We're probably not going to Italy

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We're probably not going to Italy

We are due to leave on Sept.24 to go to Italy and Austria; however we are probably going to cancel our trip.It seems very trivial compared to all the tragedy in DC and New York. We are thinking about donating some of the trip money to the Red Cross or to survivors of the firefighters.

We have two children in the DC area- both okay, although one works in a building very close to the Pentagon, plus connections who work across the street from the WTC. We are very thankful for their safety and very sorry for the thousands of people who were killed or injured.

Of course, we prepaid car rental and some of the hotels. We are waiting a couple of days before trying to check on those, not to mention our flight bought through Travelocity.

I understand people who say that not going is giving in to the terrorists, but our heart is not in going on a trip to Europe now. Our five children are vastly relieved about our planning to cancel our trip. A couple of them are involved in the volunteer efforts.
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Barbara May1
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We too had reservations in Italy leaving Sunday the 16th.

We cancelled 2 weeks of timeshare with RCI and were told that all fees would be reimbursed, our weeks returned and our insurance refunded.

When cancelling our 4 hotels, we were told that we would be fined one nights rate and then were e-mailed that that would be waived in view of the tragedy to our country.

Our airline tickets were with frequent flyer tickets and we have a year to rebook.

I can't imagine sitting on a beach trying to enjoy my book with all that is going on here or trying to enjoy all the wonderful food and scenery we had planned on.

Our "old" kids feel the way yours do, relieved that we will all be on the same turf, even if scattered. We'll plan it again when things settle down and knowing from experience, they will! But it will never be the same.All the best to you.
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we all have to make our own choices.

When one has a family, one does have more to think about than just one's own plans also.
Just because your children are out of the house, does not mean your responsibilities to them stop.

And if you made the choice *to* go, that also is your own decision.
there is NO right or wrong for this.

I think your idea of donating some of your "trip money" is a beautiful and unique idea, and will certainly help you feel as if you are contributing (which you are!)

I hope that in the near future, you can plan a trip to Europe, and go with light and happy hearts.
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I commend you for the donation idea. IMHO, this is not a time for vacations but rather a time to reflect on the horrors of recent events. I understand that life must continue, and we cannot let terrorism rule our existence. But at this moment in time, we must respect that which is so much more important.

I feel certain that freedom will continue and we can all once again enjoy our leisure trips. But for the moment, let us all be mindful of this dark hour and do what we can to lend a hand to support our fellow Americans in our time of such horrific loss.

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Sally, you know as much as my gut tells me to not give in to terror.... it is such a personal thing. I am certainly glad that our trip is not until March... also glad that this happened on the LAST day of our trip to Catalina and not on the first... yes that is totally trivial.. but honestly, how could we have enjoyed ourselves for a weekend with all this going on. Ultimately a vacation should be for pleasure, if you are not going to be enjoying it then, is it worth going?
Frankly, I don't fault you, I do hope, however that time heals you enough to venture overseas again, so that we travelers can continue to contact and communicate with our bothers and sisters of the globe.
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I am shocked and deeply saddened by this tragedy. As an American, and a New Yorker, I know my world will never be the same.My heart aches for those who are lost and their families.
On a lesser level, I am also sorry for the people who have been robbed of their much anticipated trips due to this global tragedy. After months of planning my husband and I spent 12 wonderful days in Italy this summer.We left JFK and were so excited to go business class. We felt happy,pampered,safe. Now, all that has changed.
I am proud to be an American and, for me,happily sipping wine in a foreign outdoor cafe seems very unappetizing right now.
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This is all so sad and tragic. My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering at this time.

My fiance and I decided to cancel our much anticipated wedding in Florence. We were to leave on Tuesday the 18th, but don't feel comfortable bringing our friends and family overseas at this time. Our trip is no longer the same trip it was on Monday.

I hope to make it to Italy in the near future, and I'd like to say thank you to everyone on this forum that gave such great travel advice.

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Cara, So sorry to hear that you will be cancelling your beautiful wedding plans in Italy. It is amazing how this tragedy has impacted so many, many people, including all the brides who had planned a beautiful celebration at this time. I know you will have a beautiful anniversary in Italy in the future, full of love and hope for the future. Best wishes. (I live not far from NYC; friends of mine were to leave on 9/18 for Italy are postponing as well)
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Linda, Thank you for your kind words. God Bless America.

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