What airline to Paris from LAX?

Sep 14th, 1997, 04:03 PM
Toni Williamson
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What airline to Paris from LAX?

I have called several airlines to get prices on a flight to Paris from LAX in February. Air France seems to be the least expensive flight and is a direct flight but I have heard that they allow smoking on the airline. Can any one update me on this and if it is indeed true, can you suggest an airline that you have been happy with?
Thank you in advance...toni
Sep 14th, 1997, 09:29 PM
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We flew Air France to Paris last September. Officially, smoking was banned on all Air France flights effective 9/1/96. I was advised by Air France that they continue to permit smoking on certain flights depending on the configuration of the plane. On the way over, smoking was indeed allowed, only after the meal was served, and only in a tiny area surrounded by curtains with a smoke-eater just outside the galley. On the return trip, there was no smoking allowed. You can probably find out in advance if smoking will be allowed on your particular flight. If it is, you may want to just ensure yourself a seat as far as possible from the galley. Unless you are allergic or whatever, you may want to make Air France your first choice, as the service is spectacular and the food was really acceptable. I, personally, can't imagine flying to Paris on another airline. It really enhanced our "French" experience.
Sep 15th, 1997, 06:30 AM
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I hope it is true that Air France has banned smoking on their Trans-Atlantic run because I, for one, will never fly that airline again as long as I live until they do so. I returned to Canada from Hamburg last summer via Paris on Air France and the only place on the aircraft you COULD NOT smoke was in steerage -- the back 20 or so rows of the jumbo. At least that was the theory. In reality, most of the passengers in this cabin were apparently frustrated smokers who could not get into the smoking section, so within minutes of being airborne they lit up and smoked as if this cabin too was a smoking cabin. It was bad enough that the smoke from the front compartments of the aircraft wafted back through the curtains towards us, but worse to have half our fellow "non-smokers" also smoking though allegedly not permitted to do so. The cabin crew shrugged their shoulders and refused to have them extinguish their cigarettes when asked why they were allowed to smoke in the non-smoking cabin (it was a tour group from Avignon and they were also half plastered), and I can tell you I recoiled in horror watching some of these drunks stubbing out their cigarettes on the carpet (the cabin crew when alerted to this did, I must say, police this and stop it). As for food, ambiance, service etc. to be frank I have found far better in-cabin service with a variety of other airlines flying trans-Atlantic routes. Though it would undoubtedly mean a transfer in Amsterdam, may I commend you to KLM -- superb service, or for that matter to either Air Canada or British Airways, also high on my list of excellent airlines for overseas flights. Both KLM and BA have U.S. partner airlines you might wish to check out -- KLMs is Northwest.
Sep 15th, 1997, 08:55 AM
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I strongly disagree with the last comment regarding Air France. We just returned 3 days ago and had an excellent flight. The service was superb. Yes, they do allow smoking in what they call a "smoking bar" which is fully sectioned off with curtains. As was explained to me by an Air France reservation clerk, Air France is actually remodeling all of their large overseas planes to accomodate smokers. There are so few overseas carriers which allow smoking anymore that they are taking advantage of this and going the opposite direction (smart business move I'm sure). I was told that they've never been busier! I am also a non-smoker and the smoke never bothered me whatsoever on my non-stops from LAX to Paris and back again. I think Air France has the right idea to set it up in such a way that they are accomodating both the smokers and the non-smokers. I can only imagine that for those that smoke, such a long flight without being able to have a cigarette would have been very difficult.(It kind of reminded me of the glass rooms at the Las Vegas airport). Anyway, I too found that I was able to get the best fare. The flight attendants were very gracious and made the long flight as "bearable" as possible for such a horendously long flight! Jill
Sep 16th, 1997, 07:57 AM
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What about United Airline, don't they have a non-stop flight from LAX to CDG? If they do, it would be on 1 of the 777 planes.
I have flown on those & the are really nice, even fairly comfortable in coach. & all UAL flights are non-smoking. I'm not sure
what the cost is on that flight, but it might be worth it.
Sep 16th, 1997, 08:15 AM
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I have flown across the Atlantic about 20 times now... and on about as many different airlines. My all-time new favorite is Virgin Atlantic. I especially love that there is a little TV in the back of each seat, so that even us short people can see the screen. Also, they show a choice of movies and TV shows the whole flight, and you can channel-flip! Well, this *might* be annoying to the guy whose headrest you would be poking non-stop . They offer 3 choices for dinner, and one is always vegetarian. Actually, this may not be an airline that travels between LAX and Paris, but anyone traveling to London, I recommend this airline!
Sep 23rd, 1997, 06:55 PM
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United is NOT worth it - no matter what kind of plane they have. I have always been impressed with KLM - the food, the planes, and the delightfully smartass flight attendants. And SCHIPHOL is marvelous! Neuhaus, a very respectable Belgian chocolate, has a counter in the AMS airport (Schiphol) where you can pick out just the pieces you want. A connection is a small price to pay to avoid UA (or, to be fair, any American carrier) across the Atlantic. Bon appetit!
Sep 23rd, 1997, 08:20 PM
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I agree with a previous remark above that Air France is your best bet, both itinerary and fares. They have extra large seats that recline decently as well. As for the smoking, I fly back and forth to Paris (as well as other European cities)quite often. I too did not want to arrive smelling like an ashtray. Us non-smokers have a lot more airlines to chose from then do smokers so "lighten-up". As a non-smoker myself, I commend Air France for accommodating both smokers and non-smokers. There are lots of airlines where there is no smoking allowed so if you're extra sensitive or asthmatic, maybe you should look elsewhere. As for myself, the smoking(sectioned off) on Air France has never been a problem. I think they are the best of the transatlantic carriers for comfort and service. Also, you can accumulate frequent flyer miles on Delta (one of their partners). Good luck chosing the right airline for YOU!
Sep 25th, 1997, 11:39 AM
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What an excellent idea...hats off to Air France. I'm a former flight attendant (won't advertise which airline) and often wondered why someone didn't invent some way to keep both smokers and non-smokers happy. When I was still flying I often felt compassion for non-smokers if the plane was smokey; when we went to all domestic non-smoking flights I felt compassion for smokers not being able to smoke for 5-6 hours. This seems like a perfect solution especially on looooong overseas flights. Heidi
Sep 30th, 1997, 02:31 AM
Colleen K. Bennett
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We moved from Phoenix to France 4 years ago and do the LAX Paris or Genva flights frequently. I wouldn't recommend Air France or KLM. For every good experience we have had with either of those airlines we have had at least 2 bad experiences. Delta/SwissAir seems to be the only airline that hasn't let us down. Good luck.
Sep 30th, 1997, 11:08 AM
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Just goes to show you that if you fly enough, you're bound to get great flights and duds. Personally, I just returned from Europe and my wife and I loved Air France (best airline food I think I've ever had plus free champagne etc.) We had never flown them before so only have one round-trip to base this on, we picked them because they had the best non-stops from LAX and the cheapest fares.
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