Train travel between two countries?

Sep 7th, 2001, 02:38 PM
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Train travel between two countries?

My husband and I have made about six trips to Europe, but we have never travelled by train between two countries. On our trip later this fall, we were planning to go to Bruges from Paris for one night. Is it a terrible waste to stay checked into our Paris (budget category) hotel for the night we are gone? That way, we wouldn't have to bring all of our luggage with us, or worry about asking the hotel to hold it until we returned. It would also save a little time packing and unpacking. However, my frugal side is wondering if this is an unusual (wasteful) way to handle this situation. What do other people do? P.S. I try to pack light, but am only semi-successful!
Sep 7th, 2001, 03:00 PM
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I've done it when we had a quite good bargain hotel and wanted to take a one day overnighter. Felt a bit embarassed about doing it, but we had a good room in the hotel, a bunch of luggage, and just saw no need to give the room up and probably not be able to get as good a room when we got back.

If all you're concerned about is luggage, the hotel may be happy to hold it for you. Larger hotels normally are, but some small ones will not. You could check your excess bags at the station in Paris. Most/all have left luggage facilities.

Sep 7th, 2001, 03:25 PM
dan woodlief
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I guess it depends on whether the not carrying the luggage enough to you to make up for the hotel night you are not using. I have done the same thing in Mexico when traveling to another city for one night's stay, and it was more than worth it (my hotel cost was about $65 for the night not used). Just left everything in the room. Don't even know if I told anyone we were going away for two days.
Sep 7th, 2001, 04:49 PM
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we also wanted to go to brugge from Paris but opted to do just a daytrip--i know it will be a long one but didn't want to deal with everything you are talking about. They have day trips by coach (expensive, $100/pp)-- check however, I think the trainfare between the two cities wouldn't be much cheaper.
Sep 7th, 2001, 07:20 PM
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Thank you! At least I know we are not alone in our thinking. It is a small hotel and about $75 a night, so it is not a huge loss, I guess. We are considering the daytrip option as well--thanks for the website.
Sep 7th, 2001, 07:28 PM
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Actually, i think it is a great idea, and one I would not hesitate to use.
Just think of the convenience, to come
"home" after a short trip.
The price of a nice meal , in exchange for no checking in and out or shlepping.

Have a great trip!
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