katolb90, Pacuare rafting, Jan 12

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katolb90, Pacuare rafting, Jan 12

I don't know what I was so worried for. Well, actually I do. The Pacuare through Rios Tropicales was an adventure to remember. Not nearly as difficult as I had imagined. I sat on the left side of the boat with my legs properly braced. Everything is going well. Although my behind was killing me by the second hour of the trip. No one on this board mentioned this. Thanks fellow boarders.

Wow look at this canyon. Oh so pretty. During calm water, guide says 'You can go for a swim'. I thought, 'I don't think so'. A couple of people jumped out though. I hope they get back in before the next rapid. Everything is going well. Look at that waterfall, wow! Well, almost time for the last rapid. What a cakewalk. Here comes the last rapid. Paddle, paddle, paddle. Could it be? Are we flipping over on the very last rapid. Stay calm Kellie. Remember your instructions. Okay now I'm in the water. Where am I, where is everyone? Why can't I see anything. (bubble,bubble, bubble)
What were those instructions again? Now where's that darned rescue kayaker whose been playing in his baby kayak for the entire trip! Maybe I'm under the boat and I need to work my way out. (bubble, bubble, bubble) Why aren't I floating up to the top? I never could hold my breath very long. (bubble, bubble bubble). Getting a little nervous now. Where is that rescue kayaker? He magically appears and says, 'Calm down'. Why doesn't he understand?............I'm DROWNING.

Would I do it again? Probably. It was a fantastic trip. I had a hard time understanding why we flipped though. None of the other boats did and it wasn't the worse rapid we went through. Maybe the guide did it on purpose so the rescuers could practice. I thought the guides were good at their jobs, but they didn't seem to want to talk with us tourists too much after the trip. Also beware. There's not too many opportunities to go to the bathroom. So don't think you're going to go at the 'put in'. Which is an hour from where you have breakfast and change clothes. Then the rafting trip itself is about 2 and 1/2 hours.
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I read and enjoyed all your trip reports.
Nice job in reporting.

Glad you had a great time

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Waiting to hear from 'Palmtree' who had a similar experience. Are you out there?
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We just came back from doing the Pacuare with Rios Tropicales. I thought it was great - especially the two day trip. I only got flipped out once (at the same time that my husband did) - they got to him first but I was so relaxed, laying back and holding my paddle, that I shot straight down the next set of rapids before they could get to me. The water was low but I didn't have a single cut or bruise. I personally thought it was a kick to do the rapids solo but you can inhale a lot of water if you aren't calm so I can see that it can be scary to non-water rats. Fritch
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I don't think the guides let the boat flip so that the rescuers can practice....ours clearly dumped us on purpose to enhance the adventure. After the first time and after we caught on, our guide had fun trying to dump us, even when we knew it was coming. When it didn't work, he literally grabbed on of my daughters and tossed her out.

More to write home about.

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Hmmm - I guess it depends on the guide and the tour company. We had friends go in Dec and they never went in. We went in Feb and in two days, no one flipped and only a couple of boats had people go in due to rough rapids. We were all 30ish adventurous types and the guides were fun but none of the guides seemed inclined to want to do more than splash another boat. Hopefully those reading these postings but nervous about going will decide to go - it is spectacular!
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