Costa Rica Trip Report

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Costa Rica Trip Report

Okay, so it's been a while since my husband and I went down to CR, but I just found all of the information on here so valuable that I figured I should post my goods and bads. We went June 27 to July 4, 2005. We stayed 2 nights in the Arenal area, 3 nights in Manuel Antonio, and 1 night in Heredia (fairly close to San Jose and its airport).

The goods: Lost Iguana Resort. Although the bed was hard, I found the place completely relaxing and the views were great. Also, the service was outstanding and when we wanted ice, we called down and someone brought it to our room in a golf cart. We rented a suite and although we never used the jacuzzi, I did like having the little sitting/bar area and the extra space in the room. We saw volcanic activity while we were there during the day (A LOT of rumbling, smoke, etc.) and it was neat. Also, it was very quiet here, but perfect if you want a few days of peace and togetherness time. We went down to the pool in the evening (it was very much heated), and drank a few beers with another couple. One thing I would do: bring some snacks and your own alcohol/mixers. There is a fridge, and we ended up wanting to enjoy our room a bit there, making some rum and cokes and eating a few snacks while reading a book and taking in the view. We did hanging bridges and a horseback ride to the Volcano here. We also went to Eco Termales and it was great. You have to go in the evening. It becomes surreal. (we started there in the afternoon and stayed until it got dark). I liked that it was empty when we arrived, but by the time we left, it was pretty crowded and so cool looking. I really liked this place.
Another good: Finca Rosa Blanca Inn in Heredia. Beautiful place. My husband doesn't like B&B's and he liked this place. We did the dinner with others, but we met interesting people there. Lots of sugar ants in the room since they are against pesticides, but this is absolutely no big deal to me (might be to someone else). The rooms are unique and so pretty. We stayed in El Cafetal. I wished we had spent another night there.
The okays: Si Como No. I know this resort gets great reviews, and it was nice, but the rooms weren't the best for the money. My bed was hard and it was just a bit dirty compared to Lost Iguana (not really dirty, or anything, just in comparison). I think we paid $210 or so for our room (off season). The breakfasts here were good though, but if you're looking for an active swim-up bar, it isn't here and may not be in CR. Oh, and dinner at the fancier restaurant was really good too. I would say the food here was excellent and monkeys came to visit us during breakfast one day which was also cool. Really, the only negative here was the room, but if you plan on spending very little time there, no problem. We took a tour of MA park, (get a guide--we were skeptical but it really was worth it). He had the best telescope and we could take digitals through the lens that came out amazing. He pointed out things you absolutely would not see on your own. If we had gone without a guide, I think we would have only seen a monkey and a coati. We saw A LOT, including a three toed sloth coming down from his tree. We also went to the airplane bar (can't recall the name), and down to the beach (but it poured rain).
Bads: the drive to Manuel Antonio wasn't the best--the roads weren't that good. Also, the day before we were to leave, most of our luggage got stolen from our car at a tourist trap in Saarchi. Be careful there. We ended up losing ALL of our photos and video, including the digitals from MA park. Bummer. Thank goodness we didn't lose our passports and money--but we did lose our car keys which made for fun times when we returned to the States.
Well, I better get back to work, but I just thought I'd give my impressions...Both my husband and I loved Lost Iguana, and Finca Rosa Blanca and would give Si Como No a 7 or so. Everyone who is going soon--have a blast!
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Thanks for the report - better late than never. I think I once posted a report like 8 months later!!!! And thanks for "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!"

I always enjoy reading others views on a place that I have come to love.

So happy to read about Finca Rosa Blanca, this has always looked interesting, must try it some day!

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Did you need reservations for Eco Termales? Frommers book says you do, is this true...did you go to Tabacon as well, can you compare?
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Yeah sure Ann.

These marketing ploys are coming on every minute many computers do you have at your disposable.!

Fool me once ...same on me.
Try to fool me twice ...shame on you.

In fact shame on you for what you are perpetrating on this form.

We all try to be decent,honest and helpful but we are not THAT gullible !

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Percy: I didn't see this thread, or your response, until after I had posted on the "miracle baby" thread. You are right, these ads are popping up faster than mortgage ads in my e-mail junk folder.
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I know what you mean about those mortgage ads.

These people (or person (s)) are annoying.
They either want to help Fiesta or harm them.

Either way, I hope they grow up soon.

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Hey Paulajean, thanks for your report. Know how you must feel about the loss of your pics and video. I am so sorry this happened to you. We had ALL our luggage AND one passport, but thank God no credit cards or money, stolen from the car mid day on a busy street in Cartago. The shorts and T shirts, etc. - just stuff - were replaceable -- but not those beautiful pictures of quetzals. (You see I'm still grieving over a year later) Hope you made a claim against insurance. We were pleasantly surprised how well our homeowners policy covered this loss.
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Hi Paulajean,
Thanks for the report. Sorry to hear about the theft in Sarchi. We also ended our trip there (Oct 29th) and didn't have any problems but I'm likely to go back in Dec. What was the "tourist trap" that you got robbed at?

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Thanks for the lovely report.

Also sorry about your problems in Sarchi.

That has always been a problem, unfortunately, with leaving your car , while shopping.

I know when I had a private tour guide, he always kept and eye on his vehicle.


I remember reading your report about your stolen article in Cartago.

If my memory serves me right, you just went into a little cafe or something.

There was a security guard outside but I think he told you he saw "nothing."

Yeah,I would not be too happy either if my pictures of a quetzal were missing.

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