Trip Reports: Just back from...

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Trip Reports: Just back from...

I get so excited when I see a new Just back from Gumboland (or wherever it was you were). So I open the post and it says "we had a great time, let us know if you have any questions. EOF"
This is great, but I was wondering why you don't write a short trip report instead. Just say what you liked, what you hated, the strange small world experience -or lack thereof- that you had. I don't mean a novel or a limerick, but instead something like the One Traveller's Opinion things that Neal Sanders has been posting on the US forum.

I say this with a certain amount of self serving interest but I think the others would like to know about your trip, as would any newbies who are searching for ideas for their perfect trip.
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cp, I agree with you completely!
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I guess for some it's the only way to get the e-mails))
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CP: I suppose that you are right, so far be it for me to be found lacking. Here goes:

Germany Trip, May, 1999.

We flew from Pittsburgh to Frankfurt on US Airways, arriving at 7:00 am. We picked up our rental car and drove over to Rudesheim (on the Rhine) on our way to Assmanshausen just to spend a little time. We then went to Assmanshausen and checked into our hotel, the Hotel Cafe' Post operated by Mr. and Mrs. Hoetger who were the best inn keepers you could ask for. After some breakfast, we snoozed until 2:00 pm, showered and headed out. Our first stop was the top of Lorelei Rock which is only 20 km or so on the same side of the river. I still enjoy the view of the river below which you can see far ahead in either direction. Temps were low 70's and sunny, just ideal. We then got back onto the river road and headed to Koblenz, about 25 km further. We had dinner in town, along the river and afterward drove maybe 1 km to the Deutches Eck (German Corner) and strolled up into the monument and around the park that is the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel rivers. Great spot and scenery. At dusk, we headed back to our hotel and stopped for a nightcap.

The next day, we took an informal tour of the Hotel Krone, just a block down from our hotel. It is lovely (Read: big$$$). We then drove a few Km to Lorch and boarded the ferry with our car and crossed to the other side (DM 11.00 for the trip). We then drove about 4 Km to Bacarach. Although touristy, it is a lovely town about 600+ years old and in perfect condition. We had lunch at the Alte Haus which was built in 1326. We then left Bacharach and headed to the city of Mainz. We were fortunate to park in the stadtmitte and we walked over to the square and cathedral. Most impressive. We walked throughout the church and inner city. We then left at dinnertime and drove to my former "hometown" of Walldorf. We had dinner at "Ciao", which is good Italian food and inexpensive. We then returned to Assmanshausen for the night.

The next day, we were bound for Munich. My wife was used to the speeds, but my mother, father and brother-in-law weren't. I contained it to 180 KPH (about 112 MPH) so as to not cause any heart attacks (not a one!). We made good time, except around Stuttgart, which is notorious for heavy traffic. We arrived at Dachau in the mid afternoon. We toured the camp and went through the memorial and then headed on to Munich, about 25 km away. We arrived at our hotel, the Hotel Uhland, which was a pretty nice place. Busy, but comfortable. We checked in and headed for the U-bahn. We visited the Marienplatz for some time before heading over to the Hofbrauhaus. We had dinner inside on the second floor (quiet and better food). Afterward, we went into the first floor beer hall for some oom-pah-pah, pretzels and libation. We had a good time. My duties as a tour guide were a little fuzzy afterward, but my wife Mary, picked up the slack admirably. We went over to the Frauenkirche and then boarded the subway for our hotel. Long day.

In the morning, we left for Chiemsee. We arrived on a gorgeous day and took the ferry over to the island. I like this castle (inside) as much as Versailles. It is absolutely beautiful! The tour was very good and in "real" english to boot. We took the horse drawn cart on the return to the ferry, feeling a little lazy. Still early in the day, I mentioned that Salzburg, Austria was only an hour and a half away. Off we went! I love Salzburg! The old town is beautiful and very well kept. We saw Mozart's birthplace, the various churches and square, the fortress (access by funicular, stay for dinner!) above the city and the beautiful cemetary at the base of the fortress. Great city! We later made our way back to Munich where I promtly got lost when we arrived within the city limits. I simply cannot navigate by automobile in Munich! We finally found our hotel and called it a day. Beat!

Part II coming soon. Now I'm tired.
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You are a marvelous role model. Just think of the great reading we will all have if everyone that has just gotten back from where they visited does a nice write up like you have!
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Mary Ann
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CP: I think you are right!. Many times fodorites say, "just back from, for example, France, ask any questions" and unfortunately when you ask, they did not go to the places you wanted or you get lost trying to find the topic (especially now with topper). I think this is a great idea, things could get lenghty but it could be split up. We going for 3 weeks this fall and I'll try it when we get back.

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