Bosque del Cabo Hotel in Osa

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Bosque del Cabo Hotel in Osa

Has anyone stayed here? I'm thinking of going in May. Any comments would be apprectiated.
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We stayed there last Dec. It was a great place! Lots of scarlet Macaws and toucans and other birdlife. Good hosts and lots of hiking on the property includ. hikes to both the bay beaches and the Pacific. Pretty good food, not gourmet. V. small pretty pool. no electricity in some of the bungalows. Hammocks, beautiful ocean views from your cabin patio. The main thing I didn't care for there was they had planted grass thru the property and mowed it every couple days.
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Dear Cathy,
I'm sure this is too late for your trip. I hope you went there. We were there for 3 nights at the beginning of May.
I would have liked to have stayed for 2 more. It was so relaxing, the pool was so nice,
the food was very good (I want Fernando's recipe for huevos
rancheros). The wildlife was
everywhere. Take an earley morning tour with Henry, he will show you how to see everything!
I saw 13 scarlet macawes one afternoon, what a site! I highly
recomend this place. Don't go there if you want night life,
noboby stays up late except in their own netted bungalow and,
you can't beat it. website:
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We stayed at Bosque del Cabo end of May this year (2002) for 3 nights. The main reason we visited this region was to see the Osa Peninsula & Corcovado National Park. We drove (as we were spending 13 nights in C.R & visited Arenal, Manuel Antonio, Osa & Tortuguero)a.
Bosque is in a lovely area, they have their own private reserve/acres of forests, land,etc-which allowed for great hikes & the opportunity to see wildlife.
We had a deluxe cabin-had a great view of the Pacific Ocean.
However!!!-we were very disappointed in Bosque for several reasons, ( I do apologize in advance if I sound whiny or wimpy-as I'm really not!
1. There's no hot water..and nowhere in their information did they mention that-until you get to your room that is! All I can say is that after sweaty days, of being coated in bug repellant & sunscreen, showering in hot/warm water would have been heavenly!
2. There is only solar electricity--meaning no outlets in your room (for camcorders, hair dryers,etc.)
3. You need a flashlight to get around at nights--as it's pitch black at nights & they do not have their grounds lit AT ALL!!! When we asked for a flashlight-our request was ignored.
4. We also asked for umbrellas (which all our other hotels gladly provided, along WITH flashlights,& rubber boots!). This request was also ignored, with the owner saying she'll "try to dig some up". We never got umbrellas.
5. The food was mediocre at best. But if you are vegetarian (I used to be) you'll love they seem to cater only to vegetarians.
6. The bugs are relentless at nights, I had to eat very carefully at dinner to avoid not accidentally eating some! The dinner area is open air which sounds lovely but not when there are moths & other flying bugs landing in your plate & glass.
7. Dinner is held at one big table where you are obligated to 'be social' & chat with everyone. While this may be great usually, both my husband & I have high pressure jobs involving dealing with people ALL day. We were craving our 13 days of just being with each other & not having to worry about social pressures. I know this sounds terribly antisocial but we really needed our 'alone time'
6. I had emailed them 2 wks. prior to our visit to sign up for the full day hike into Corcovado Nat'l Park-as that's the main reason we visited Osa. On the day of our arrival we were told that they are still "working on it", how they couldn't get ahold of the guide they use, they can't locate him, etc. Our 1st full day went by without any confirmation. We then only had 1 full day left & were feeling desperate & quite frustrated with them. I have a hard time understanding why they could not have planned this before & why we were subjected to their delays given we were only spending 3 nights here. They also kept 'pushing' us to do their hikes only-meaning around their property with their guides. While those guided hikes would have been lovely & cheaper than the Corcovado full day hike , I came to Osa to see Corcovado! We felt almost guilty for insisting that they find us a guide for Corcovado (as their brochure stated). They ended up finding a local guide who spoke very little english but by then we were so desperate to go--that we took it. While our full day hike was wonderful, tiring & we got to see so much--I really do think we missed out on not having a better guide.

In summary, in our opinion, for a supposedly upscale place, we thought they were lacking in many areas. If I had to do it over, we would just pay a bit more & stay at Lapa Rios.
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Deb, We plan to do the exact same trip in a few weeks. I would be curious to know the other places you stayed and your opinions.Thanks.Karen
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A reply to Karen:
Part One:

In addition to Bosque del Cabo, the other regions/hotels we stayed at:
1. Arenal Lodge (Arenal Volcano)
3 nights in one of their chalets-up on the hill. The view of volcano from our room was priceless! Falling asleep at night staring at the glowing volcano & be able to see the few ribbons of lava flowing down made the experience. Our chalet (as our guide book had said) was quite spartan but adequate. We did the afternoon/evening tour of the Volcano with a guide. Great tour that involved walking through the rainforest to get to the base of the volcano. We also did a full day's tour to Monteverde-RT boat trip across the Arenal Lake, van to MV, the Sky Trek and a guided walk through the Cloud Forest. A full day but very memorable.
One bit of advice: If we had to do it over we would have stayed 2 nights in Arenal & 1 in Monteverde--it's a lot easier to just go to Monteverde & then continue on with your trip without having to do the RT guided tour. The van trip is bumpy & quite taxing!

2. Hotel Si Como No (Manuel Antonio). 3 nights. Had a superior room-overlooked the forest & the ocean. Good service. Nice room, great food & drinks at the Rico Tico restaurant, their other restaurant was not that great (my opinion). Did a tour of M.A thru the hotel--good guide & we got to see lots of monkeys, birds, etc.
There was lots of construction noise near our room--a bit annoying. Think it was Si Como No's work. I was so looking forward to seeing monkeys, etc. near & around the hotel (as many people had mentioned in their reviews) but there were none I think the noise drove them away? Hotel Si Como No also has this little theater where they show movies at nights. A nice touch--great way to unwind & relax after a long day's hiking & lazing around on the beach

To be continued.....
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A reply to Karen:
Part 2:

3. Bosque del Cabo (Osa Peninsula) for 3 nights-see my review in previous post. All in all this was a nice place, great location but I felt that we were paying upscale prices & therefore we should have experienced upscale service.

4. Hotel Grano de Oro (San Jose) Just 1 night. Very nice hotel, great service. We loved their food-best we had in C.R. Yummy drinks (Tico Sours) & desserts. Wish we had more time to spend another night there.

5. Laguna Lodge (Tortuguero Island)--had a 2 night all inclusive package. Van picked us up from Grano de Oro, 2 hr. ride, then 2 hr. boat ride into Tortuguero. We had a wonderful guide-Sadie-who was with us all that time. She was very informative, helpful, knowledgeable. She really made this last leg of our trip memorable. You could tell she loved what she did & wanted us to get the most out of our experience. We did many boat tours of the canals (we got to see 3 species of monkeys all in the same tree at one time-quite unusual according to our guide), visited the turtle museum, boat tour on the Caribbean Sea-where we got to see the sea turtles coming up for air & a pair of green sea turtles mating! That was amazing.
Laguna Lodge itself was ok, the rooms are quite spartan/simple. Food was ok. Nice pool area where we got to observe the Gaudy Tree frogs-the Costa Rican 'poster child'.

Took TravelAir flight out of Tortuguero, back to San Jose, then transferred to the Internationl airport (after picking up the rest of our luggage from Grano de Oro).

We rented a 4W drive vehicle the 1st day & headed up to Arenal. The only leg we didn't need a car was to Tortuguero. Looking back we do not regret driving. This allowed us to really experience & see Costa Rica. For me personally-as a small animal veterinarian-I like to observe different countries re: the way their animals are taken care of, vet clincs, etc. The Costa Ricans seem to really care for their cats & dogs for the most part (except in San Jose-where there were more visible strays). There were local vet clinics here & there and the dogs appeared to be well-fed, healthy and were an interesting assortment! I saw lots of smaller breeds & mixed breeds!
We didn't mind the driving, yes the roads are very bumpy! but it was still an adventure & a pleasure. You can't really get too lost as there are only a few main roads. For women-wear a sports bra on long car trips! Those bumps can be painful. The bumpiest, most challenging ride was from Quepos (Manuel Antonio) to Osa Peninsula--but it still took us only 4/12 hrs. The longest trip was from Osa to San Jose--you can get stuck behind trucks meandering along the winding Pan American Hwy. into San Jose.
I'd recommend arranging to have your rental car agency pick up your car from your hotel. Just one less hassle to deal with in San Jose.
I wish we had a bit more time to go shopping in San Jose--in Moravia (just outside of SJ) there is an artisan market that I really wanted to visit-didn't have time.
I had picked out the places we wanted to stay at from doing my own research but I used a local Costa Rican Travel Agency (Travel Net) to book all of our reservations. I found them very helpful and knowledgeable. It was also a comforting feeling to know that they were available there in C.R during our stay there if we needed them, help, etc. Here's their web site:

Bon voyage & have a great time in Costa Rica. It was a great vacation for us.

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Deb, Thanks so much for your reply. As I said we plan to leave July 4 and do almost the same trip. The service at Bosque does put me off,though,especially since it is a long and expensive proposition. I was wondering which car rental agency you used and what type of four wheel drive vehicle you rented. Did travel net arrange that also for you? We had also thought of Si Como No because of the reports from others of seeing the wildlife right there but I think we will look into other hotels.Thanks so much forall your help. Karen
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Reply to Karen:

We used Adobe rental car agency. Had a Jeep Cherokee...not brand new, but did have a/c, was automatic, had 4-wheel drive & did it's job! Travel Net offered to book these reservations as well but our own travel agency found a better rate for us. Please keep in mind that you will have to pay lots of taxes,insurance, etc. no matter what rental car agency you use-it's a Costa Rican requirement.

Re: Bosque--I think I'm the only one (that I can read about on this forum!) that has said something negative about the place. So maybe you will love it and decide that it was worth it. However, both my husband & I felt the same way about Bosque however (and he's more forgiving & easy-going than I am

This forum is great! I had really appreciated others' advice during the planning of our glad to put in my (subjective) two cents worth as well.
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Dear Deb, Thanks so much for your reply regarding the rental car. Someone else had recommended adobe so we will definitely loook into them. Did you use your own vehicle to do that trip to Monteverde or purchase a tour? It sounds like you did a tour but we had wanted to spend a few days there. The drive from Arenal to Monteverde is supposed to be interesting to say the least. Any restaurantrecommendations would also be appreciated. Thanks so much.
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Karen, you may want to also check Dollar Rent a Car. We rented a Nissan Pathfinder from them last year and were very happy with the service and the car (they picked us up at the airport). They include taxes and insurance in their rental rates during the green season and I found their prices to be the best.
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Dear Iza, Tnaks so much for that tip. We had also planned to check out dollar. Did you reserve that from the states? Did you happen to make the drive from Arenal to Monteverde and if so how was it? Thanks. Karen
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Karen, I reserved the car from the States. I dealt with Dollar xclusively by e-mail and everything worked out really well.

We did not drive from Arenal to Monteverde but drove from Arenal to Tamarindo going around the Arenal Lake to Tilaran. The road was narrow and very winding and generally fine (with some potholes) except for maybe 1/2 hour with no pavement. I hear that the part from Tilaran to Monteverde is much worse than the first part to Tilaran.
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Dear Iza, Thanks so much for your reply and also for posting your trip report for Laura. I, too, could not pull it up.Regarding the Osa peninsula, other than birds do you think the wildlife viewing is so much better than Manuel Antonio that it is worth the very considerable cost involved? We would probably be happy with monkeys and sloths and some birds. We are planning a two week trip leaving on July 4 (got a great air fare from Chicago. ) We were in Tamarindo last Xmas and went to Capitan Suizo to see it and visit the gift shop. Stayed at Jardin del Eden. Any other advice is greatly appreciated. We plan to do Arenal, Monteverde, maybe Selva Verde Lodge and Manuel Antonio. Were also considering Osa but I think it will so hot and humid. Thanks again for your help. Karen
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Karen, it really is a very personal decision as to whether you want to spend the extra money to go to Osa. Without a doubt, you will be able to see more wildlife there, but you will see plenty in Manuel Antonio. You could also go up to Carara Reserve near Jaco where you can see macaws and toucans. There is a hotel that people recommend highly in that area called Villas Caletas. We thought about staying there in addition to Manuel Antonio last year but it didn't work into our plans. It may be an option for you, however.
It will be very humid in Osa in August and most likely rainy, but that did not deter us I don't think I would go back there except in the dry season, but I am very happy that we went there last year, it definitely was a unique experience for us.
All in all, I would say that you will experience plenty with the itinerary you planned. I am sure you will have a great vacation in CR whether or not you go to Osa Penninsula.
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Dear Iza, Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I think we will stick with our itinerary and do Osa in the future. Since we only did a week in Tamarindo in the past renting the car and doing what we have planned on sounds like enough. Thanks for the suggestion about Carara. Karen
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