May and June in Mexico and/or Central America??

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May and June in Mexico and/or Central America??

A window of opportunity has opened up for us to travel somewhere in May and June of next year. I am considering a return to Mexico to visit some of the places we missed last year - perhaps Veracruz, the Yucatan, Palenque and maybe continue on down into Central America - Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama Etc.

Before I dig to deep into the planning etc., I just wondered what the weather is around that time of year. We faired pretty well last time in November - Jan but I think whilst April may be ok, May seems to be well into the rainy season.

I appreciate that in these days of climate change it is increasingly difficult to predict, but any thoughts or experience on travel in the region at this time would be v. helpful. e.g. is there much difference between the Carribean and Pacific coasts..
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May, in Mexico, is generally considered the hottest and driest month. Typically the rainy season begins in June. But the first part of June can still be fairly warm and the rains somewhat sporadic until the latter part of the month.
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Hi crellston,

I have gone on four trips now during the mid-June to mid-July period this decade for month-long visits, a time period supposedly worse into the “rainy season” than mid-May for the region. That includes parts of northeast Mexico, the Bajío and Central Mexico, the Gulf Coast of Mexico (including Veracruz), Chiapas and areas of the northernmost Central American nations (Guatemala City area, El Salvador, western Honduras, coastal Belize).

I understand your concern as I remember looking at the forecast for example for Belize (thunderstorms shown for every day of my visit) and being a little worried. But I’ll say for each visit, the weather did not cramp my style anywhere, and I was taking many long-distance buses between places even. Even those thunderstorms in Belize, they ended up falling for half an hour (usually late afternoon) and then clearing. They advise you for example to do a volcano hike at Volcán Pacaya (near Antigua Guatemala) in the morning to avoid that afternoon shower.

I think people imagine rainy season being as rotten as a certain ill-begotten family vacation to Long Island NY my parents took us on in August in the 1980s, where it rained literally all day every day for a whole week, but in my experience, it’s been mostly nice weather (although hot & humid in some places, yes) with occasional tropical rainfall.

Best wishes. Daniel

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May is a great time to visit the Yucatan, prices and crowds are down after Easter, winds have died down also and the little rain we have gotten with one exception is usually late afternoon or overnight. It can get pretty hot inland though at places like Chichen Itza but sea breezes on the coast keeps things real comfortable.
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May is a good time to visit Costa Rica; it's the very beginning of the rainy season for a lot of areas - things will be getting green, but not into the heavy rainy season like September or October.
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I have visited the Yucatán and Chiapas in June - too darn hot in the Yucatán (plus a hurricane passed through, rare but it can happen) but gorgeous in Chiapas due to the higher altitude. I've visited Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras a total of dozens of times during the summer months ('rainy season') and find it to be a fabulous time to visit - everything is green and prices are generally lower. In my experience the low-lying areas get rain mostly at night and the highland areas are gorgeous nearly every morning and it rains some days starting in the afternoon or evening. I would plan to average at least 2 weeks per country as you move south and imho Guatemala deserves at least 3. Have a great trip, whatever you decide!
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Thanks all for your insights. I am reassured! Mexico & Central America are vying with a return to Colombia and or Peru for our attention. Hopefulist, thanks for your comments re time allocation for CA. I don’t want to short change Central America as we are unlikely to return in the medium term so, depending on flights, may well drop Mexico for this trip in favour of longer there. off to check out flight routings now.
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