Turin or Milan

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Turin or Milan

Any advice please cant make a decision between staying 3 nights in Milan or Turin. I love culture, food architecture and love to just walk through the streets.

I will be travelling in early January. Also any suggestions as to where to do a day trip from either Milan or Turin. I will be travelling by train.

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Although both cities have culture, food, and architecture, they are very different cities. Milan has the air of a big bustling city, with lots of high culture: theatre, concerts, and art galleries. It has a very fashionable air to it. Even though a lot of people say there's not much to see there, I can't agree with that at all. The Duomo is magnificent, and a walk on the upper terraces is unlike anything else I've ever seen. There are many other very early Christian churches, such as the Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio, constructed in the 4th century, but restructured in the 11th century. There is also the Sforzesca castle right in the middle of town, which has several museums inside it. The Brera Gallery is one of the world's great art museums. The Grande Naviglio is one of the few remaining of the many canals that used to connect Milan to its hinterland. You can ride a canal boat for some distance on the canal. By the edge of the canal there are now lots of trendy restaurants. In the summer, there are usually day tours organized, where you can go by canal boat for a certain distance and then take a bike tour.

Torino is a much more relaxed and unrushed city. I had the impression that people there even dressed a lot more casually than in Milan. It also has a castle in the center of town, and the church where the Shroud of Turin is kept. Although it's only exposed to view on rare occasions, there is an interesting exhibit about it. The former ruling family of Italy came from this area, and there are several palaces and hunting lodges in nearby towns that are worth visiting, although I don't know how easy they are to reach by public transportation. Here is an example of a royal "hunting lodge":

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I find Turin the altogether more exciting city for architecture and food and wine. In January it has the added advantage of having some covered walkways in the heart of town. Torino, as the locals call it, has so many more attractions than just "the Shroud". I've been to Torino half a dozen times and I have never bothered to see it, but I have been to the movie museum (probably the world's best), the city's many famous modern art museums, its several royal palaces, its museums of science and Egyptology. Torino is constantly re-inventing itself.

I doubt many of the canal boats in Milan will be running in January, but I could be wrong. Since Milan is the fashion capital of Italy and much of the world, people there dress more precisely than anywhere else in Italy, including Torino.

For me, a day trip from Milan in January would be Bologna -- or Torino! From Torino, in January, I would head straight to the town of Aosta (reachable by train), but others would pick Alba for truffles and wine.
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I loved Turin - - it is so beautiful, easy, majestic - - just glowing. I like a few hours in Milan maybe sometimes. Here's pix of a morning in Milan and then off to Turin: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dougla...7632250101195/
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I like Milan, including its wonderful cathedral and the magnificent Centrale station - but I reckon Turin to be one of the most under-rated Italian cities, if not THE most under-rated.

That's even if you're not a huge fan (as I am) of the classic 1969 Michael Caine film 'The Italian Job' which was set in Turin. Not that the local tourist info staff knew any good film locations, or realised Turin's fame at all. In spite of regaling them with my very best Michael Caine impressions.
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I agree with everyone above! Each has its merits. Add "Last Supper" and La Scala's opera museum, if they are of interest, to Milan.

We have stayed 2 nights in Turin and made Milan a day trip from Verona. I can't help with other day trips although the city of Como might be one from Milan. Others have mentioned day trips from Turin. What's the January weather?

I'd give Turin a big food edge! Amazing food. And I think it was nicer looking in general. The Egyptian Museum didn't compare well to the British Museum but it was interesting (remember, just an opinion after one visit to both places). We did go to the shroud and enjoyed the tour even though I think its age had been debunked when we were there.

If internet is correct, Turin is only a bit smaller than Milan. I too think it's prettier and easier to navigate. Guess it boils down to your special interests, eh?
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Three years ago my son and I did a great walking tour of Milan, culminating in a visit The Last Supper. I found Milan much more interesting than previously as a result. We also went to an excellent Leonardo DaVinci exhibit and the other museums looked tempting. We ate at a fashionable restaurant overlooking the Duomo square, and felt very chic. I think is a great place to spend 3 days. And definitely go to La Scala if you can.

I have never spent much time in Turin, but once passed through in winter and it was very cold--check the average temps in both cities for your date. Milan can be chilly and rainy.
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