1999-2000 New Year's ?Where in the World...

Old Nov 17th, 1996, 10:14 AM
Roseanne Bell
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1999-2000 New Year's ?Where in the World...

Have you considered that the real beginning of the new millenium is New Year's Day of 2001? Anyway, if you want to celebrate l999-2000, there are a lot of people planning to be out in the Pacific on the international date line, where midnight will arrive first. Someone is planning a cruise, and people are booking reservations on several small islands in the area. There was an article about this in the Wall Street Journal awhile back. For something really exciting, what about Hong Kong? You could get in, but could you get out?
Old Nov 17th, 1996, 11:03 AM
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As a follow-up to the first response, my travel agent
told me about a new web site called
companions 2 travel. It is for single travelers
(legitimate like)or persons traveling that want to
travel with persons with similar interest. The site
is suppose to be operative by Jan 1, 1997 - but you
can still go in and browse...
The year 2000 might be a subject they can
establish for you. happy holidays....
addr: www.companions2travel

Old Jan 24th, 1997, 11:30 PM
Stephen Zawacki
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I myself am looking at Acapulco.All though
I have'nt been back there in about 6 years the word I've gotten from people is it's cleaned up and a bargin again. I think I'd like to go back to one of the original hotspots of vacation travel.
At least your asured of weather and party's.
Old Mar 18th, 1997, 10:18 PM
Aram Kaprielian, TravelQuest
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Hello, I read your e-mail in the Fodors web and wanted to pass along to you our plans for New Years Eve 1999 ... We will spend in on the Yucatan peninsula, visit not only Cancun, but also the Mayan ruins in the area. In fact new years eve will be spent in at the ruins of Uxmal. Write us for more information. Thanks.
Old Aug 3rd, 1997, 08:39 PM
daryl hartnett
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How about Coba with a stay at the Maroma Inn or the Mission Inn?
Old Aug 3rd, 1997, 08:41 PM
daryl hartnett
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How about something more adventurous like Patagonia, Chile to the most isloated resort in the world?
Old Aug 9th, 1997, 09:59 AM
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Rio, for sure! New Year's eve in Rio is the best party in town -- many people will tell you that it's now better than Carnival. It's just lovely -- two million people dressed in white and paying hommage to Iemanjá, the sea godess in Afro-Brazilian religion. There are tens of thousands candles lit in holes digged in the sand, and some people send small boats into the sea carrying offerings to vain Iemanjá -- flowers and perfumes. You can bring your champagne and cool it at any beer vendor's stand (just tip him $5). At midnight there's a competition among the poshest hotels of Avenida Atlântica for the best fireworks. Then you can proceed to the new year's ritual of jumping over seven waves (it brings good luck for you). The party is topped by a great concert featuring A-class Brazilian stars. If that's what happens in a regular New Year's Eve, imagine what to expect from the Millenium "réveillon"!
Old Aug 29th, 1997, 04:16 PM
maria sutton
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Answering to daryl hartnett, who wrote about visiting patagonia or a similar place.I work in Argentina at a international systems company at the relocation area, that's why I'm looking constantly for information about my country and the best places to visit.I've got information of a expedition to the last continent of the world: La Antartida. If anyone wants information about it, just let me know.

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