Train fares to Berlin

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Train fares to Berlin

Does anyone know how long it takes to get to Berlin from Warsaw by train and how much it costs?
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Bob Brown
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Leave Berlin Ostbahnhof at about 7 AM.
The trip is listed at 6 hours and 1 minute on the non-stop run. The German rail web site does not give prices on international routes. You might check Rail Europe. But Rail Europe prices are usually higher. I checked the TGV from Paris to Lausanne, and purchasing the ticket in Paris was cheaper by about 15%
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Hi Corinna!
The trains Bob Brown is referring to leave Berlin Zoo 16 minutes earlier, i.e. at 06.55, 12.55 etc. So, I guess it is just a question of where it is more convenient for you to catch them.
No fares are given for international trains, and I would hesitate to have a guess. However a journey of similar length within Germany (e.g. Frankfurt a.M - Kiel) and in a similar class train costs DM223, i.e. about $116.
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Bob Brown
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OOOPPSS. I said non stop. Quite a mis whack. The train stops several times.
What I meant was that the journey required no changes of change from Berlin to Warsaw. The train stops at 3
Warsaw stations. You can view the schedules yourself in English or German at this site:
The above url will reach the English version.
Some of the connections that involve 3 changes take much longer, something on the order of 11 to 12 hours.
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Bob Brown
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Sorry to keep posting, but I keep getting interrupted before I can finish.
Out of curiosity, I looked up the RailEurope data:
First class fare $50.00 (USD)
Second class fare $35.00
Average travel time 6 hours, 10 minutes
Distance 795 km / 496 miles

Not bad speed on the free stretch.
Given all the stops, the train must reach 100 mph or more.
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Hi Korinna! OOOPPPSSS! We both goofed here. You asked from Warsaw to Berlin. So, ex Warszawa Centralna 06.45/10.45 etc arr Berlin Zoo 13.01/17.01 etc. No change of trains on these routes. Sorry!
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Hi Korinna,
Ive just asked our travel-agency and they told me, that a one-way ticket for that trip will cost you 225 DM(ca.112$) for the 2nd class and 328 DM(164$) for first class, both prices include all reservation fees for Eurorail.

Kind regards

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Ben Haines
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Dear Ms Lattemore,

The reference library of a city near you may have the Thoma Cook European Timetable. This reports that the one way second class fare is 37 US dollars. To this you add on day trains 5 dollars for a EuroCity supplement and on the night train 20 dollars for a couchette berth or 60 dollars for a sleeping car berth. The Berolina Express leaves Warsaw Central at 0645 and reaches Berlin Zoo at 1301. The Varsovia Express leaves Warsaw Central at 1645 and reaches Berlin Zoo at 2301. The night train leaves Warsaw Wschodnia at 2311 and Warsaw Central at 2325, and reaches Berlin Lichtenberg at 0705.

You can half the night fare and supplements if you leave Warsaw Wschodnia at 2249 or Warsaw Central at 2305, arrive at Kostryn at 0757, buy a new ticket there and have breakfast, leave at 0908, and reach Berlin Lichtenberg at 1049.

These figures are well below the fare from Frankfurt to Keil because international rsates per kilometer in Poland are half those in Germany, and domestic rates (such as Warsaw to Kostryn) are half that

Miriam helps us all by quoting RailEurope's rate. As you see, they charge double. And I suspoect other North American agencies of taking quite a cut, too.

Please write if I can help further.

Ben Haines

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I work for GermanRail in the US. The prices Bob quoted are close. 1st class is $48 and 2nd class is $33. These are per person, one way fares. Double them for round trip. There are 3 day trains and one overnight train, and the day journey time is around 6.5 hours. Overnight, the time is 8 hours and sleepers run $122 single, $53 double, and $35 triples.
If you would like further info, please don't hesitate to ask.


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