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I admit, this is highly neurotic. But I live on the East Coast and have never even seen a scorpion. But then i noticed that the cabins we rent often have scorpions inside. I don't even know what you do with a scorpion bite? Is it as bad as a snake bite or more like a bee sting?
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The treatment I've heard of is to wash the area with soap and water and then apply ice to it. We've only seen one scorpion in all our trips to CR. I'd be sure to check your shoes before putting them on and keep your luggage zipped up; the one we saw had crawled into someone's luggage. I wouldn't worry too much about it though. I don't believe any of the ones in CR are fatal.
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FATAL? Good Lord, I should hope not!
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good info for you always wise to put your

shoes up on a dresser/table they like to crawl

in there if you leave them on the floor

folks slip their feet in without looking

that is how most get stung can hurt a lot

usually not fatal small scorpions are meaner than big ones

kind of like Fer De Lance a small snake the deadliest in CR.

Just be careful odds are overwhelming you will be just fine.
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I lived here on a farm for six years and was stung by scorpions a few times - my fault entirely. It is like a bee sting. I always keep Benadryl cream to use for scorpion stings or bee/wasp stings. You can also take a Bendryl capsule. But really not a big deal.

Check your shoes before you put them on and shake out your clothes. As long as you do this, you will have no problem. They like to hide under rocks and leaves so shoes and clothes make a good hiding space.
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I see them more frequently than I'd like, but have only been stung twice, and one of those times was actually in Texas. The time I got stung here in Costa Rica (Nosara) one was hiding on the side of a damp sponge in my kitchen sink. I picked up the sponge to wipe off the drainboard and it got me. I think it got me twice. The first time I glanced into the sink thinking maybe there was broken glass in there. Then I squeezed the sponge again and it got me good that time. A WHOLE LOT WORSE than a bee sting! (I've been stung by bees/wasp many more times than scorpions)
It was horrible pain! I had to keep ice on it for hours.
It's like when you get a bad burn, you put ice on it and you have to keep ice on it all day.
But, I learned something that I didn't know about that was a miracle cure for me. LIME! My friend told me to stick my thumb (that's where I was stung) in a lime. Even though it was several hours after the sting. Andit worked! Within 30 minutes, the sting was gone! So besides asprin and ice, try lime!
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I was stung in Osa 3 years ago. It hurts.. won't kill you. Apply ice. I react to stings and took prednisone with me.. I took one pill while the little bugger was still getting me... it never even swelled.You can buy oral steroids over the counter in CR, If you are really worried get some.
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My bride got bit by a scorpion over in Cahuita. She moved one of those ubiquitous cheap plastic chairs, and the little bugger was under the armrest. She ate a couple of Benadryls and drank a few beers. She was fine the next day. But she did say that it was more painful than she ever expected.

Volcanogirl is correct about keeping the luggage zipped. We accidentally brought one home to New Orleans a few years ago. We found it in our luggage while unpacking. It was tough to kill! It was running across the bedroom carpet. I had to hit it three times with a ball peen hammer before it stopped moving. I guess the carpet cushioned the blows.

Hope this helps! Let me know if I can offer any more advice.

Warm Regards,
Pat Hewitt
Travel Professional
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We were just as worried as you are on our recent trip to Costa Rica. For shoes, we bought a jumbo Ziploc bag (the largest size available) and always promptly put the shoes inside the bag and fully zipped up. Also every piece of luggage was fully zipped up at all times. Thankfully we were fine over there but I am still a little anxious until all our luggage is unpacked, checked and put away.
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