Money in Cancun..

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Money in Cancun..

Hi, Im heading from St Louis down to Cancun on the 6th of April. Question: Do local bars accept dollars or is everything strictly transacted in Pesos?

Another question: Any good bar recommendations for a young 40 something single male. Im staying at the Fiesta Americana Grand Coral.

Thanks in advance.
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Every where pretty much takes the american dollar but will give you change in Pesos so be careful.
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They'll happily take your dollars. But your hotel will have an money exchange desk. You can just convert your U.S. dollars there. Just remember, if you have to exchange pesos back to U.S dollars they'll give you a lower exchange rate to convert back to dollars.
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Since you're in Mexico, I think it's easier, not to mention more polite, and possibly money-savings to use pesos.

At the start use your ATM card to get pesos. Toward the end, have some 20's in US dollars & can exchange only what you'll need. On the last day make sure you have enough for the taxi, maybe a meal at the airport, and leave the rest as a tip for your hotel maid.

I never have to reverse change pesos (back to US).
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It's best to use your credit cards as much as possible since you are likely to get the best exchange rates. Hotels, money exchange places, etc. always take their cut so you never get as good a rate as what the credit card companies will give you.

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