Where to go in Italy

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Where to go in Italy

My sister and I are planning a week trip to Italy. We're both under the age of 25 and wanted suggestions on what cities would be the best to vist. Hotel,shopping and activity suggestions are appreciated also. We want to have fun but be safe also. Thanks!
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I don't mean to sound rude, but have just arrived from another planet? You could get 100 or more suggestions--perhaps even thousands--on where to visit, what to do, etc., and they'd all be valid suggestions. Italy is one big adventure. Perhaps you first step should be some research. Do a search on this website and on the internet, read some travel books about Italy, etc. Then, come back with your questions! Again, I don't want to sound rude, but your requests are a bit too open-ended!
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It really depends upon what you're interested in seeing/doing. Try leafing through some guidebooks -- Lonely Planet and Let's Go are geared toward younger (mid-20s and younger) travelers. If you're interested in meeting same-age travelers, the "where to visit" and "nightlife" sections may help you. Also, the Eyewitness Italy guidebook is helpful because it is filled with photos and regional maps.

When I visited, Florence was filled with college students and 20-something travelers. It's a fabulous city with much to enjoy -- architecture, museums, shopping, food, history. And, I don't know many women who don't love Venice. It's completely unique and has much to explore as well. I have Rome scheduled for 2002 so I'm of no help there. Not knowing your tastes and expectations, it is a bit difficult to suggest anything specific. But, those are the Big 3 and all are easy to connect by train.
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I just got back from Rome last week and totally loved it. I went with two other girl friends....we are all in our twenties. There is so much to see and do there it is just amazing. We did all of the sightseeing during the day (which you have to do since it is a first time visit) But the night life is great too. There are a lot of what they call "disco pubs" there. Our favorite was a place called the El Conquistador. It has a great atmosphere (Spanish decor and food and they play all kinds of music from Salsa to R&B, the people there are totally friendly and very welcoming.) Most places stay open until around 3am.
As far as Hotel accomodations go....I would recommend the Hotel Rex. The staff there is wonderful and will help you with any questions you may have. The rooms are also very nice and it is affordable.
Shopping is also good in Rome, but we took a trip to Florence and got some amazing deals.
All the way around we loved Rome and felt very safe there.
If you need help booking a package, try to call your travel agent and ask them to check package with a tour company called Travel Impressions. They will book the Air, Hotel and any sightseeing packages you want.
It is always a good idea to do your own research as well.
Good luck!!!

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Also, do a little homework on festivals!! When we got to Florence, there was a huge Piazza street concert scheduled for the weekend and we couldn't get ticketts to it. We had to stay back behind road blocks to hear what was going on....

Why so important?? We missed seeing Rickie Martin and a few other top atrist like him.
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No, Howard - I did not just arrive from another planet. I'm trying to do research obviously or I would not be on this site. Thanks for you "help" and you did sound rude.
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Kelly - a week isn't much time. You may want to consider which gateway you're flying into as a starting point. if it's Milan, then Venice is an easy option, and maybe Florence. On the other hand, if it's Rome, you'd want to stick to Rome and Florence and leave Venice for another trip.
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Sorry if you felt that I was rude (hey, I thought I gave you some decent advice). I was trying to get across what just about all the other respondents have said, namely, do some homework yourself. Then, come back with some questions.
Note that you really haven't gotten very many responses in the 4+ days since your original post!
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There were more responses on the ridiculous post of some much older idiot who's going to Lisbon for a weekend, knows not a thing about Portugal, and wants to drive all the way to Seville instead of seeing a bit of Portugal. And he's cocky and thinks everyone owes him research, spoonfeeding, handholding, coddling and extra courtesy besides.
Kelly, I'd suggest Florence and Venice for starters since you only have a week. Fly into Milan, train to Florence or Venice (whichever youplan tp do first), then train back to Milan to fly out. Or if you can afford it, fly directly to Florence or Pisa or Venice for convenience. I think Florence, Venice and Rome would be a bit much for one week. Unless you want to just concentrate on Rome and do some long day trips from there, for example to Pompeii.

Get some guidebooks, get out your college or high school history or art history notes, go to the library, play on the internet (but not just on Q&A boards) and get ideas.
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xxx above
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If you have special interests (like painting, archeology, music, family roots, folkcrafts) let us know what they are, and if there are special things you'd really like to do, like swimming, hiking, jewelry shopping, farm stays, give us a hint about that too.
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Don't be afraid to ask just because one person was a little nasty to you. But just do a little research first.
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Why didn't someone give them the same help that the "flamingo" idiot got? They deserved patience more than he did.
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a TRAVEL question
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I would say, base yourself in Venice which is an absolute must. A week isn't a long time, but from there you could visit Verona and Mantua.
DO NOT go between May and October. Even September is a bit too crowded. Verona has some super shops, very pricy but all the top Italian names.

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