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Mary Peyron
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Trafalgar Tours

I am unhappy to say that I would not recommend Trafalgar Tours to anyone.I agree
that the tours are missrepresented as
indicated in the brochure and every optional
excursion is charged extra. It is not cheap!
If you don't take the optionals you are left
on your own. The food and hotels were sub
standard. This was my first and last Trafalgar Tour. Also the bus included 49 passengers which was not what I expected. It was really overcrowded. Four of the travelers left the tour prematurely.
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I have travelled considerably on my own, but have taken some tours. Only one was with Trafalgar, but it was not anything like you describe. I am not promoting them, but on the tour I took to Spain last Christmas, all hotels were excellent, and meals were good, not great, but not sub-standard. As for misrepresentation, the writing is clear - there are optional excursions and they cost extra. When people didn't want to go on them, the guide was very helpful for people who wanted to go elsewhere on foot, by cab or public transportation. As for a full bus, is it any different from airlines flying at full capacity?
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We took a tour with Trafalgar and it was EXACTLY as described to the last detail. Sure, the "optional" tours are "extra". However, the prices were exactly the same when compared to identical tours offered by two different tour companies in brochures at the hotel lobby. Our hotels were first rate, and so was the food. Free time is just that - and we had no problem finding lots to do, even without the optional tours. If you READ the literature, nothing is misrepresented. Perhaps you assumed otherwise...And, 49 folks in a group is actually a small group.
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PLEASE! I would dare you to quote directly from the brochure and prove that there was any misrepresentation whatosever! After you've gone on competitive tours, do report back!
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We've gone on a Trafalgar tour every year for the past twelve years (except one). Each has been exactly as described and none has been the slightest bit disapappointing. Sometimes, we've taken optional excursions, and other times we've gone to the same places on our own. All in all, the extra is worth the convenience. Once, we went Globus due to the dates we were able to travel. Just as promised, but not as nice as Trafalgar. If you read everything and know what to expect and ask questions ahead of time (and the answers are always accurate), you wouldn't be disappointed. We have been enormously pleased with the value for the dollar with Trafalgar, which is why we keep going with them.
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What, exactly,was misrepresented??? Did you think optional excursions would not cost extra? What is substandard? Did you think you wouldn't be on your own during free time?
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I have to add my support for Trafalgar.
We did a 14 day Central European tour in May this year and had a fantastic time.
We found the hotels to be of an excellent standard (except one which was right next to a train station and therefore a bit noisy) and the food was also above average. We took a few of the optional excursions which were admittedly a bit more pricey than doing it ourselves, but all the organising and transportation was done for us which made it really easy. We opted to do our own thing a number of times as well and didn't encounter any pressure to take the Trafalgar optional excursions.
Our Tour Manager and Driver were fantastic - unfortunately most of the tour came down with the flu at the end of the tour and our Tour Manager was even running down to the chemist to buy medication for the sick ones.
I would highly recommend Trafalgar.

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