Thru Italy by Train--need luggage advise

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Thru Italy by Train--need luggage advise

Traveling from Positano to Como with stops on the way to Rome, Florence, and Venice. Will be there from 6/27 to 7/13. Want to pack light. Need advise as to how to schlepp the luggage on the trains. How much space is there for luggage? What type of pieces and how big do I really need? Tumi makes a terrific assortment of pieces and sizes, all on wheels, but I have no idea which ones would be best for this trip.
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as you'll be travelling in June/July, it will be warm (20-25 degrees C), take the shabbiest suitcase/rucksack you have and KEEP ALWAYS AN EYE ON IT! On old trains there is usually about a metre of above-head space for each passenger, on new ones less, but most people travel without luggage, so you shouldn't have any problem with space.
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Ellen: Just got back from Rome, Florence and Venice. Used Eurorail n it was fantastic. Clean and comfortable (to me). Remember to make a reservation for seats as we have to stand for 2 hours to Venice eventhough we got a seat but was confused because it was packed that day. Had a laugh about it. We were using bagpacks which can convert to bag so it was easy while my friend carried a pull hard case. If i can, i don't mind using a pull case as there's space to put your bags ( provided you can lug and put the stuff on top . No problem, believe me as i've seen it with my eyes how she can manage it, of course with the hubby help. Good luck. ann
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Sally Boyett
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I recently returned from Italy where I traveled extensively on the trains. My recommendation would be to buy one of those new upright suitcases on roller-blade wheels with the pull-up handle. Mine is an "Atlantic" 26 inch, I wouldn't recommend over 29 inches. Make sure it has rollerblade wheels - believe me, this saved my strength (not to mention my suitcase) along the cobblestones, pavement, etc. You might also consider a carry-on that hooks onto the suitcase.
The trains are very comfortable, you will find. Try to reserve your seat on the trains. In my opinion, and if you're not on a super-strict budget, it's worth it to reserve 1st class on the longer trips. The main reason being that they are much less crowded and you will be more comfortable. This suitcase that I mentioned will fit easily on the overhead rack in the train. Any suitcases are difficult to maneuver onto and through a train, but this type is the best possible for train travel that I have found. Remeber to keep an eye on your bags at all times - which I'm sure you'll hear a hundred times before your trip! Buon viaggio!
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leslie godbe
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Last year we traveled through Italy from June 15 to July 2. We went from Milan to Genova, to Rome, to Florence, to Venice and back to Milan --- all on the trains. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but we packed heavy and the luggage was a pain. We encountered all types and vintages of trains, so how to handle the luggage on board was always a little bit different. I would suggest traveling first class and always getting a reservation. We did not get a reservation for the trip from Florence to Venice, forgetting that we were traveling on a Saturday. As a result, we had to stand most of the way. Also, as a result of a bad rain storm washing out a section of track, our trip from Genova to Rome took the entire day. Actually it was fun, because we met up with other American couples and had quite an enjoyable time seeing more countryside than we had expected. By the way, the food in the cafes in the stations is pretty good. The trains don't have as much selection of snacks, so you might want to pick something up before you get on board. One final thing, you need to validate your ticket BEFORE you get on the train. There are always ticket punch machines on your way to the correct track. The conductors (I've heard) can get rather upset if you fail to do this. We forgot once, however, and the conductor jumped off the train at a stop to validate it for us. He and all the train personnel we encountered were very helpful. The best advice is pack light and get reservations (prenotazione). Have a great time!
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Highly recommend you consider the C-Fold garment bag (it folds to a carry on). This bag is fabulous! My husband and I have each had our for years and have used them on numerous European trips. The biggest advantage of this bag (other than the fact that it's a carry on) is that you can pack in an organized fashion. It holds an incredible amount of items. Separate pockets for hanging items, fold-up items, shoes, and so forth. Excellent telescoping handle and wheels, with outside pockets. If you are travelling from place to place, you can hang it up and live out of it without unpacking. You might wish to supplement this with a "Freedom Bag" for your small stuff (toiletries, tour guides, tickets, etc.) Again, this holds an incredible amount of "stuff". Both are available at C-Fold is Item #F15400, Freedom Bag is Item #H17099. Believe me, their prices are the best. And, we have been shopping with them for years and they are highly reliable. Thirty-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

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