Your favourite European "discovery"

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Your favourite European "discovery"

Hi all,

My girlfriend and I have decided to escape the grind of 9 to 5, load up our backpacks, and head to Europe for four weeks in March, 2001. Our current itinerary has us stopping in Valetta, Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Paris, and London. Our itinerary, however, is open to being changed at the drop of a hat or at the first hint of whimsy.

My question, however, is where would you go if you could go again? What place, or people do you recall most vividly? What site made your jaw drop or your knees buckle (my boss says St. Peter's Basilica, by the way)? On a continent full of beauty, what discovery stands out most vividly in your mind?


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Rob, your plans sound wonderful and having the opportunity to take a four-week brake is priceless. Very wise to take the chance.

A proposed draft? What about fly into Rome- Florence- Venice- Munich- Prague- Vienna- Paris? Personally, I would mix it up a little with off the beaten track/smaller towns stops, i.e. stays in Assisi (Umbria), Obberamergau (Germany), Cesky Krumlov (near Prague), etc...

As far as memorable places, WOW...there are just so many (you'll understand...). Assisi is very special, the Scottish highlands are undescribable, the German Alps scenery is breathtaking, Prague is magical, I much prefer not to narrow this down. Just go, make your own discoveries, you'll be transformed.
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Beth Anderson
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Hi Rob,

a similar post was up this summer - something called "what took your breath away" or something like that. if you don't get a lot of replies here (but you will) try doing a search on that - it's amazing what came up. (I even posted a few myself!)

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Kevin Mathews
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I would definitely try to get to Potugal and go to Sagres. It's called the end of the world and is situated where the Mediteranean and Atlantic meet.

Beatiful and amazing. There are sheer (and I mean 90 degrees sheer) cliffs that fishermen stand out on (on little outcroppings...I have no idea how they get there) and drop there lines about 100ft into the water below.
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I would definitely head for Skye in Scotland ... the drive from Portree to Uig is breathtaking and eerie(just watch for the sheep!).Also, the area around Arisaig and Moraig is wild and beautiful.
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This last trip I made to Germany, I decided to go off the beaten track a little, and made several days reservation at the Burg Falkenstein hotel in Pfronten, which is actually only about fifteen minutes from Neuschwanstein, Fussen etc., but all the way up a small mountain. The hotel is located next to the ruins of Falkenstein, which is where King Ludwig II was going to build his next castle. The ruins are illuminated at night, and eerie with bats flying around it. During the day, the view of the Austrian alps is spectacular. I had planned on doing other things, but ended up for a large part of the time just sitting on the balcony and looking out in awe. Did manage to go hiking to the ruins, just to work off the great meals there. It's a hair raising drive to get there, but if you're backpacking, it would be a good walk. I would go there again at the drop of a hat.
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First off, I am not Catholic or even religious, but I agree with your boss about St Peter's. I walked in and started to cry and couldn't stop. NOT myusual reaction to a place, by the way. My next favorite place is Connamara,Ireland, Ithink. I just don't know about that. Most of the places I have been are 'favorites' in one way or another. You probably won't have a terrible time anywhere!
Have fun!

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