Is Acapulco worth a visit?

Old Jul 24th, 1997, 06:52 PM
Lisa Davis
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Is Acapulco worth a visit?

We are planning a visit to Mexico City and Taxco next week and wonder whether Acapulco is worth a quick side trip. Are there uncrowded beautiful areas there, or has tackiness taken over? Any favorite restaurants or good moderate hotels? Thanks!
Old Aug 23rd, 1997, 02:38 AM
Ron Jorg
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Was there two years ago and truthfully would not go back. Very pushy people that do not let you enjoy the stay. Very crowded and there are areas you should not really go to. Have been to mexico 23 times and this is the only destination that is not for us. We like Oaxaca, Hutalco and Chiapas.
Old Aug 23rd, 1997, 08:00 AM
Ernie Gorrie
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I visited Acapulco twice, about 15 years ago. At the time, it was probably good for me to start there. I was exceedingly busy at work, so going to Acapulco helped me to avoid getting the bends from going from high stress to low stress to quickly. Acapulco was certainly a busy place then and I understand it it bigger and busier now.

From Taxco, I would suggest heading down to Zihuatanejo rather than Acapulco. The drive is a bit longer (150 miles between Acapulco and Zihua), but Zihua is much smaller and far more relaxed.
Old Sep 22nd, 1997, 08:13 PM
Pamela Beesley
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Iwas there during July of 97' and I loved it. If all you want to do is shop , eat , and party then Acapulco is the place to go. The beach is great. If you want to do more than lay on the beach , there are plenty of water sports. The food is excellent and the night life is fabulous. I found the people there to be very friendly and I can't wait to visit there again.
Old Oct 24th, 1997, 12:35 PM
Jaime Gringo
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Many people have e-mailed and called asking what they can do to help?
The worst is behind us, speaking as a resident of Acapulco, and I think
the most that you looking in/on can do now is calmly
re-evaluate this market.....
The Mexicans are not stupid, and they are really positioned to zip up
the cleanup campaign that was underway before the storm....with it's
ideal climate and natural beauty [besides the propensity to 'fall in
love' here] the old lady had taken on a patina that more resembled
tarnish over the last few years BUT was in the process of dealing with
the otherwise urban[e] issues of streets, water, etc. anyway...
now CNN, xyz are watching.......
But TOURISTS are vital to this economy that still manages to close for a
few hours every afternoon; where manaña is the agreed upon time for most
all undertakings; where a fax machine is cutting-edge technology; where
you can 'count' on the sunny warm days; a variety of beaches; rambling
mercados; friendly locals.......but for all it's aplomb, it is also a
step back in time.....a surrealistic just got to
do it........
the storm is behind us;
yes, it was devasting for many, but there are many more who are waiting
for your

Jamie Gringo
Old Dec 20th, 1997, 07:40 PM
John Burns
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I am planning (seriously) a short trip to Acapulco soon for a few days to scout out rental villas for a longer stay in March. I need a three or even four bedroom place, within a short distance to Beto's beach, or in the old North part of the bay. If you have info on websites that could help (or agencies once I am in town.) Puedo hablar bastante espanol para informacion en espanol, tambien. Gracias, John
Old Jan 2nd, 1998, 03:50 AM
Timothy Burns
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We went to Acapulco five years ago and stayed at the Acapulco Princess Hotel which is very beautiful and we really enjoyed it. However, we were very disappointed in Acapulco itself. We feel it is very much overrated. We have absolutely no desire to go back to Acapulco and we were disappointed in the beaches.
Old Jan 17th, 1998, 07:43 AM
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TAXCO!! What a wonderful choice. So friendly,family atmosphere with lovely evenings at the square. Were last there 3 years ago. Best food was at La Hacienda located in Hotel Agua Escondida. Spent one night in the hotel. Will say no more. Stayed at Agua Escondida and were very comfortable-food okay for breakfast. Before buying any jewelry go to the silver market. Must be a hundred or more vendors and without doubt have the very best prices. Another tip-jailhouse on Saturday morning has some wonderful handmade jewelry at good prices. Vendors on the alley behind Santa Prisda have some treats-bargain hard here. Hope you enjoy Taxco. Personally would not bother with Acapulco. Would take bus to Zihuantenejo. Spent a year there and it is beautiful , though it is now far more uptown. Neighbor was there 2 years ago and loved it. My husband and I are considering going back to Mexico around March. We are interested in Caravan Tours as we have a motorhome and 3 cats.

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