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Mar 24th, 1999, 12:07 PM
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This Forum

I only discovered this Forum a few weeks ago, and I think it's great fun.

But how do you keep up. I've been away for 5 days and it's aken me an hour to read all the stuff that's been posted since my last posting ( and that's only in a tiny number of topics.)

Is there some way of bring the stuff one is interested in to the top? or do you just have to wade through the lot?
Mar 24th, 1999, 12:18 PM
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Well, you can search based on a particular country.

or you can be addicted, like the rest of us, and read it every day!
Mar 24th, 1999, 12:31 PM
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Shiela: Beth is right: It's addicting.

I'm sad because I will begin a new postion at my company soon that will require me to travel and I am going to miss you folks *sniff*, *sniff*.

No, the travel isn't to places that people tend to WANT to see.

Such is life!
Mar 24th, 1999, 01:32 PM
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I check it everyday and sometimes twice a day.
Mar 25th, 1999, 12:14 AM
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Does the steam comes out my ears when I can't connect?
Mar 25th, 1999, 12:41 AM
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Sheila----agree with previous posters. The only way to keep up is to check the site every day. I have to admit to checking this site, at least, three times a day. Addicted? doubt.
Mar 25th, 1999, 04:41 AM
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I am addicted too.I would like to know why ? Sometimes I check at work at coffee and lunch.My work friends think I am mad.
I am hoping after my holiday I will be cured.
Mar 25th, 1999, 05:30 PM
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I usually check the forum out at lunchtime or if I stay back after work. I do miss it on the weekends, but if I had it connected at home I probably wouldn't do anything else!
Mar 25th, 1999, 07:03 PM
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Quoting from experience, Catherine,
fat chance!
Mar 25th, 1999, 07:52 PM
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One way of "wading" through the info is to give a string of text that you are interested in and click the search for that string right on top left of the forum: its quite good for filtering.

eg: italy hotels, etc.
Mar 25th, 1999, 08:17 PM
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O.K., I'm addicted too...

I check once a day, sometimes two if I have time.

And Catherine, I have to agree with Kris, you will in no way come home cured.

In fact, you will come home more infected than when you left. The "Travel Virus" can never be cured. There is no drug you can take. And, the more you travel, the worse it gets!

You think you'll be fine if you take just one more trip....but alas....
You get back and find you have to start planning another adventure immediately otherwise you'll go insane. Even if the next trip isn't for many months or a year or more. As long as your planning, the Travel Virus is being fed.

We leave for Paris in 55 hours! Yes, I'm counting in hours...

And when we get back, I'll immediately start planning the next trip to make sure my "virus" is fattened up and fed real good!!

Have a Great Weekend and wish us good weather
Mar 25th, 1999, 09:09 PM
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Well, if checking in everyday means one is 'addicted', than I have to say I don't qualify. But, I certainly have enjoyed and benefited immensely from this forum! In fact, when people ask me how I planned my trip and I speak of all the various wonderful websites out there, I always mention that THIS has by far been the most helpful one! I've clocked in many hours planning this trip and every one well worth it because this has really been an rewarding, educating experience!
Anyway, I agree with the other posters that the only way to wade through all the info is by typing in specific countries and/or topics. Good luck Shelia and ENJOY this Forum and all the wealth of information at your fingertips!
Mar 26th, 1999, 04:40 AM
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I would really like to be cured.Other families argue about money and sex.In our house we argue about the internet.The same rows day after day.
My son, and husband love the internet too.We have 1 phone line.We hardly ever get a phone call anymore because no one can get through.We may as well throw the T.V. away It dosen't get watched.
Lynn , I hope you have really wonderful
holiday.I am looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back with some emotion of course !
Mar 26th, 1999, 10:47 AM
Bob Brown
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We may be addicted to the Forums, which can lead to strange behavior. Like complaining about a free service! But at least we will not be arrested for driving under the influence of the Forum. There are worse things to which we might become addicted, even though
this communications medium might be termed mind altering. I wonder what a psychological profile of us Fodors Junkies would look like??
Mar 26th, 1999, 01:54 PM
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I'm new to the forum scene but hooked as well. I have a note for the person who is traveling for work, I don't think there is any where that doesn't have something interesting (good or bad) to say about it that someone else might like to hear about.
Apr 22nd, 1999, 04:01 PM
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Well girls & boys, I got addicted too ! Now the funny thing is that I am french, and enjoys so much giving hints & tips to you fellows, about Paris and France !
You want to laugh ? Do like me : I was searching for an old question I answered to, so I typed "wealthy", for I remembered it was in the question. I found it, it goes : "is everybody immensely wealthy ?" (and I found this one too). I went all the way down because I knew I answered among the last guys. Then I got up a little, fourth message from the bottom : there is me, gregoire, and the guy over me has a weird sentence. Guess why...? Read the previous two postings.

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