What FOODS/OBJECTS do you miss??

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What FOODS/OBJECTS do you miss??

When people travel abroad, they get the chance to try different foods of different cultures. What foods do you miss, that you may have tasted abroad? If you live out of your country, what foods, or even objects, do you miss from your home land?

I live in the US, and every now and then, I have a craving for Cadbury's chocolate (the real kind!! not hersheys) - and the clothing store Principles that i remember in England.
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I just can't seem to duplicate the crepes I get on the streets of Paris, or the croque monsieurs. Also, chocolate. Even though we can get Godiva and Neuhaus here in NY, it just isn't the same. And did you know that a Fauchon is opening on Park Ave in NYC in September? Ah, maybe that will help.........
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Italian gelato, particularly from
Vivoli in Florence
Angelina's hot chocolate (Paris) or the other wonderful hot chocolate I had in Florence, can't remember the name of the place
Parisian croissants
I like the "minuteries" in some Parisian hallways; you push the button and the hallway lights go on, but for only 2-3 minutes--energy conservation and economy.
I also like the old-fashioned open iron elevator cabs in some older Parisian buildings--they bring to mind some wonderful old movies.

I think there was a thread similar to this one a while back, perhaps you can find it
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Not so much miss, but realize the convenience: Big bars of soap vs teeny hotel lozenges; bath towels; Mr Coffee; my turntable.

Food that I realize I haven't had for a while: Dr Pepper; saltines; Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup; boxed macaroni and cheese; MY tuna salad sandwich.
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IRN BRU -- hands down! Was just in Scotland and resupplied my stock of the "other national drink."

I also miss crumpets, caramel shortcakes, Ambrosia creamed rice and Fryes cream bars.

My mouth is watering....

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The wonderful wine without sulfates. No headaches the next morning.
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Miss when I am home: good cheese (Kraft just doesn't cut it!)

Miss when I am away: Eggs - fried. I was just dying for a fried egg during a trip in 1993 and I just couldn't get one any where. Even when I thought I ordered a fried egg, that wasn't what it would end up being. (You know how that goes - the "same dish" is never quite the same.). This years trip included Spain, in which I was able to get fried eggs! I don't know why I crave fried eggs in Europe - I don't really eat that many eggs when I am home! I guess it is that American breakfast thing of fried eggs, hashbrowns and toast.
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When I come home from Europe I miss the great cheeses and the great beers in Germany. I also miss the wonderful pastries. They all look so good in the shops!

While away I miss "Southern table wine"--iced tea! That is the one thing I really crave while traveling abroad.
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THE BREAD - almost anywhere in Europe. Why can't American's make decent bread?? Even the stuff I get in Whole Foods isn't as good... *sigh*
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ORANGE OASIS, got hooked on this soft drink while in France. One ice cold, soft drink from those oh so unique metro vending machines and I'm refreshed. Can't find it in the States,...Aaaaauuuugggghhhhh!!!
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Greek yogurt and honey for breakfast.
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When I'm away, what I miss most from home is my wonderful shower with the relentlessly strong pummeling water pressure.

What I've tasted abroad that I most miss here at home: good bread (yes, s. fowler, you are so right!). We are sadly lacking.

I for one am glad that our chocolate here in the U.S. does not measure up, or else I'd be Queen Blimp of the World!
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When I'm at home in the U.S. I miss,

Spanish wine, cheese and seafood (squid)
French crepes and hot chocolate
German spatzle and Kaufhof Department Store
Italian stockings (I never buy enough when I stock up!)

When I'm away: Bath towels and wash cloths!
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Italian gelato, Spanish Omellette, French coffee and German beer. I still have to find anything on this side of the Atlantic that would come even close....
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When I'm home (USA), I miss the yogurt in France and Italy. I also miss the "real" taste of the produce. I live in an area with great access to top notch produce, but the potatoes and tomatoes just have more flavor in Europe.

I miss the cookies at Marchini in Venice and the hot chocolate at Florian - it's so thick!

I miss the crepes, and the pommes frites, and the whole cafe/people watching thing in Paris.

When I'm in Europe I miss . . . hmm, can't think of anything. I miss my cats and my family, but food and products. . . well, I'm sure something will come to me!
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Reading all these lists makes me want to go the all these places and TRY these things you are mentioning. I miss the croissants in Paris, and the delicious sauces that come with so many things there.

When I'm travelling I miss my shower and my large, comfortable bed. But most of all, I miss sitting down in a restaurant and having a server automatically bring me a class of ICE water, with ICE in it! I am always thirsty when I travel.
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When I'm away I desperetly (sp) miss a good NY bagel!!!! I can never find anything like it overseas or anywhere else in the US. Also, good pizza. (yes, that is MY definition of good since obviously pizza was invented in Naples, though I've never been there. . .)
What I miss when I'm here, that delicious lemonade you find in England that is undescribable. Does anyone know what makes it so good?
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s fowler:
Have you tried Hoboken, NJ for bread? It's delicious and supposed to make the best bread in the country. For me, I like it better than the bread I've had abroad.
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Hoboken bread is great but don't forget Newark, NJ's equally delicious. When I'm home (USA) I miss being in the fresh air all day, every day, walking around (lot's of exercise), eating very fresh foods with lots of flavor and feeling very healthy all over. I miss the differences I find in other places: the smells, sounds, architecture, language, change of routine.
When I'm away I miss the comfort of home, family, and friends, and the freshly washed clothes hanging in my closet!
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Away from native birthplace: Umpteen varieties of ice cream, good hotdogs, homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownies, Diet 7-Up.

When I go home: I miss sushi, tonkatsu (a pork cutlet), zillion kinds of fish and small portions!

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