Time Critical Advice on Costa Rica Needed

May 20th, 2004, 05:07 AM
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Time Critical Advice on Costa Rica Needed

I've used this forum for several years now when planning trips to Europe and the advice provided here has blown away anything I've found in guide books. Needless to say, I need your help again and this time on Costa Rica -- my wife and I will be going for our five yr wedding anniversary for the first time, flying into San Jose on June 9th and leaving on the 14th in the am. From there we have no idea what to do. Nothing's been planned yet. . rental car, where to stay, hotel, etc. She will be 20 wks pregnant so we're really going just to try somewhere different and relax at the beach do some light hiking and experience the rain forests. I have know idea where anything is in realtion to San Jose. I'd prefer not to fly in one of thos single engine planes to another destination but if that is the only thing I can do that's fine. Anyway, I hope your recommendations will come quick and strong as always. Thanks so much.
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May 20th, 2004, 05:17 AM
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Will you be in San Jose June 9-14? Or in the country June 9-14. I wasn't quite sure from your post. If you are planning to be in the San Jose area for these 4-5 days, you will find it very cool and pleasant. Just don't stay in town the whole time! There are several very nice hotels just a few minutes away, and from there you can have a wonderful time visiting areas in the central valley.

From there I would suggest driving (easy drive) down to Manuel Antonio/Quespos for a few days. Another great beach place to relax (and where it is relatively quiet) is Tambor on the sourthern Nicoya Peninsula.

I would suggest you buy yourself a good map (Berndston & Berndston) from Barnes & Noble or similar bookstore (or order online) and get acquainted with the logistics of the country. It is small, but small travel distances take considerably more time that in the states. The country is beautiful and anywhere you go there is no shortage of great sights to see and things to do.

While near San Jose, you might build a couple of days in for the Arenal area. Also a wonderful location.

Why don't you write Neta
([email protected]). She owns a very nice hotel down there (off the beaten path, but in a lovely area) and she can help you with all kinds of arrangements and will be very happy to do so! Have a wonderful time!

By the way, there is absolutely no need to fly domestic airlines unless you want to. If you would prefer not to drive, there are great companies that can offer small turismo vans for private (or small group) transport--comfortably and securely.
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May 20th, 2004, 05:30 AM
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thanks so much for the prompt reply. actually we'll just be flying in an out of san jose. from what i've read so far, it doesn't seem like there's any reason to spend time in san jose itself. just want to pick the 1 or 2 other towns that are ideal locations for us. Of course, I don't want to spend an entire day in transportation mode. 3-4 hrs max. I guess, I'll have to read up on Manuel Antonio/Quespos and Tambor as possibilities. Also how safe is driving a rental in CR. I've rented a car and driven in the southern region of France and several big cities in the US but don't know if this compares.
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May 20th, 2004, 05:54 AM
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Gmathew95, I Just returned from C.R. with a 20 week pregnant wife. I just posted a trip report click on my name to find it. We went for the exact same reasons. I reccomended a few things so read it and ask me some questions. There is also some photos for a lil refference. let me know. Sean
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May 20th, 2004, 07:21 AM
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If you want a beach location under 3-4 hours, forget Tambor. It would be a 5 hour drive, at least.
Manuel Antonio is a beautiful area and will be 3-1/2 to 4 hours. There are beautiful beaches there and the National Park for light hiking and wildlife viewing. Depending on when your flight arrives, you may be able to drive there the day you arrive. As for your departure, since you have an A.M. flight you will have leave MA on the 13th. You'll want to be sure you arrive at a hotel near the airport (San Jose or Alajuela area) before dark. I see that the 13th is on a Sunday, which is a VERY busy travel day on Hwy 1. Many Tico's are also returing from 'beach weekends' back to San Jose, so if you want to avoid some of the heavy traffic and give yourself plenty of time, I'd leave MA by Noon.
Driving a car in CR is not dangerous if you use caution and the roads you will be one are relatively nice.
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May 20th, 2004, 04:03 PM
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gmathew95 -

Responding to your subject header, here is my two cents. Take Shillmac's advice and contact Neta immediately ([email protected]).

My husband and I leave for CR next week for 2 weeks and have called upon Neta for a few suggestions and she has been so kind and generous of her time to help us. Let me tell you, she is not benefiting from helping us at all. We are not staying at her property or anything like that. She is just someone who used to post on this board regularly and gave a great many people help.

Don't waste anymore time laboring over this and that. Look at whirldwid's photos (I loved them)get some ideas and then email someone geninuely willing to help others like Neta. She has the resources to put your mind at ease. She is in the country for Godsake!

Good luck.

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