Will there be a Europe in 2100?

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Will there be a Europe in 2100?

Many studies, magazine articles and newspaper stories (most recently a column by Robert Samuelson of the Washington Post) point to the fact that European birth rates are so low (ie. Italy and Spain at 1.2 children per female is at the bottom) that the continent will depopulate rapidly from 2025-2100. Do the governments of Europe even recognize this catastrophe and are there any efforts to stem this withering away of Europe (ie. tax breaks for children like the USA has belatedly attempted)? Who will pay for the enormous welfare states of Europe as the century progresses and there are so few kids to support an aging population? Quick note-tennis star Bjorn Borg recently paid for a full-page ad in a Swedish newspaper pleading for Swedes to procreate more often.
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Immigration. It's been happening on and off for decades in Europe, and all they need to do to increase it is open things up a bit more, a la the U.S. (with all of the attendant dilution of the traditional national culture).
On the other hand, a country may decide that an ever-growing population is not such a good thing in the long run. Indeed, smaller may be better in many respects. It will be difficult/impossible to keep a welfare state going with more old people than young, but something could be worked out if people are willing to make sacrifices.
And at least for now, there aren't any European countries that I would call "underpopulated". A drop back to population levels of a century ago could be good for society.
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I don't have all the statistics here, but some countries are still growing rapidly. The Netherlands just welcomed it's 16 millionth citizen this week, there were only 13 million in 1970. The 17 millionth is expected within the next decade. Birth rates are picking up in many countries mainly as a result of favourable economic developments. Also, immigration to Europe, which was negligable before the 1960's has been growing rapidly ever since. Europe now receives hundreds of thousands of political refugees every year, and some countries (Germany, the Netherlands) are now actively encouraging immigration of highly educated foreigners.
So the situation is not as bad as you describe. Having said this, there is a problem with financing old-age pensions in many countries. Most countries have pension systems whereby the working population pays for the old-age pensioners of that time. In these countries (Germany, France, Italy, Spain) assets of pension funds are minimal which will become a problem when the number of workers decreases relative to the number of pensioners. Only the UK and the Netherlands have systems where people save for their own pensions. Assets of pension funds in those two countries are huge.
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Gordon Brown has just announced an extremely child friendly budget so that might help, but I think that the UK population is actually maintaining stability.
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It seems that 3rd World immigration will only dilute the culture of the host country. If Germany was overrun by ten million Turks and two million African, the German culture of parts of Germany will be overwhelmed. Already, much of the LosAngeles, USA area is no longer American. Visited ther four years ago and know it is so. It seems as if Europeans and white Americans, especially those on the Left, have a strong sense of self-contempt and almost a death wish.
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Poor Olav. You are really gonna get it now from all the bleeding hearts on here. They'll be calling you a fascist, racist, Nazi and meanie. You're right, but you are gonna hear it from the Leftists, pal.
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Steve Mueller
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Yes, there will be a Europe, but it will be called Euro Disneyland. It will be the world's largest theme park with sections named Germania, Brittania, Franconia, etc. The Venetian Gondola ride will be very popular and Mickey Mouse will run the place- so things will not change that much.
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But I am right, Ace. Do we not have free speech anymore?
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So what is "American" or "German" in these days of globally available images and text. Maybe these are always changing concepts. The call for a "pure moment" in any country's history has been a call for bigotry and discrimination. How will it be defined? By orginal language spoken? By countries of origin? Or -- maybe being "fill-in-your-country's-name-here" means living together peacefully, sharing a physical space, recognizing and valuing each other's differences.

Being "American" at the beginning of the 21st century certainly has differences from being "American" 200 years ago. [Please note I said different -- there is no value judgment in here.] While certain things need to be saved [such as French and Italian artisnal cheeses], they need to be saved because they have value, not because they are "French", "German", "American" etc...
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Most parts of Europe are overcrowded.Have you been in Holland?
There is no "catastrophe" in the offing.
We in the West are trying to educate the 3rd world into reducing their population.
If ours is going up, they're not going to listen, so it sets a good example.
Immigration has not much to do with the issue, as it goes on regardless of whether our population is rising or falling.
So-called cultural dilution has been going on for thousands of years and is entirely resposible for current European culture, from Africans in Spain to Mongolians in the heart of Europe.
It's not a problem.
I am touched however to hear that Olav & Ace are in favour of returning American culture to its state before immigration started.When can I look forward to the first native American president?

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