Is Mexico safe now?

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Is Mexico safe now?

I am a little concerned about the safety in Mexico. I am hearing a lot about the drug war. We are supposed to fly into Cancun and stay in Playa Del Carmen. Has anyone been there recently? Did you feel safe? Thank you in advance for your help.
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overall quite safe in tourist areas if careful... Mexico good site to review.
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It's not safer "now"... the tourist areas have ALWAYS been safe. The situation on the border and in certain states with the drug wars has *never* effected places like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, etc. I haven't been since last year, but I'd go in a heartbeat.
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I live in Mexico City, and yes, you are right.
There has been a lot of conmotion about the Drug war, but people in Mexico respect the tourist A LOT, just be carefull not to be wondering in the streets at midnight (Dark streets) Stay with the crowd. Just as NY.
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Statistically Mexico has more crime than the U.S., likewise the U.S. statistically has more crime than Western Europe. Within all those countries there are many places that are quite safe. I wouldn't vacation in Nuevo Laredo right now, but I wouldn't in parts of Detroit either. So you need to be informed about where you want to go in Mexico. E.g. I would go to Oaxaca today. I have been twice in the last 12 months and have felt just as safe as I did there 20 years ago. Use common sense for the locations you name above and you will most likely have a great time.
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I'm leaving for Playa del Carmen next week for 6 weeks as I do every summer. My son is there now. I was there also in March, January, December, last November, last September....etc. It's the same as it has been. I have not seen any changes....if you go looking for trouble you will find it same as anywhere else.
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I agree I would not go to certain Mexican states right now that have govt alerts against them and a recent history of violence.

There's places you shouldn't go in any country... and things you shouldn't do (don't attempt to break into the local drug trade, get blind drunk in unsavory bars, sleep with another man's wife, talk back to a policeman, you know, the usual precautions!)

For the average tourist flying into one of the resort destinations, to my knowledge there have been no reports of violence under those circumstances.
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Wasn't there a string of violent murders in the Cancun/Mayan area roughly a year ago in which many police officers, including the chief of police, were arrested for being involved? I recall a few news stories about it but didn;t here where it ended up. Although, there was no mention of this affecting tourists and I have been to the area 5 times and have always loved it and felt safe. Of course, as all have said, it's a matter of being smart in the same way you would be in any city, especially one unkown to you.
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I go to Playa del Carmen every two years (2004, 2006, 2008, and will go later this year). In my last trip I did see more of a drug presence for the first time, but nothing that made us feel unsafe. I became friends with one of the bartenders downtown Playa and he was telling me that it is more noticeable. He said now there are drug cartels (not sure if that's the correct term) that 'own' each bar and have a deal with the cops there to not bust their customers. There was a guy that had a lawn chair in the bar and had his runners doing the deals, etc. but they would leave you alone. I also noticed for the first time in my trips that we were approached on the street quite often to buy drugs, but if you say 'no' they walk away and leave you alone. That had never happened in my previous trips...but again, haven't been there since 2008.
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