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Hi everyone,
I'll be the first Canadian to respond. I'm fairly new to the internet and was thrilled to find this forum. I love to travel and have been to Europe 3 times and now can't wait to go again. All of you are so willing to share your knowledge.....I think it's wonderful!
I am 54 and have recently retired from Bell Canada having worked in the engineering department. I also just got married last year and am looking forward to travelling with my new husband (who hasn't done any travelling). Unfortunately, he isn't retired yet, so our travelling time is limited.
We live in Burington, Ontario, Canada which is between Toronto and Niagara Falls. We have a wonderful little West Highland White Terrier named Kodi who is the cutest little dog.
I hope I can be of some help to all of you at some point.
Happy New Year to everyone.
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Thanks to all who have answered my question. There are quite a lot yet, who hopefully will fill in the blanks . I live in Brisbane Queensland, and so far have been the only Australian to this posting. Come on Aussies. By the way, when are you Americans coming to the great land down under. We may not have the history - need a little bit longer! - but our country is superb, diverse and huge. Happy New Year to all. Denise, Neil (he's the Industrial Chemist) and our two dogs, Herbie the Daschound and Sandy the Shetland Sheepdog. Two adult children who have moved out!!!! Yaaaaaa.
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I just discovered this board today, but I'm already hooked!

I live in Austin, Texas and I'm an attorney; my husband is a computer engineer. I've been to Europe three times, including the year I spent abroad in England for my junior year in college. The English have a great educational system and give you lots of time off, including six week breakd between your three semesters, so I was fortunate enough to do lots of travelling and see lots of Europe on my own. Most of my travelling was as astudent, so I know about lots of bargains. I have only been over once since finishing school a few years ago.
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Hi Denise! Great idea.

I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I recently moved here from Atlanta, Georgia for a new job and to live closer to my parents. I'm single, in my mid-twenties, and work at OneSystem Group, a joint venture between Farmland Industries and Ernst & Young. I'm a business analyst, so I do computer "stuff" (how eloquent, eh?).

From August 1997 to March 1998 I lived and worked in the United Kingdom. It was the best seven months of my life. When not working, I traveled the UK and the European mainland extensively (always with a Fodor's in my bag!). Recently, in October, I visited Spain again, and now I'm planning a two- to three- week holiday in Italy in September (my favorite country so far). I'm a huge Cathedral fan, and have visited around 15 great Cathedrals in the UK and the mainland.

I second Dan's quote:
"My dream is to find a way to make money while traveling a lot or by helping others travel."

I'm a voracious traveler, and would give anything to figure out a way to get away from this computer screen and make money doing what I love.
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Great question Denise and here's a bit of support from a couple of Aussies. We are only new to this game but love every minute of it. Brendan and I live in Ocean Grove, Victoria and are both involved in Education. We have travelled extensively through Asia having lived for three years in Malaysia. More recently, 1995 we spent a year in Pennsylvannia - loved it. In April, we are off on a three month adventure through Turkey, Greece, Italy, France and then a quick visit to friends in the U.S. Thank you to everyone for their great information - it has helped immensely.
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Hi Trish, Good to hear from you again. I guess pipeline.com.au refers to the great surf in your area. We migrated north from Melbourne 19 years ago, and used to love surfing in your area. Enjoy Turkey and Italy. We did, driving in both as I told you. Denise
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This is a *great* thread! I apologize for being so slow to weigh in, but I'm in Syracuse, NY [hmmm... there's a theme here..] helping my parents [in their 90's] after an auto accident [they're doing fine.] and my access to the internet is limited.
While I grew up outside Syracuse, I now live in Naperville, IL with my husband and two cats. We are both philosophers by training. My husband teaches full time. I teach philosophy, management and web page design part-time, as well as "working" on the 'net at educational sites.
My first trip to Europe was in 1962. It was a "travel course in European art" from the Univdersity of Minnesota. It would be easier to list where we DIDN'T go in six weeks! [and those 6 weeks cost $1,600 back then!] We had some wild adventures [in retrospect I feel sorry for our professor! We were a handful!] So my first trip was thematically focused, something I have never regretted. [Although the day in Munich when we visited 5 churches and 3 museums was a little much!]
In my "first life" we travelled a lot to western europe, as my brother was first in the army, then teaching in the German university system, having married a German woman from Lubeck!
In my "current life" our travel focus has shifted east, as readers of this forum know, the consequence of the presence in our lives of three intelligent, charming young women from Czech Rep., Hungary and Macedonia, [They were students at my former university for 1995-96], whom we seem to have "adopted." Now our trips START in Vienna and range east and south. One of these days we'll have to scale back, we're not wealthy, but the riches we have gained from knowing these young women and their families and sharing their lives, if at a distance, is a very special thing. We think we are *very* fortunate indeed!
Next trip for me will be a week in Skopje over "spring break"... I'll probably work at the News Agency again for a few days, help with the cooking [Natalija's mom is working again], and practice my Macedonian! After that who knows... we're probably due for a wedding or two, and we *think* a Czech "grandchild" soon!
What a world we live in...
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Neal Sanders
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Thank you, Denise, for posing the question. I've read the above responses with with a dawning realization of just how geographically and experientially diversified a group this is.

I read about this forum in some computer magazine just about two years ago while waiting in a doctor's office. My wife and I were planning a trip to Greece and I was having no luck finding out about ferries across the Gulf of Corinth. Where two weeks of fruitless searching on my own had failed to yield anything useful, eight hours after I posted a query to Fodors, I had two detailed responses from people who had 'been there and done that.' I've been trying to repay the favor ever since.

For the record, I am 49, a native Floridian (one of six people actually born in that state in the first half of the 20th century), and return with sufficient frequency to be able to offer reasonably good advice to travelers seeking the "real" Florida. As what I guess would be called a "high technology executive," I've had the opportunity to travel extensively over my career. My wife and I also try to get away several times a year to interesting places and, over the past two years, we've been to Greece, Egypt, London, Paris, and Amsterdam.

My career has also caused me to make my home in North Carolina, New York City, upstate New York, Boston, Chicago, Connecticut and, for the past six years, Alexandria, Virginia (just outside Washington DC). In about three weeks, I will uproot my wife and cat yet again to relocate back to Boston.
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I am a pharmacist in my late twenties and live in Kenosha, Wisconsin. My first trip to Europe was with my high school German class in 1987. I have travelled to Europe six times since that first trip - I definitely have caught the bug! My husband and I went to Italy on our honeymoon in 1997, it was his first trip out of the US. Thankfully, he loved it and has caught the bug as well. We spent 2 weeks in Switzerland this fall and are planning our next European trip for August 1999. I always have a trip in planning, it is a good outlet from a hectic day at work!
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Denise..I almost forgot!!...my husband spent some time during this Christmas break learning how to put together our own website. His (extremely!) rough attempt can be found at

(some pics of our travels...)

P.S. The musical background is provided by my husband. (during last year's break he (attempted) to learn to play the accordion...ahh, the holidays!....)
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This is a fun thread. I've only been reading and posting in this forum for a short while. My husband and I are in our mid-30's/early 40's. We live in Massachusetts about 40 miles west of Boston. Our first trip to Europe together was our honeymoon in Greece, and we've also been to the UK. For our 10th anniversary next year we are planning our first trip to Italy.
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It's been a while since I posted a message here, but I love this site. My husband and I lived four years in Germany, and then one year in Wales. We traveled EVERYWHERE during our stay in Europe. We returned to the US almost a year ago, and now live in Virginia, where I grew up. As much as I'm enjoying the luxuries and conveniences of the States again, I do miss living abroad very much. Our next trip is to Liverpool and Wales in February, which is not a time of the year I normally recommend to travelers for visiting the UK! grin
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Great topic Denise! I've been using this site for about six months and like others, I too need my "daily fix"!

I am 28 years old, live in Montclair, NJ and work as a systems analyst. I usually travel with my 29 year old sister and we mainly go to western Europe during the off-season. We are lucky to live in the metro NYC area where we can take advantage of travel deals to Europe. It would be nice to enjoy Europe during the warmer months, but you just can't beat the off season prices and being able to enjoy sights without the crowds.

My job requires a bit of travel, so I am able to rack up at least 30,000 frequent flyer miles each year. A month ago, I depleted my Continental account for 2 business class tickets to Rio de Janeiro. We just returned and are now spoiled…flying in coach will never be the same! Our next trip is England and France in April, can't wait!
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Some very interesting bios from some very familiar names. I live in West Orange, NJ (less than 30 mins from Manhattan), was born in NY and grew up in NY/NY area. I have been to Europe 4 times since 92. So far I have managed a trip every two years. I am a middle school teacher so while I have the time, I don't have the money. Also, my significant other, who has more money than me, doesn't have as much time! So that is one of the answers to Denise's questions about why we Americans don't often go to Australia. It's so expensive and so far away! But one day I'll make it there. Also, because of my job, I am not able to take advantage of the "off season." Maybe when I retire (which is about 30 years away; I'm 28). By the way, Maira, I tried your website, it didn't work.

I have gotten a lot of great advice from this forum and have recommended it to many other travellers. I check it almost every day and will continue to do so in the future so keep the good advice coming!
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Sorry to be so tardy Denise but I too am
out of town at my sons place and have
limited access to the net--great idea.
Well, now that you have this mental image of me, let me set the record straight. I am 62 and am retired from IBM. We live on beautiful Amelia Island
in extreme NE Florida, but have lived
all over the states---the previous 18 years in Atlanta. My lovely wife Susan and I will be celebrating our 40th anniversary by spending 8 weeks in the
spring visiting Spain, Provence, Veneto,
Austria, Prague, and the Romantic road.
It will be our 15th European trip, and this one is designed to fill in some of the gaps in our resume. It all started out as 4 seperate trips, But Susan was
smart enough to suggest we might as well
go for broke. She is the bright one.
You may wonder how I got started with the handle of " Navigator" Well, I do have the credentials having spent 5 years in the USAF as a navigator in B-52
bombers. I decided to expand my hobby into a small business about 2 years ago
and had to pick a name for it---hence,
BOB THE NAVIGATOR. I have had alot of fun planning more than 40 customized
itineraries for others these past 2 years. I guess I have realized the dream
others have mentioned---my passion has become my hobby/ business and a good tax
write-off. Life is good.
Your mental image is not far off. I have
an office in my home with all of my varied travel resources, but find myself relying even more on the many
improved sources on the net. When not planning another trip, I find time to play alot of tennis and to walk the beach. I have found this forum to be a
welcome friend and try to visit daily.
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Caryn: ...ups! ...there was a typo!!

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Great "fifth day of Christmas" gift for when I returned from Christmas in New England. I'm just turning a half-century old (with the other half still to go), live in Phoenix, Arizona and work as a stockbroker for a major firm. I make at least three trips a year, some long, some short, some alone, some with friends...I feel like our old dog who nearly turned himself inside out if you said "wanna go bye-bye?". Put a ticket in my hand and I'm outta here. I like Rick Steves, too, because travelling "close to the ground" really gives me a feel for how other people live. I HOPE NOTHING is "like it is at home"...I even like weird bathrooms (and the indescribable joy that comes with finding the flush mechanism). This forum is wonderful, and to Denise: danke schoen, merci, grazzi, gracias, efkaristo, and danke u vel (forgive the spellings, but I can pronounce the heck outofem).
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I guess I am your third Canadian. Actually I was born in St. John's, Newfoundland while it was still a British Crown Colony, six months before it joined Canada. Those of you good at world history can surmise my age (my birthday was yesterday, 28 December) from that. I am female, long since divorced (married at 18, divorced at 20. remarried to an African diplomat in my late 20's and divorced 7 years later). I work for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as Director, Regulatory Affairs. Prior to that I was a journalist, working out of the Parliamentary Press Gallery in our nation's capital for a number of print and broadcast organizations. I have travelled fairly extensively, to date having been to every Canadian province, all of the continental US (every state except Alaska) and actually living in the US briefly as a child in Ohio, and the Caribbean. I have covered Europe from Northern Scotland all the way down to northern Africa and eastwards to the Asian portion of Turkey, and across the continent from the Atlantic coast to the Soviet Union which I visited as a reporter with our prime minister many years ago now (1971). I travel to Europe AT LEAST once a year, and am planning at least two trips this year. I am fluent in English and French, and can manage in Italian and Spanish. I regard travel as a life experience and prefer it to virtually anything else on earth except, did I mention, my dogs and orchids? I have 35 dogs, mostly whippets, and over 1200 orchids, which I grow in an indoor orchidarium in the lower level of my split level home.

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Thank you all - I'm going to record this somehow. There are some other names not yet here, keep 'em rolling' in. How I envy you Americans. You, on the whole, seem to travel a lot. Europe is reasonably close compared to Australia. I too would pop over every now and then if I didn't have to face a 24 - 34 hour flight, and several thousands of dollars. It took us 34 hours to get to Istanbul in September. I have travelled to Asia several times as that is only 8 - 10 hours away and quite bearable. I am surrounded in my study at home with albums, books and ONE DIARY of my European trip _large as it is -. I have a long way to catch up to the other posters here. I will be pestering you from time to time. I am trying to make up my mind where to travel in year 2000 - Europe that is - any ideas? I could probably get 4 weeks off work.
avagodday - Denise
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Although I only post messages every so often, I do love this board!

I am a 25 year old female and was born in the former Soviet Union. My parents and I immigrated to the US in 1979, and we had the fortune of being detained in Italy for 3 months while waiting for our US visa. We lived in an apartment across the street from the beach in a town called Ladispoli. I think that's when my obsession began. We did get to stay in Rome for one week. I was only five years old, but I still remember the smell of leather. What a strange thing to remember.

I am now married, live in a suburb of San Francisco, and have reccently graduated from college after a 7 year session (I worked full-time while going to college). To celebrate my freedom, I convinced my husband that we should go into debt and take a 4 week jaunt to Europe. Now, I'm really addicted. I NEED to go back. The only problem is $$.

So, for now, I'll have to be content to read the postings on this board and dream.

p.s. Due to my own stupidity and laziness, I only applied for my citizenship a year ago. Since I am no longer a citizen of the Soviet Union (Cold War and all), I had the unique problem of going to Europe being a citizen of nowhere.

If anyone needs any advice on dealing with INS and getting to Europe without a passport, I'm the expert. I could write a book about my dealings with INS.


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