Women in Rome

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Women in Rome

Apologies if I upset a few sensibilities about my question re picking up women in Rome. In my opinion it is a legitimate question. I was hoping someone would know a few bars or pubs or locations where single people hang out and engage in friendly chit chat. Its nice to visit the sights but its even better to do that in the company of a mate. Obviously I am still not tuned into this politically correct puritanism bit. Will pack my sack cloth and ashes.

Old Nov 7th, 2000, 06:25 AM
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Sorry, Stan, your "explanation" doesn't make you look any better! And puritanism has nothing to do with it. You still don't get it!
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Why the need to "pick up"...how about meeting some nice local people?
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Why do you think Roman women would have any more interest in you than the women in your own country? I can assure you that Roman woman are not desperate, and will view you with the same baleful eye as the women at your local singles' bar.

Here's a website that might help you find a purpose in your life http://www.chicagomonk.org/index.phtml
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Though it's not exactly the way I usually envision travel, it's a legitimate question in my opinion too..
(but sorry..I've no idea)
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Al Godon
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I think the advice we gave some guy who wanted to get a woman in Paris still holds.
Stand on a street corner in the red light district clad in tight wrangler jeans. For full effect, you should be shirtless, and barefooted.
(More masculine that way.) To paraphrase closely the earlier advice, wave a six pack of Bud and a fistful of Yankee green. Perhaps add a big white hat, a cowboy style neckerchief, and a big wide belt with a huge buckle and a little tobacco drool to enhance the manly effect.
That should set you up big time in a city like Rome. They never saw a real live cowboy before and will probably squeal in delight. You might even paste a little fake hair on your chest if you are lacking in that respect of hirsute masculinity. Maybe one of the Claxon girls will see you and drive you away in the "company" van for pleasures untold.

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