how expensive is rio?

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how expensive is rio?

I'm getting married this year and we are going on our honeymoon in December, which I get to plan. Our biggest interest is a beach and after looking at various factors decided it would be nice to go to Playa del Carmen because the wonderful beaches, affordable resorts, and proximity to some culture and nightlife.

However, after thinking about possibly expanding my search, now my heart is set on Rio. Neither my fiancee nor I have ever been to South America (we have both been to various places in Mexico) and Rio looks amazing.

My only concern, after several of you told me not to be worried about too much rain in December, is cost. For our budget we will only have around $700 for six days. Most of our time during the day will presumably be spent at the beach and even just wondering around, which presumably shouldn't cost too much. However, because it is our honeymoon, it would be good to go out to a few nice restaurants. I'm sure she will want to do some shopping as well.

I guess to me it comes down to going to a five star resort in Playa del Carmen well within our budget or try to go to Rio, which seems more exciting, but not be able to stay at the nicest place and have what could be a very tight budget.

Does anyone have any advice? How expensive is Rio? Will just over $100 a day be sufficient for two to sightsee, do a little light shopping, and eat? Thanks for any help you could provide.
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Ok, so after you pay your airfare and hotel you have $100 a day left over for two?

Well, the dollar has weakened compared to the Brazilian Real in recent years and currently you get about 2 real to the dollar. 5 years ago you got about 4 real to the dollar, this is when Rio was a bargain. 10 years ago you got 1 real to the dollar. Add inflation and Rio is not so cheap anymore.

But if you eat in more local type places then yes you can get by on $100 a day for food and drink and a little shopping.

I usually have breakfast at a juice bar, with coffee and a fruit smoothie with vitamins about $3 PP.

Lunch you can have on the beach, many ladies walking by selling homemade sandwiches $3 or #4 plus a berr is $1.50 or coke or water, everything is sold on the beach. They have recently built some brand new kiosks along Copacabana, good food and reasonab;e prices, you can even eat dinner here, pasta and risotta dishes $7 plus beer $1.50

Don't use too many taxis and do some walking during the day to save money, do your shopping at the hippie fair on sunday for some cheap shopping, you can do it if you try.

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This is probably all wrong info because . . .

1. Our trip was 5 yrs ago
2. We are two senior ladies
3. We are cheap ( . . . uh, frugal)

But . . . I did take great notes and I typed up my travelog which contains detailed expenditures. You could see what we did, how much we spent, adjust for inflation, and get an idea if you'd have enough $$ . . . we did a lot, even flew to Iguasu Falls.

Let me know if you want my notes . . . email me at [email protected].

And . . . best wishes on your wedding and new life.

Sandy (in Denton)
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Because of the poor exchange rate and inflation Rio has become expensive again. Several years ago when the dollar was fetching close to 4 real I would eat at restaurants like Satyricon, Margutta, Mistura Fina, Antiquarius and so on. For old time sake I went to Don Camillo for lunch recently and it was $50, dinner for one was about $75, I eat less in these places now. It was cheap but since then now I eat in more budget places too, for example for breakfast hit one of the juice bars and get a cafezinho and a fruit drink smoothie, ask for a Acaie, pronounced A Say E, highly potent fruit from the Amazon, will give you so much energy all day you won't even need lunch. Same for Guarana em po' , energy like you wouldn't believe, keeps you going, its another product from the Amazon. Total maybe $4.

For lunch if you're on the beach there are many ladies selling sanwiches or all kinds of cheap stuff in their basket. A good sandwich might be 3 or 4 dollars and a beer from a barraca is about 1 to a 1.50 dollars now.

Dinner can be a pizza at any Cafe along Ave. Atlantica like Le Maison on the corner of Santa Clara or walk down Rua Santa Clara there are several inexpensive restaurants there like Rians or go one more block to restaurant Santa Satisfacao which is right next to address 42 rua Santa Clara, Dinner $10 to $15.

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