How not to burn to a crisp while snorkeling?

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You assume too much, Diana. I own both dive skins and a wetsuit and use them both - seperatly and together depending on the need. But I will repeat - for many years while only snorkeling once a year on vacation, I used a long sleeve tee and leggings and not once was I tossed from an excursion for lack of fashion sense.
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Marian (and others),

Oh . . . my . . . gosh! I tried to imagine wearing my navy silk underware and no bathing suit underneath . . . almost laughed myself silly . . . laughing pretty good just imagining it on TOP of my suit!

We are flying into Belize and out of El Salvador, visiting Guatemala on the way through . . . we have no reservations anyplace, will be traveling by chicken buses, and taking one small bag each. We'll probably get to snorkel a couple of days in Belize at the first and in El Salvador at the end.

After all this debate . . . and GREAT advice, here's what I have decided to do.

Take (and use) my 50 sun screen, wear my quick dry shirt (it IS one of those sun-block ones), take a pair of black lycra leggings, and a bandana. I will wait until I'm on the boat to decide whether or not to wear the leggings . . . if I don't look any worse than the others, I'll probably wear them . . . my bathing suit is black/white so they might not look too bad.

If everyone but me looks really cool, I'll lather on the sunscreen until I feel that I am cooking . . . then I'll say, "to hell with it" and put on the leggings. Those people don't know me, right? And, they'll probably never see me again.

Thank you all again . . . you gave me great tips.

Happy traveling to you all,
Sandy (in Denton)
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TC I think that was a little uncalled for. I didn't say I would say anything, but sandy asked how not to be embarrassed. I was just answering honestly, some people will joke about it, maybe not at the time, but it will be a good laugh at cocktail hour.

Like Diana was just trying to give her some honest advice.
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sandy, you might start a new fashion trend with your lycra leggins!

If they are the shiny black kind, that is the same material the skins are made out of anyway, so people might think that you are on the cutting edge of snorkeling fashion with your matching swimsuit and "snorkel pants" ensemble.

Have a great time and be sure to post a trip report when you return!
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Thanks Diana . . . they are the shiny/slinky kind. Hmmmm . . . me, on the cutting edge of fashion, not likely . . . good thing I have girls and they match up my clothes like kids' "Garanimals." The only thing I've ever been on the cutting edge of was a steak!

I do keep a journal and will let you know after I return (after Aug 2) how everything went. If you don't hear back, you'll know I died of embarrassment . . . or that the fashion police drowned me.

Thanks again,
Sandy (in Denton)
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Oh, so your long underwear is navy blue? I was imagining white. Just think, if you're as white as you described (or as white as my legs are)you could wear it UNDER your swim suit and no one may even notice. Heck, this way you could probably even wear a bikini snorkeling- make it a string. The other upside would be not having to be too concerned about how well you've shaved your legs.

Sounds like you have a nice adventure planned and you have the right attitude to have loads of fun. You certianly shouldn't give a hoot what others may think - it will only dampen the fun factor. I look foward to hearing how your trip goes.
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