Our trip to Cancun was fantastic!

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Our trip to Cancun was fantastic!

Going to Cancun is like going home. My Sister and I stayed at my favorite hotel The Ritz Carlton. They are my family as I have been going there for 20 years.

My SIL drove us to the airport at 5 am. We were able to check in and get thru TSA fairly quickly. I tried with all my might to upgrade. But I had got our trip thru Expedia and got the cheapest package I could find. It was a great deal however those economy tickets are just plain economy and we couldn't up grade. We ended up not sitting next to each other but that wasn't a big deal. And the seats had some room as I'm 5 11 and feel like my knees are at my neck in economy.

The flight was smooth and we were in Cancun 20 minutes early. That was a bonus. It seemed liked we walked a mile to get to Customs. We were directed to a very short line and that was awesome. Immigrations was a breeze. They had the cutest little dogs sniffing our luggage. And we both got the green light and that was great. Off to find our ride USA Transfer. I highly recommend them. I have been using them for about 10 years and never have had a problem. It's 55.00 for a private round trip.

We were at the hotel within 25 minutes. And there's nothing better than pulling up to the hotel and have the staff say "Welcome Home'!

Staying on the Club Level get's you a private check in. Usually it's on the 8th floor however, because they were able to fill the 8th floor with a group they had the Club set up on the 6th floor. After given cold scented clothes (oh, love that smell) and a glass of Champs we were checked in quickly. We got to our room and it was a king bed. Dope, we wanted double beds. Our Bellhop (who was not hard on the eyes) called down to talk to the Club and they would arrange for us to move tomorrow to another room. No big deal. We dropped our stuff, put our money and passports in the safe and headed back down to the 6h floor (we were on the 8th) to have lunch. I was so looking forward to eating something really good. All I had eaten was pretzels and M n M's for breakfast. That wasn't doing it for me.

Of course the lunch spread at the Club was delish. Beautiful little finger sandwiches, pasta and rice salads as well as 3 diff. lettuce salads, chips salsa guacamole (the best) a delish soup (everyday) lots of little desserts, veggies, dips and lots of cheese's and crackers/bread. So much to choose from. We just totally threw down! Of course I had to have a Mechildia (Beer with hot sauce's) and it was so good. Ended up having a cup of coffee from "my Lover" the coffee machine that is set up there. It becomes my bestfriend for the week.

We went back to our room, changed into our bathing suit's and headed right to the beach.
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The beach and water in Cancun is like no other. The closest I've seen to it was in Monaco. I actually called my DH from Monaco to tell him.

I was so happy to see all my friends at the pool. Especially the lifeguards who are so sharp and always watching. They would come to our rescue later in our trip.

Eduardo who is the best man around the pool already had my place set up. I usually sit in the same place all trip. We did move around the pool and beach this trip per my Sister.

We laid around for a few hours drinking and relaxing. The waves were crazy big and the undertow and currents there are nothing to messing around with. However, this time the sand bar was really long so I was able to go out several yards. The Sea there is my queen and I never turn my back to her. For she will knock you down, roll you around, get sand up your Woo Hoo and rip your bottoms off. So I was very careful not to get that treatment from her. The water was cool and refreshing but fighting the waves took everything out of me. I had been up since 3 a.m. and that did me in. I told me Sister let's go back to our room. That was about 5 p.m.

I needed a shower really bad at this point. So off I went while my Sister sat on the balcony. Then while she showered I sat out there too.
We got dressed and headed to the Club for Apps and Cocktails. I don't drink, but when in Cancun I drink Mechilida's. My sister had the Cadillac Margarita. I took one little sip. The hair on my neck stood up. Holy hell, that thing was strong. No way could I possibly have drank one of those. The whole football team could have had their way with me after one of those.

Tonight's apps were around Mexico Theme. So good! Lots of beef and chicken, cheese's crackers, bread, olives, pickles, salads, chips salsa and the sorts. I didn't think I could eat as much as I did. I knew I was going to get a good night's sleep after that. After hanging out there for a few hours and talking to the staff I was ready to go back to our room and rummage thru my suitcase for my PJ's. Usually I would have had all my stuff unpacked but since we were moving to a new room the next day I wasn't about unpack anything.

We sat out on the balcony for hours watching all the activities around the beach and pool. There was a party going on with music, dinner and dancing. We did a little dancing ourselves on the balcony. And then fireworks. This was all over by 10 p.m. And what a moon that night. I went back into the room and crashed out. I don't even know what time my Sister came to bed. I never woke up until 6 a.m.

I get up early every morning to watch the sunrise. I actually had to go into the hallway to see it. Though all rooms as Sea view I couldn't see the sunrise from out room. I tried to be super quiet as not to wake my sister. I made myself a cup of coffee (another machine that became my BF in the room) and tippy toed out. The sunrise was just...I can't put it into words. Just makes me love God even more if that is possible.

I went back to the room and my Sister was awake and ready for breakfast. I just threw on some shorts and t shirt and headed to the lounge. Breakfast is AWESOME in the lounge. OMG, the food is beautiful and fresh. Lots of fruit, eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, oatmeal, several diff kind of muffins, breads, croissants, pastries, musiel (?) which I love. I put nuts and fruit on top. I could eat it everyday.

After a long and nice time we headed back to our room to change into our bathing suits to sit on the beach all day. Per my Sister.

We got set up on the beach with umbrella's as I do not lay in the sun there. It is dangerous. I see people out there laying in the sun and burn up. And you won't be seeing them out there the next day. I use mucho sun screen. I still get lots of color. I came back with a great tan. The service around the beach and pool is outstanding. They really take good care of the guests there. And I was overjoyed to see all my friends there. I love the fact they are so on top of everything. Buckets of ice for your water, extra towels (nice fluffy ones) and when you leave to have lunch they change all the towels on your chair. The service once again is Fantastic. My sister is throwing back Corona's like a champ. I stick with water.

They have fruit infused water, sunscreen, lotions and aloe all around the pool. I love the infused water and I fill my huge Starbucks cup all day long. It gets me out of my chair. I go into the Sea quite a few times to get bet up. I'm a very strong swimmer, but I'm so relieved to know the lifeguards are always there watching. And they have showers set up along all the staircases so it's nice to run over there and shower off in cool water. I swear when your on the beach you have to walk 100 paces to get to the bathroom. But I could use the exercise since I won't be doing nothing this trip.

We have been laying around the beach for 4 hours and we need a break. It's lunch time so we head upstairs to the Club.
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This sounds wonderful! I know how much you love it.
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Glad it was wonderful.
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Sounds like a wonderful place to be pampered.
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a Mechildia (Beer with hot sauce's)

that's Michelada
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Our entire week was nothing but eat, sleep and lay around the pool/beach. There's really not much more to add as we didn't do jack [email protected] the whole time.

One the last day, my Sister was walking out the door to go back to the pool and slipped of her flip flop and cut her foot to the point of needing stitches. The lifeguard came over along with several pool attendants to take care of her. They bandaged it up and got a wheel chair and took her back to the room to look at it proper. She needs stitches and we decide not to go to the hospital. She ended up laying on the balcony for the rest of the day. Real bummer. The hotel had some antibiotic delivered to the hotel so we could start that right away. It was $4.30 and was there within an hour. Try that in America!

But the staff at the Ritz came up and changed the bandages 3 times through the evening. We ended up ordering room service and eating out on the balcony. The food was fantastic. She had a veggie wrap and I had a shrimp cocktail on steroids. They were huge and delish.

I had my work cut out for me as my Sister couldn't walk around much. So I got most of our stuff packed up. Called Delta to let them know we'd need a wheelchair. And went to bed early.

Our last breakfast was bittersweet. It was yummy and we said our last good bye's. Our ride was there at 9:30 am and off we went.

As soon as our driver pulled up to the airport he got a wheelchair and wheeled my Sister into Departure. From there were assigned a wonderful worker from the airport who got us through the TSA and Customs faster then I've ever been. He got us to the gate and said he'd be back to load us on the plane. And just as he said...Here he comes. We were the 2nd people on the plane. We did get to sit next to each other this time. Flight was smooth and we had outstanding service at DTW as well. Wheeled right through everything so quickly.

My Sister went to the Dr. the next day. Yeah, she could have used a couple of stitches. But everything is fine. Now I'm home and taking care of the kids as thought I never left. But I keep saying in my head....Last week at this time....
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