Unwarranted concerns about Greece Trip?

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Unwarranted concerns about Greece Trip?

Well, I've been planning a trip to Greece in late June. And whenever I travel somewhere I like to do extensive research on the area about sights to see, important transportation info, etc. etc.

Two things are getting me a little, I wouldn't say concerned or worried, but unsettled at this point...maybe you guys with more extensive knowledge of the area could provide some wisdom and show me my fears are unwarranted or god forbid reconfirm them.

ONE CONCERN, as I have been noticing in my research is the constant striking on part of those involved in the Greek tourism industry. Now I'm not taking sides here as obviously all people have a right to stand up for their right to fair wages and protecting their pensions and such. However I heard the employees at the Acropolis had a 10-day strike earlier this month shutting it down and it has apparently happenned in the past. I'll be in Athens for only two days and obviously anything like this occuring would greatly dampen my time there. And also THE MAIN CONCERN is the constant striking on the Greek ferry lines, including a couple times this year....I'll be spending the bulk of my time on Ios and Santorini, so obviously any prolonged strike would be fatal to my "once in a lifetime" vacation and ruin it...even a one day strike would ruin the reservations I have on the islands. I've been saving up for awhile to go on this big trip and don't want to take any big risks.

I know none of you have crystal balls and nobody knows what the situation will be six months from now, but I know this is a very turbulent, unsettled time in Greece right now amid the riots, the financial crisis, and the increasing general disatisfaction amongst the public with record unemployment and low wages prompting more frequent striking...so is it worth the risk going to Greece at this time or should i go to italy instead? Hopefully you can appreciate my concerns, even though they're out of anyone's control obviously.
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Yes, your concerns are appreciated, but as you already know, no one can predict the future. Strikes do cause problems once in awhile, NOT constantly, but they're usually not scheduled to take place during the peak season. There's too much at stake for the "powers that be" to make that mistake.

And what makes you think the likelihood of strikes is any less in Italy? It's my impression that they're much more frequent there than in Greece.

Ultimately, it's up to you whether or not you are a risk-taker, since you obviously think there's a risk involved.

I for one wouldn't worry about it and would make my plans as I normally would, assuming that everything will work itself out according to plan. Then if something unexpected does happen, I accept it and adapt. It's either that or stay home behind locked doors!
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I agree with Brotherleelove2004. We've visited both Italy and Greece frequently in the last few years, and have had many more strike-related problems in Italy than in Greece.
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There is always a risk of travel disruptions wherever one goes and it is wise to ask your question.

We have been to Greece 7 times during May and June and three timees we ran into possible strike situations.
The first time was a possible strike of Olympic Airlines pilots and the second was a possible ferry strike. Our hotelier promised us that labour uses the peak tourist season as a time to put the maximum pressure on management but everyone knows that the economy relies on the tourist dollar and there are very few actual disruptions during the touist season. This proved to be the case in both these situations and the airplanes flew and the ferry sailed.
On the third occasion there was a taxi strike in Athens and we had to get to the airport for a 6 am flight. We called our travel agent in Athens Dolphin Hellas and they simply booked us a private car. It turned out to be a taxi driver with his personal car. The strike was simply an opportunity to charge twice as much as normal, but we had no problem wiht a 4AM pick up to the airport.
Nobody can guarantee you will not see strike situations but in Greece it is just part of the adventure of being there.
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Well, I've lost count the number of times I've been to Greece, and have never once had my travel plans affected by stikes. As BLL said, they are usually timed for outside the tourist season.

Go to Italy to avoid the possibility of strikes? Great plan!
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points taken...but usually in italy the strikes only last 8 hours or 24 hours, they're usually not prolonged....but i do have my heart set on greece in a way, especially to see santorini and party in ios before i get too old haha

Merry Xmas everyone and Happy Holidays

Feel free to keep commenting, i'm enjoying reading all the different viewpoints.
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Go to Greece. I LOVE Greece. Yes, you can get caught up in strikes, but you have to be an INTREPID TRAVELLER if you want to see the world.

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Dmd887, I think you should go to Italy. You already have many doubts about Greece, and seem to place a great value on predictability. Unless you are the intrepid traveller suggested by Thingorjus, Greece is not for you. ;-)
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actually Heimdall, I'm leaning toward sticking with Greece...I'm probably going to extend my trip a couple days, leaving an extra day between my ferry trips between Piraeus and Ios and another extra day between my return from Santorini to Piraeus....so in the end, even if a strike occurs (which it probably won't) it will prob last only a day and I'll have that buffer to "save my plans"...and also if I get stuck an extra day on the Islands, well I can think of worse things in the world
I'm pretty intrepid, I'm only 21 and I have been to may countries, I'm just cautious as well because I don't like to waste my $$$, but it looks like Greece it is!
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That's called reverse psychology. I hope you aren't too disappointed with Ios in June.
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why would i be disappointed with Ios in June?
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Because party time is from mid-July to August.
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Go to Greece. You may encounter problems due to strikes or weather or technical problems effecting your travel plans within Greece but my advice to you would be to just roll with them. You may even find learning how to cope with these situations a valuable experience
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You might find more action in Fira on Santorini in June.
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I was a bit surprised to find when I counted up that Iíve made seventeen trips on Greek ferries this year Ė the ONLY delay Iíve had was a few days ago, when enormous winds kept even the huge ferries to Crete in Piraeus overnight. (It is always a good idea to keep at least one day free at the end of your trip, just in case of bad weather.) Apart from that, all my trips have been exactly as scheduled Ė sometimes Iíve even found that business class seats have been reduced to the same price as economy, so Iíve had a very comfortable journey! And if youíve only got two days in Athens you canít see everything, so if one of the sites did happen to be closed, you could look at something else. Actually, itís amazing how much you can see without even going into the sites Ė thereís a wonderful walk around the outside of the Acropolis, for instance - terrific views!
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Heimdall from what I've heard from others, including brotherlee, "peak" party-time is indeed july and august but in June (particularly late june) when i go, it is still hopping.

It's not like in late June there's nobody there, then suddenly people appear from above as soon as it hits July 1st, it's a gradual build-up of people from early June, peaking in Mid-July to August then tailing off late august/early september
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See what I mean about reverse psychology? Now we can't keep you away from Greece!
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You are incredibly clever Heimdall....perhaps I can hire you as my life coach hahahahaha
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Not clever at all - just experienced. When my daughter was your age, if you wanted to convince her of something, just tell her the opposite. Look back at your replies and you will see what I mean
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