Visiting Positano

Apr 13th, 1999, 09:27 AM
Leslie Mayock
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Visiting Positano

I am going to travel from the South of France in July to the Almalfi Coast. Should I drive or take the train. I am also looking for a charming place to stay in Positano. Please respond.
Apr 13th, 1999, 01:28 PM
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Positano and the Amalfi coast are scenic. But in order to truly enjoy the view, you will need to see it. You won't be able to take your eyes off the road if you drive. Hairpin turns, many...... I strongly suggest public transportation. Lucky you! It's a marvelous, romantic, stunning area.
Apr 13th, 1999, 01:53 PM
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Leslie, you are in for a treat! Positano is a delightful place. I'll be returning for another quick visit during my upcoming Italy visit (SOON, I'm leaving soon!).

Last month, we have a flurry of online chat about Positano and I've captured a few of those discussions here for your enlightenment. As for hotel accommadations, it can be a pricey place. You didn't mention what price range you're seeking, but below you'll see mentioned several high end as well as more economical places to stay.
I'm one of those "La Fenice" fans. But you also should look at the two other listings from Karen Brown's Bed & Breakfast (1999 Italy). In addition to La Fenice, she mentions two other spots that sound lovely, "Villa Rosa" and "Casa Cosenza". Of course, if you budget allows there's always the "Le Sirenuse" which is supposed to be top of the line.

Transportation from Rome to Positano?

Author: Colleen ([email protected])
Date: 3/29/1999, 9:11 am ET
Message: What is the best way to get to Positano from Rome? Is there a train? Where can I check the railways & schedules? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Author: hyacinth ([email protected])
Date: 3/29/1999, 9:58 am ET

Author: Robin ([email protected])
Date: 3/29/1999, 10:57 am ET
Message: Colleen:

Went to Positano from Rome in Oct. '97. You can take the train down to Naples (took the "speedy" train (‘pendolino’) & I can't remember which one that is, but it was a very nice ride - think it took about 2 1/2 or maybe 3 hrs. to get to Naples).
Then in Naples, we changed to a local train, more like a subway into Sorrento & finally, a bus from Sorrento to Positano. I do believe that there is a bus directly from Sorrento into Positano which I would strongly suggest - that extra 'subway' leg of the trip made the travel a lot more tiring.
Alternatively, there may be a bus that goes directly from Rome down to Positano, but I'd still suggest opting for the train portion as you can get up & walk around on the train & don't have to worry about any traffic tie-ups.

Hotels in Positano

Author: Laurie ([email protected])
Date: 3/04/1999, 12:29 pm ET
Message: Has anyone been to the hotel Buca di Bacco in Positano, and if so, could you tell me about it. I know La Fenice has been recommended. Is that a 3 star or 4 star? If I wanted to stay be the water, but wanted to avoid all the crowds that descend upon Positano and Amalfi, are there other picturesque towns that anyone can recommend. I hear Ravello is beautiful, but if I'm not mistaken, it's inland, and not by the water. I'm planning to stay in the area for three or four days to start off my honeymoon--we wanted to be by the water, to relax, before going to Tuscanny and cities like Florence and Rome.
Thanks for your help

Author: Liz ([email protected])
Date: 3/04/1999, 4:21 pm ET
Message: If you want to stay by the water in Positano the Covo de Saraceni is a 4 star and a nicer than the Buca. It has a nice pool overlooking the sea.

Which hotel in Positano?

Author: Claire ([email protected])
Date: 2/12/1999, 3:32 pm ET
Message: I'm going to Italy and spending three days in Positano. I want to stay at a very nice hotel, and have the choice of Le Sirenuse, San Pietro, or Cove dei Saraceni. It's 2 single girls going, and I don't want something that caters to an older crowd, a very young crowd, or just couples. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Author: KRISTA ([email protected])
Date: 2/12/1999, 5:38 pm ET
Message: I don't have any first-hand knowledge of any of the hotels, however Le Sirenuse was featured in the movie "Only You" starring Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei. It looks fabulous and if I ever stay overnight in Positano (I've just passed through) I will definitely stay there!

Author: deepa ([email protected])
Date: 2/13/1999, 5:22 am ET
There is NO better place to stay in Positano than La Fenice. It is by far the most charming hotel we have ever stayed at. Ask for the room with a private sit out terrace. The hotel has private entrances to all rooms and is set on a cliff and the views are unbeatable. The best part is that it is close enough to the main town (about 7-8 minutes walk), yet far from the tourist rush. Ofcourse, you have to walk down quite a few steps to get to this magic room, but its well worth it. The owner Constatino is very helpful and their dog Aswaydo is real cute. The room rates were reasonable. We would not even consider anything else.They don't have a web site, if you do a search for La Fenice or Positano in this forum their telephone number and fax will come through some other replies.

Author: Robin ([email protected])
Date: 2/13/1999, 3:46 pm ET
Message: Agree with above commentary! I stayed at La Fenice when I first visited Positano 10/97. I'll be staying there again in April. You can find it listed in Karen Brown's Bed & Breakfast for Italy - in fact, if you check her website you may be able to read a brief blurb about La Fenice. However, do note they may not take credit cards (when I was there in 10/97, it was cash payment only). It's a charming place & I found the guests to be from all over the world and of a wide age range. I stayed "below" the street level, which I heartily recommend - you can hear the waves crashing against the rocks further down below. Wonderful to be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the Mediterranean! But there are a few room "above" the street level that may not have a view - so, do ask when you book.

Author: Marija ([email protected])
Date: 2/13/1999, 5:34 pm ET
Message: We've stayed at the San Pietro several times. It's a beautiful hotel in a secluded location about a mile outside of Positano. I would describe it as an older couples place. If you want to be in the center of "action" in Positano, the San Pietro is not for you.

Author: Lisa ([email protected])
Date: 2/24/1999, 1:28 pm ET
Message: I have heard the Posiedon is great and has a pool with wonderful views. I think a picture is on the web site below.

check out -

Author: Barbara ([email protected])
Date: 2/25/1999, 12:37 am ET
Message: Claire,
I would also recommend La Fenice, but keep in mind it is not in the luxury class as are the hotels you mentioned in your original message. The rooms are more simple, although comfortable, and there are some more personal advantages. It is small, so service is very personal. You could not ask for a more wonderful host than Costantino and his wife Angela is sweet as well. The hotel has rooms both above and below the road -- lots of steps to walk to reach either, but the romance of the views and gardens make it all worthwhile. We are going back for our fourth stay in October and always have the room mentioned above with the large wrap-around terrace, which has two bedrooms with shared bath. Karen Brown's description is best. Costantino will take good care of you, willing to do anything for you such as recommending restaurants, calling a doctor if needed, handling any problems you might have. You couldn't have a better friend in Positano and, once experienced, La Fenice becomes a part of you forever. The others are much fancier, but La Fenice will capture your heart. Fax # is as follows: 011-39-089-811309.

Author: lisa ([email protected])
Date: 2/25/1999, 10:55 am ET
Message: One question about La Fenice. Is it open the whole month of Oct.? What about Nov.? I have read some books that say hotels close in mid-Oct.

Also check out the Eyewitnes Guide to Naples and Campania.

Author: Barbara ([email protected])
Date: 2/27/1999, 12:25 am ET
La Fenice is open into November -- we have a friend who just stayed there November of 1998. However, since it is not as busy, only the rooms above the road are available. Just call or fax to Costantino and he'll answer all questions. I don't know how many shops and restaurants stay open, but he knows about everything in town - also knows everyone in town.

Author: John ([email protected])
Date: 2/27/1999, 10:03 am ET
Message: Claire, the Covo dei Sarceni is the only hotel of your choices in Positano. It is located down on the beach. They have a nice elevated pool overlooking the beach and sea and they have a nice restaurant. Keep in mind that Positano is built into the side of the mountain cascading down from the main road about half way up the mountain down to the sea. It's a pretty good walk from top to bottom. There are buses, but we didn't take it. It's pretty much up to your persoanl preferences. La Fenice is at the top outside the city. I don't know how convenient that is for return trips during the day.

Author: Barbara ([email protected])
Date: 2/27/1999, 11:20 pm ET
Message: Claire,
John is mistaken. La Fenice is not at the top of the mountain. It is just a five minute walk from the entrance into the business district of the town. You just follow the wall along the road that overlooks the beach. The road splits and starts up the mountain, but La Fenice is on the lower road. All of Positano is on cliffs, but the walkways from the main street in town down to the beach are a gradual descent. Staying right on the beach could be noisy, since that's where all the nightlife is. If you need some restaurant/market recommendations, just e-mail me.

Author: John ([email protected])
Date: 2/28/1999, 10:19 am ET
Message: Barbara, I stand corrected concerning the location of the La Fenice. I thought it was at the top of Positano outside of the city based on descriptions giving here on the forum. I did not see La Fenice when I was in Positano. However, La Fenice is not right in Positano and I still question if it is convenient during the day to return to the hotel whenever you want.

We stayed 5 min outside of Positano by car and I didn't find that too convenient. I would opt for staying in Positano the next time.

I am still confused with your statement that it is near the entrance into the
business district of the town. I thought the business district pretty much started at the top.

As for your comment that the beach may be too noisy since that's where all the nightlife is .... I assumed, perhaps, incorrectly that's where Claire would prefer to stay. She did say it is 2 single girls going and she didn't want something that caters to an older, a vey young or just couples crowd. Of course, it is Claire's decision.

My only intent was to give Claire a better understanding and feel for the physical characterisitcs of Positano which would help her with her decision.

Author: Robin ([email protected])
Date: 2/28/1999, 5:55 pm ET
Has anyone stayed at the 'Villa Rosa' on Via Colombia in Positano? It's a new listing in the 1999 Karen Brown's B&B. Sounds like it could be a pleasant alternative when "La Fenice" is full. Any firsthand experiences? Or at least a drive-by perspective?

Author: Barbara ([email protected])
Date: 3/01/1999, 12:47 am ET
Message: John,

Actually, Positano does extend all the way up to Montepertuso at the tip-top of the cliffs as far up as you can see, and some of the hotels are on the way up there, as are some of the restaurants. Da Vincenzo, definitely worth the walk, by the way. When staying at La Fenice, there is no need to move your car at all. It's a short and leisurely 5-6 minute stroll into the village, with some shops along the way. People of all ages stay there, even honeymooners and singles and the owner is a great source of help and information. But, you might be right,--they might prefer to be right in the thick of things. If you ever want to exchange any other information about Italy, please e-mail anytime. It's my favorite subject for discussion. Apologies to Claire -- didn't mean to take over your topic. Hope you have a great trip whatever you decide to do.

Apr 14th, 1999, 06:41 AM
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I have to say this is one of the most beautiful European spots I have ever seen. However, the road is good but very curvy. Fortunately you do have several parking areas where you can stop on the way to look at the scenery. The big problem is local driving which tends to be a bit crazy... I would still tend to recommend driving, since your flexiblity will be total (but get ready for some adventures!). I also know there are organized trips along the coast, but I am not so sure about regular local transportation.
Mar 15th, 2000, 07:12 PM
Positano Fan
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[for Beth & the honeymoon planning during Sept].
Above are comments re: Positano & La Fenice, as well as other possible accommodations - this should give you more input on your upcoming visit.
Mar 16th, 2000, 07:56 AM
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Dear Leslie,

You'll use up an awful lot of time driving, I'd definitely take the train and have more time on the Amalfi coast--it's everything they say it is.
Mar 16th, 2000, 09:26 AM
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I went to Positano last summer with two single girlfriends of mine. My impression was that Positano was very much a "couples" place. Beautiful scenery, very charming and very romantic. I wouldn't be too concerned with what type of people are staying at your hotel, as much as the location of the hotel. If you can afford it, I would highly recommend El Sirenuse, while most of the guests are couples, it is still a beautiful hotel with the most stunning views and the location is within a short walk of the main town.

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