Altitude Sickness

Old Dec 4th, 1997, 07:02 PM
Jim Wells
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Altitude Sickness

Is difficulty with altitude sickness a common prob-
lem in the overnight trarnsfer from Lima to Cuzco?

Old Dec 11th, 1997, 08:06 PM
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altitude sickness at these type elevations can be a problem or not -- it's truly unpredictable and can affect you one time and not the next. You'll definitely be extremely short of breath with some mild palpitations. When I was there and hiked up to 16,000 feet I was ok all but one day when it really hit and gave a major-league headache. I drank lots of water (figuring that would infuse oxygen) and took a tylenol 3 and lay down and eventually felt better. There's a drug called diamox which is supposed to help. Don't worry, just be prepared.
Old Feb 20th, 1998, 05:06 AM
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Jim, I'm not sure what you mean with your question. Lima is at sea-level, so there is no issue. Cusco is moderately high. If you have problems with high blood pressure or other respiratory or cardiac issues, I would be careful. If your health is OK and you can walk up a hill without getting dizzy, you should be more than OK. Expect to pant a bit, but just take it slower than normal. As the previous message indicated, headaches can be a problem. In Cuzco you will be served coca tea. Drink it!! The Peruvians have been using it for centuries. Don't let the "drug thing" bother you - this is a tea, not crack. Be very, VERY careful of the water in Peru, especially in Cuzco - those pipes probably date back to the Incas. Even brushing your teeth with tap water is a no-no. Get your plastic bottle of water the night before. Food is fine, but note red tide warnings if you are going to eat ceviche (raw fish with chilies and lemon), and never buy this at "humble" eateries.
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We were there in Dec., in a group of 11. None of us mostly age 40 to 60 had much problem except walking fast uphill. If you are in reasonable condition, there should not be a problem.
Old Sep 18th, 1998, 05:10 PM
Rita Aguilar
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My recommendation would be to go directly to your hotel and rest. Even of you feel good. Take a couples of hours, never start walking qwuick or running right away. Then, try the coca tea @ the hotel or you can buy it in any store. You will have no problems at all!
Old Oct 16th, 1998, 02:40 PM
bill wiley
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Big thing is not to do anything to energetic physically until you get a night's sleep and your body can adjust a bit. I tried to take a quick hike from my pension to the plaza in La Paz (which of course is higher than Cuzco) just after arriving from the airport and the coast, and did I ever learn my lession. Dizzy and without any inner energy at all, I barely made it back to the inn. The next morning I was fine.

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