marriott in Panama.

on the way north, a 1 hour drive we bought a new car---don't ask... also don't ask about the other one we bought the next day from a different agency---same vehicle..

So, in retrospect we enjoyed our time in Panama and look forward to our return for 1 week in November with our whole family. I have the feeling that service will not change anytime soon in Panama and that they will be left behind by their neighbors who adapt more quickly to modern times and trends. Modern building does not equal modern society and service.

On to Italy for 2 weeks in April.

Thanks for riding along.
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I'm glad you arrived home safely.

Somehow, I think there is at least one good story behind the car comments - maybe more. Care to share?
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well kathie it is an rhk saga..

i lease my car, a VW Passat. the lease is up in June. i have started to think about a replacement. our kids say we should have AWD for NH living.

we are going to try one car living and so must dispose of K's convertible, but we love convertibles. i came across the fact that VW continues to manufacture a very limited number of their EOS hard top convertibles... BINGO.. they cost a bit more than i wanted to spend and have very little trunk space, BUT...

so on our way to the airport we stopped at the local VW dealer. he had only two used ones. no interest in used ones, but i was very comfortable in the seat and the trunk could work... not well, but to have another convertible, i would make it work.

off on vacation.

i continued to search the internet for what we might want. a dealer in MA between the airport and NH had EOS offerings, or so they said, so i made an appointment for our return drive from the airport.

when we got there they only had a 4 year old used one, which we drove and i liked it a lot. warning: it had a university sticker on it and symbols from a fraternity. what do you think i was born yesterday??? no way am i interested in this car..

so K took command and suggested that the EOS might really not be practical for us. so we settled on a tiguan, a mid-size suv with AWD. i bought it without even driving it.. condition of sale: 24 hours to think about it.

next day we returned to our local VW place where we really liked their approach... drove a tiguan... like it and bought.

cancellled the first sale.

leason to be learned: don't deal with large car agencies, don't buy when you are tired, BE PRACTICAL-- i hate that at age 72, BUT...
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That's quite a car-buying story!

Cheryl and I went to one car over the summer. It took a little while to get used to it, but it is working well. We bought another Acura... not what I had originally planned, but the Acura dealer really wanted my darling little 2003 RSX with very low mileage, so gave us a great trade-in.
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gotta follow the $$
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So true!
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Thanks rhkkmk family. Also 72,and married 50 yrs. Going to Panama next Feb., and was planning on staying at Marriott Apts (downtown) for 3 weeks.Am quite interested in renting a house instead. Can you provide any more details such as cost, contact agency, etc. We need 2 bedrooms. I know nothing about transportation or locations. Any recommendations appreciated,
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In the very beginning of planning our trip to Panama, I read this thread with great interest.

At the very least I know now, I won't need foreign currency
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We use USD dollars in Panama, Since 1904.

There are many places to see in Panama.
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