Where do you put your shoes?

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Where do you put your shoes?

O.k. this is kind of a weird question, but I've gotten so many helpful tips about wardrobe, packing, etc. Any tips on how to travel with shoes? I'm going to Italy for 2+ week, and am not a real "shoe nut" but there are running/walking shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes, a pair of boots...not to mention the casual shoes that work with pants, but not capris, etc. How do I pare down or fit them all in?????
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tuck underwear, stockings, belts, jewelry into shoes. Anything that fits,
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I AM a shoe nut (with difficult feet) but I still can get it down to 3 pairs for a 2-week trip.
If you're going in winter and need boots, then you don't need a pair of shoes that go with capris, do you?
1 pair casual walking shoes (not "runners"), a pair that are dressier but still OK for walking, and maybe an extra pair of sandals or boots are more than enough.
Go shopping if you don't own suitable shoes that are multipurpose. They are really heavy to cart around and you'll find that you don't wear the non-versatile ones enough to justify taking them.
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Short answer: wherever they will fit.

I try to pack my shoes in a separate compartment that's on the front of my suitcase (the top if it's laying open). I can get 3 pair in there if 1 is sandals or dressy flats.

Sometimes I pack shoes along the sides of the suitcase if there's a gap. If you have a section of your suitcase designed for hanging clothes, a pair of shoes will usually fit nicely in the space alongside the shoulders of the hangars -- otherwise wasted.

Cigale's tip is great if you're really tight for space. Jam your socks, underwear, etc into your shoes. In fact, I sometimes use the shoe as "packing protection" for small fragile items.

By the way, those clear plastic shower caps you get as free hotel amenities make great shoe bags.
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I take the pair of Bass brown leather "top sider" style shoes that are on my feet. That's all I need.

They're so comfortable I've walked more than 5 miles in them in a single day and never had a problem.

I do pack shoe trees, a tiny brush and a mink oil sponge to keep them in shape for the 2 weeks I wear them.
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Marilyn -- great tip about the shower caps. I'll be using that one.

If possible, wear your heaviest, or clunkiest shoes/boots on the plane -- over and back -- that eliminates the problem of where to pack them.

Anywhere that there is room is the best answer.
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Another shoe nut signing in. Three pairs should do you for the length of time you're going.

I figure one pair of heavy-duty workhorse shoes for the days you'll be on your feet long hours. Definitely flats!

Pair #2 Something that bridges the gap between "dressy" and "workhorse." Should be able to dress up or down with these.

Pair #3 Dressy shoes that make you feel pretty and make whatever you wear look better. Can be flats or heels.

I agree that it's really hard to make the few shoes that you bring coordinate with your wardrobe, as limited as that might be! Clothing is easy to pick out for trips; shoes drive me nuts.

I do what everyone else does: I smash them in my suitcase as well as I can, and stuff the insides. They usually pack well in the corners of your luggage.
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I put small things in small plastic bags, then staff each shoe and tuck each one separately (not as a pair) on the sides or wherever there is room in the suitcase. It means the shoes go in last. I always bring at least one spare pair. I am an underpacker anonymous
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Good ideas so far. The only thing I can add is that I also stuff socks or underwear into my shoes. Then I put each shoe into a Zip loc baggie, press all the air out and then zip it closed. I feel this protects the leather from getting scratched.

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no, no, putting leather in plastic is a no, no!!!!!
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I use the zip locks for everything too, thank goodness for zip locks
I take at least 3 pair of shoes, this trip I am trying really hard to make it 2 pair.
Our luggage has huge pockets on the outside, the shoes go in those.
I also pack my socks, belts, whatever fits into the shoes.
My jewelry goes in a little jewelry case, in my purse. Never pack your jewelry!
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Scarlett, those shoes you tuck on the outside, can get a smashed heel. You should put heels inside. Luggage is thrown by the handlers.
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I used to use the insides of my shoes as places to stuff underwear in but they come out smelling shoey, yuck. Now I wrap them in little sandwich bags and tuck them inside the shoes so they will keep their shape.

I put leather shoes inside plastic bags but I don't zip them all the way so the leather can breathe.

Also put the heaviest shoes on the part of the bag that will become the bottom when you are pulling it so it can balance better.

I have put shoes on the outside zippered areas but one came up missing one time so I don't do that anymore. NOw I use that area for slippers and thongs that aren't expensive.
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cigale, all my shoes are "unbreakable" --
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I stuff mine with undies, etc..then I put my shoes inside of my husband's...he has big feet and I don't!
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Three pairs is the consensus: the pair you will wear tramping everywhere -- usually heavy enough that you'll want to wear them on the plane (and take them off once you are seated -- I carry little slip-on "plane slippers" like socks, or if you are bus. class, you might get them); then the alternate pair, not as clunky and a little dressier (soft-sole MaryJanes?), for nicer places and/or in case the others get wet; and then very slight dressier ones, either shells or sandals, that take up no room and no weight.

The clunky ones go on my feet; the less-clunkies go tucked on their sides in suitcase corners with heel in the corner and rest down the side of the case; and the lightweights go in the OTHER corners, down the sides or even flat on the bottom. Littler things get tucked in and around -- socks, etc.

I used to be a complete Imelda Marcos about traveling with shoes -- had them on carryon, outer pockets, everywhere. Never was worth it, and once my feet stopped getting along with cute little pumps, it was very liberating.
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I do indulge myself with one extra pair of footwear for my carryon or totebag, and those weigh only ounces, they are the cheap Chinese slippers that one can buy here in New York for $5. If I am traveling and wearing boots or heavy walking shoes, I don't want to have them on for 8-10 hours or more, so once on the plane I change to the slippers, still with socks on.
They let my feet breathe a bit, and I've found that my feet don't swell during the flight. I also like having the slippers at the hotel for padding around, getting out of the shower, etc.
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I take one pair of extra shoes for a 2+ week vacation. I put them in the shoe horn.
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If you are staying in an apartment instead of a hotel in Europe, I have a suggestion to pass along:
Residents of Paris apts take off their shoes when they come home. All those bare wooden floors can be noisy. The owners of our apt suggested bringing along slippers .. so if there is room in your luggage, slippers are a good idea.
I have never had a shoe damaged or gone missing , now I can worry about that too!
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Scarlett, I looked as though the outer pocket had been searched, I think because I had put my converter in the same pouch and it might have looked suspicious. I assume that while they were looking, one of my shoes fell out and they didn't notice it. This was not the same trip where my xeroxed ID was stolen out of the luggage.
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