Travelling alone... ease? safety?

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Travelling alone... ease? safety?

My travelling companion -- for 10 days in the Chamonix area and then onto Italy from there -- has cancelled and I'm faced with gong alone or cancelling my trip. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this situtation? I'm female by the way...
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As a female who has travelled alone all over Europe, I'd say go. Unless of course you were planning on sharing expenses. I've found people to be very friendly and language isn't any sort of barrier. In fact, being a female alone can be a big plus when families and others become very protective and inviting towards you, especially in small towns.
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To me, solo travel is a wonderful experience.
The one "weirdness" is dining alone, but after the first few meals, it becomes part of the joy. Safety has not been more of an issue when travelling alone, except when there is no one to watch your bags whilst you use the loo!
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Do a search on this forum solo travel

Lots of posts about this very thing, and lots and lots of good advice and helpful hints.
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I used to travel alone in Europe about 15 years ago, before marriage and family (now we all travel together). There are some good points and some bad ones about single travel. On the good side - as Michelle wrote - you meet a LOT more people. People from all over the world - locals and travellers alike. I really had a choice of being alone or being with others - people are a lot more open to talking with you - having you join their group - if you are alone.

The hard part, for me, was the hotel room at night - and I've had other single women mention the same thing. I wasn't fearful, I just missed talking about the day with someone. In Nice, another single woman traveller said that she always takes along a Walkman with music to listen to at night. It worked for me, too.

I definitely encourage you to go. I had a blast and have many fond memories. Don't miss the chance - it's definitely a different experience but you will be surprised how much fun you can have if you are open to meeting people and going with the flow.

One word of caution. The only place I ever felt a bit vulnerable was Italy. The men there were VERY aggressive and I think they interpreted my single travel choice as my hope to "live it up". Maybe they've taken the Katherine Hepburn movie "Summertime" too seriously. Anyway, be on your guard in Italy of single men offering to help you.
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Go alone. You will have a wonderful time. You may feel lonely at first, but you will meet people.

I was traveling in Greece a few years ago (I'm a woman) and was traveling with someone else -- then was traveling alone. When I traveled alone, I found that my journal writing became better, more well-thought-out, and that my perspectives were more fresh because they hadn't been mixed up with someone else's. I saw Greece entirely differently -- and met people and had a good time. Occasionally worried about my safety, but took care of myself and was delighted I had continued the trip.

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