What are all these bus & train options?

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What are all these bus & train options?

In researching a trip to London I have come across references to the tube and bus (no sweat) but also Docklands Light Rail, tram, coaches, victoria station, victoria coach station, british rail..... I am totally confused by all these different train and bus systems!!!! All I need is something to get me around central London for a week with a trip to Hampton Court palace. Please help me understand what all these things are. The London Transport web site presumes you know already!
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Victoria Coach Station is a bus station, usually where you would catch a bus that would go a long distance. "Coach" is bus -- think Greyhound vs. inner-city/double decker bus. Many tour buses also depart from Victoria Coach Station.
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You probably need some form of the London Travel Card which are available for different distances, and also for different lengths of time, i.e., l day 3 day 5 day etc.
Check the London Transport website, which is www.londontransport.co.uk
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george steed
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Ms. Barbara: Visit Victoria Station. Find Bus and Underground office. Also visit Tourist Information office. Really informed help. Information book is available listing destinations and required busses or underground trains. Passes usually require a passport photograph.
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Geoff Hamer
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The different train services confuse many Londoners so don't worry about it. Briefly, the tubes cover central London and some suburbs, the Docklands railway runs in the east and is useful for getting to Greenwich, rail services (British Rail) cover many suburbs including Hampton Court, and the trams run in south London but don't go anywhere of interest to tourists. If you're in London for a week, get a Travelcard, a pass which covers all bus and train services. Central London is zone 1, Greenwich is zone 2 and Hampton Court and Heathrow are zone 6. If you're staying in the central zone, get a one-week Travelcard for zone 1, and pay the excess when you go Hampton Court.
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You can pick up free maps which show the connections between the different services. Some will focus on just the service that supplies the map, but will still use a logo or something similar for the services connected to. One or two will try to show everything (but that just gets very dense).

You will be surprised how quickly you will remember the logos/indicators, and learn to read the maps like a Londoner.
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Thanks to all who explained the differences in service among these trains and buses. Am planning a travel card for zone 1 and sounds like a I need a rail service train for Hampton Court. Many postings say that a travel card bought in US is much more expensive than one bought at tube station BUT no one says how much it is if bought in US? AND can I get a travel card for just zone 1 in US? Finally, I am assuming the tube is faster than the bus for central London travel
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The prices for visitors travel cards are now comparable with those bought in London. Still, it's no trouble to buy a tube pass in London, and more options are available (family passes, etc.) so there's still no point in buying ahead.

Tube is definitely faster than bus. At rush hour, *walking* can be faster than the bus!

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is indeed a very different type of vehicle than the tube system trains, but in practical terms (routing, passes, etc.) it functions as if it were just another tube line.

You can buy a one-week tube pass for any zones you choose at any tube station and it will be good on tube and buses. One-week passes require a holder with a passport-type photo, so come prepared and the ticket seller will take the photo you provide and make up the holder. Any photo the right size will do, just cut up a snapshot.

Most tourists find that a pass for Zone 1 only ( or perhaps also zone 2) is all they need. When you go out to Hampton Court Palace, you can buy an extension *when you board in zone 1*.
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Thanks again! One more "?" What is the most direct/fastest/simplest route to Hampton Court palace? I am NOT interested in the boat. Will pay more $$ for speed and simplicity. Thanks!
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Simplest is the suburban train from Waterloo (follow signs from the tube to 'British Rail' or 'National Rail').
Old Oct 25th, 2002, 04:24 AM
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Try a bus tour

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