Venice or Rome or Both in 5 days

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Venice or Rome or Both in 5 days

Hi, I have the opportunity to go to Italy for 5 days. Never having been there, is it possible to see both Venice and Rome in 5 days? I have my choice of flying to either city. How many hours are they apart and what would be the preferred mode of transportation? Or should I just stick with one city for a first visit. Thanks for your help!
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I think you can do both, 3 days Rome and 2 days Venice. It's a long train ride between so I suggest you take it at night to conserve on your sightseeing time. This assumes you can fly into Rome and home from Venice or vice versa.<BR><BR>If you must fly round trip, then I'd vote for just visiting Rome for your 5 days. You still won't see everything but Rome has tons more to see than Venice, IMO. I love Rome and could go there again and again. I've been to Venice twice and that's enough for me, but it is something great to see at least once.<BR><BR>If you stay in Rome, you could do a nice day trip or two, eg,: to Tivoli/Villa d'Este, or to Orvieto.
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yes, rome is the ancient cradle of empire and civilization, and a must, la la la... BUT if i had five days, i'd go two in venice and 3 in florence ... pretty close by train (try to overnight it) and florence will get you in touch with the great art of italy (uffitzi, pitty palace) while venice is beyond description, a magical one place like it in the world (and it is sinking so get over there before *&%#@&*) ... 5 days is short ... to little for big and imposing rome
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Janice, another vote for 2 in Venice and three in Florence. This is always personal opinion of course but I love Venice and was only so-so on Rome. I also think the Florence is a wonderful city and much closer to Venice than Rome.
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Rome 3 - Florence 2. Althought lili has her points about Rome, and IMO it is a overpowering city I think it's a no miss brainer. I am sorry but I would do Florence instead of Venice with only 5 days. Love Florence for it's shopping and sights.
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Enjoy the beautiful city of Rome and then take a day trip to the isle of Capri and to Pompeii. Don't miss the Piazza Navona square, the Sistine Chapel and the Villa Borghesi (life size sculptures in a palazzo) in Borghesi Park Rome. Pompeii is a must with a knowledgable guide.
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Just got back from Europe--Venice is flooded --hope you're not leaving this week!
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Hi Janice. I'd say it depends in large part on if you think you'll return to Italy. If you think you will, why not just choose just one city and see it a bit more in depth? If that's the case, while I love Rome, I'd recommend Venice just because it is so unique (all those canals and NO CARS!) and very enchanting. <BR><BR>On the other hand, if you're not sure you'll return, or if you think it might be quite a long time before you do, then you might want to see a little of both cities. We took the train from Venice to Rome this past spring and, as I recall, it was about a four hour journey on the Eurostar. <BR><BR>One thing is certain: you'll have a wonderful time whatever you choose to do. Good luck!
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I would not recomend trying to see 2 cities in 5 days. There would just be too much time sent in transferring between them that could be put to better use. <BR><BR>Rome is a big city with many wonderful attractions, but it is not a particularly restful experience. If you go in July or August, there will be wonderful outdoor music all over the place. Rome is a very "big" experience.<BR><BR>Florence is also not a particularly restful place. I find it to have more energy than any other city I have visited except New York. There is traffice everywhere (even in the pedestrian zones the Vespe are inescapable). But it has more fine art, museums, fine restaurants, etc than any other place I know. 5 days will give you plenty of time to delve into this beautiful city.<BR><BR>Venice is one of my favorite cities. There is an iincredible wealth of things to do in Venice. We have spent a week there on two different occasions and the list of things we have not gotten to is just huge! Venice is a center of modern fine art, you can shop for glass and jewelry (you will find much more dross than treasures) or visit any of myriad art galleries. The architecture is incredible. The food is wonderful if you stay away from San Marco. Titian is my favorite artist and you can revel in his work as well as that of Belini, Carpaccio (Scuola Grade di San Georgio degli Schiavone) etc etc. If you are into Vivaldi and Baroque music there will be concerts all over that are quite fun to go to. But the best part of Venice is the fact that there are no cars! There is a totally different rythym fto Venice that I have never encountered in any other city. <BR><BR>So if you are looking for a restful experience, I would reccomend Venice. If your goal is great food and art, Florence. If you are looking for monuments and art, Rome.<BR><BR>In any case, spending 5 days in one of them will allow you to pick up its rythym and to learn a little about the place you are in in a way that a 2 or 3 days stop won't allow for.
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dan woodlief
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I too think it depends on whether you plan to return to Italy. If so, Rome-Florence or Venice-Florence makes a lot of sense. If you don't plan on returning, Florence is nice, but Venice and Rome are more unique. Venice offers a few great sights and a lot of lesser ones. The city itself is really the best part because it is so different, and it certainly would be more relaxing. Rome won't even approach relaxing (about as opposite as it gets in Europe), but it offers so many top-notch sights. If sightseeing is your goal, spend at least three days in Rome. You could easily go to Florence in the early morning, since it is a short ride. If you want to combine Rome and Venice, I would see if any trains go overnight to save daylight. If you want to relax, I would suggest spending all five in Venice, use part of one day for Burano and Torcello, and if you want more Italy take a daytrip to a nearby city.
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I second the vote for Venice and Florence; for many of the resons stated above.<BR>If you are single and going alone I am not sure if Venice is the place ; only because to me it's the most romantic city and not to have a sweetie with you is just heart breaking. <BR>AS a women I prefer Venice and Florence ; my fiancee likes Rome better.<BR>YOU will love Italy no matter what you choose; you will become addicted and want to return as often as you can.<BR>La DLOCE ITALY!<BR> <BR><BR><BR>
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With only 5 days, I'd pick 1 city. It is too short a time (IMHO) to enjoy more than one place, and time 'wasted' in traveling between, plus I assume you're flying in so, getting over jetlag is part of the first day or so. I have never been to Florence or Rome but have been to Venice 2 trips.<BR><BR>5 days is perfect for VENICE. It is smaller than the other two & I find it extremely easy to navigate (on foot I mean). You can walk, walk, walk and just plan to get lost! Take a vaporetto ride. I love the city (and I am not a fan of museums or architecture particularly). It is an amazing, unique, fascinating city. One of THE most atmospheric places I have ever been.<BR><BR>And to address Sherri's comments above, it is still wonderful, even if you are single! ;-)
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It's understandable how a lot of people like to become absorbed in one city for 5 days, but if you're like me, I was much too excited to stay in one spot for long, knowing about all the wonderful things there are to see in Italy. Go to both cities. Take the train--it is an experience in itself. Who ever knows for sure if they will be able to return to a destination? And if you do return, you will know where you want to spend more time.
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