Trains to Venice

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Trains to Venice

I would really like to take the night train to Venice but was shocked at the price, Can anyone give me alternate suggestions?
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From where? When? How many people?
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we need more info.

I took a night train from Paris to Venice last year.

It was ~$100US per person. But that was about what I thought it would be. You figure it includes transportation and saves on a hotel, so I thought it was pretty fair.
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Sorry, my Question wasn't clear. Two of us are going from Paris to Venice. Our preference is a night train, with a sleeper, that is a cabin. I understand the Stendhal express via Milan is good but not direct. The Artesia was the direct train quoted to me but although it is direct, it costs C$569 each!
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I was interested in trains into and out of Venice. Where did you find this information about the overnight trains?

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Lisa Karin
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OUCH!! Why so high $?

I am flying from Venice to the Riviera (Nice) and paid only $270 on Sabena airlines. A direct flight too! I would check into flights. Good luck!
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Was that for a first-class compartment? Did you ask about a second-class couchette? That should be a hell of a lot cheaper -- you'll share with others and the bathroom will be at the end of the corridor, but you will get a bunk bed and bedding.
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To reduce some of the sticker shock, reduce the number of nights you spend in expensive cities (Paris and Venice), and break this trip up into two or three segments, sleeping less expensive destinations along the way where you can get out of bed when YOU want - - not when the bed you're sleeping in reaches its destination.

Cut off one night of your expensive hotel in Paris and treat yourself to a trip to Belgium, very quick and affordable from Paris - - and a worthwhile destination in its own right. Or take the early morning train and simply move on straight to the airport in Brussels.

Then fly from Brussels to Milan on for as little as $54 (USD; $82 CAD).

Spend a few hours in Milan - - enough to see the Duomo/Galleria and/or The Last supper, before you get on the 90 minute train to Verona (hourly departures).

From there, you can be in Venice the next day in no time - - spend two (or three) full days with one(or two) night(s) actually sleeping in Venice.

This strategy will render the transportation costs between the two cities almost zero. And you'll see some places you hadn't counted on - - with unexpected pleasant surprises, no doubt.

Best wishes,

Old Jan 26th, 2001, 08:06 PM
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We took the train Paris to Venice overnight. It cost 760 francs each. (I think it was a little cheaper for my wife since she was under 26.)
That's about $175 Canadian which is what, about $115 US? We checked (several times) on their web site, but bought the tickets over the counter a few days before.(Visa, one way, couchette 2nd class for May 31 1999).
A comedy of errors - the Paris museum workers were on strike - and the day we left, the rail workers were on strike. They (we were told) had blocked the track a few miles out of the Gare de Lyon... we pulled out 2 hours late, on a train with ONLY 2nd class couchettes - boy did those first class travellers complain! - and almost no amenities.
(Why the train? We got a deal from Northwest + KLM. We flew into Paris via Schippol and out from Venice - $489 US each! Mama mia!!
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Whoever quoted this ticket price for you, Phil, must be taking you for a ride!

What the French Rail site tells you is that the ticket prices are (per person):
2nd class couchettes = FF 674
1st class couchettes = FF 794
T2 cabin (2 births) = FF 1,092
Luxury double cabin = FF 1,500

At typical credit card exchange rates (interbank +2%) the most expensive ticket (luxury cabin) would cost approx. C$325 for each of you, which is a long way from what was offered to you. IMO, the price for both of you on a T2 cabin (C$472), is pretty fair considering you'll save a hotel night.

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Ben Haines
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As usual, Paulo is right. The French Rail site is$1&diff_dep0=&ecran=2&id=I710_020_05281_62524&langue=GB&max_ligne=4&min_ligne=4&nb_segment=1&nb_suivant=0&niveau_supplement0=PM&numero_acheminement=3&periode=1&session=1&trajet=aller

You'll see there that you've a range, including 2-berth normal compartments with bathrooms down the corridor at 1092 francs a passenger, and "Excelsior" 2-berth compartments, with bathrooms en suite and a phone for calling the car conductor, at 150 francs.

Please write if I can help further.

Ben Haines, London

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Another option to the train is a flight from Paris to Venice. The flight is approximately $ 230 per person and takes about 1 3/4 hrs. This is how we chose to make the trip.


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